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Chapter 194

The Northern Alliance Area .

As one of the rare safe havens inside Pan-Pacific area, the description of this place was only applicable when compared to the ruins and shambles .

The survivors left on this wasteland migrated north as they established a survivor camp along the Yellow River South of the Golden City . The population density of this area was not high before the war . Therefore, the concentration of zombies was naturally low . Without the direct impact of a nuclear weapon, the radiation level was much lower compared to developed area . The mutant population was also meager . Other than the mutants that migrated from north of the Golden city, this place possessed almost no lethal danger .

Stability brought order and prosperity .

Despite the harsh environment and the barren lands, they still manage to plot out thousands of acres of "arable land" on the wasteland . Despite the low production, it ultimately managed to feed the tens of thousands of survivors who fled here .

Dictatorship, power, stability .

These three words could holistically describe this "empire . "

Although it was named as the Northern Alliance, the armed force that controlled the "security" of this place of land controlled the life of all the survivors . In the form of military government, they managed the food production and subsequently dictated the entire area .

It was rumored that they had been plotting against Wanghai city for a long time already .

Of course, Sun Xiaorou didn't belong to the military government, but rather a religious group based on the northern area - the Dusk Church .

They promoted the forthcoming of an apocalypse and fully believed the terror of the apocalypse . But different from the majority of people who lost hope, they also firmly believed that their spiritual leader Bo Yu could lead them to escape the solar system, find a second Sun and establish a new home for the humans .

It was quite a coincidence, the purpose of their trip to Wanghai city was to obtain the buried in Fallout Shelter 005 and to acquire the technology to establish the biosphere in space .

To be able to enter the planning bureau inside the city and obtain the exact location of Fallout Shelter 005, they were not reluctant to partner up with the mutated humans from the Seventh Area . All the firearms of the mutated human, as well as the security password of the Carman Corporation, were provided by them .

But unfortunately, their fate was deteremined and they were to return empty-handed . Other than metal debris, there was nothing left there . After clearing out the mutated creature that infiltrated Fallout Shelter 005, Jiang Chen blew up the server of the article intelligence and cleaned out anything useful inside .

As for the metal box that stored , after Lin Lin copied all the information to the chip inside her head, Jiang Chen destroyed the original copy .

Jiang Chen wondered what kind of expression would be on Bo Yu's face once he went through all the trouble to finally enter to Fallout Shelter 005, and only found junks inside .

But regardless, even if Jiang Chen knew what happened to Fallout Shelter 005, he could not stand in front him and say "I already cleared Fallout Shelter 005 and I have taken everything away . "

In this case, conflict was inevitable . Jiang Chen could not let the mutated humans inside Qingpu . The leader of The Dusk Church Bo Yu would not give up on entering the city center . When he sent the assassin, he already demonstrated his hostility .

As to how the weapons and supplies would be transported to Wanghai, and how she joined The Dusk, Sun Xiaorou didn't have those memories . Since she joined the cult at a very young age and based on the face that all religions have the same tendencies, brainwashing was an unavoidable step .

After all, it was about the crystals .

In the end, Sun Xiaorou, in herhalf-unconscious state, blurted out random things . Afterattempting to piece together her broken sentences, Jiang Chen could not summarize the information she said .

But a keyword she continuously emphasized drew his attention .

Klein Particles .

It was the third time he has heard this word .

. . .


Just as he pushed open Lin Lin's door, Jiang Chen heard a sudden whimper .

He looked confusedly at the quivering Lin Lin .

"What happened to you?"

"No . . . Nothing!"

The sharp voice seemed to be out of tune .

Was she traumatized somehow?

Due to Lin Lin being regularly irresgular, Jiang Chen wasn't bothered by it and he cut straight to the topic .

"About what happened last time, I have a question . "

Lin Lin cutely gulped as she nodded her head intensely .

It was rare that she was this cooperative .

Usually, she would start with, "Why do I have to help you?" .

Jiang Chen obviously didn't know that the disobedient Lin Lin sneaked back when he closed the door and heard some bad things .

" . . . Then I am going to ask, last time, it was Tingting that shot out the red light?"

Jiang Chen's expression was weird when he said the name Tingting .

Although in that virtual world, she entered it in the form of a human and became a couple with him, her original form is a "bug . "

"Mhmm!" Lin Lin nodded furiously .

"That particle, what exactly is it?"

When she heard this, Lin Lin's expression turned earnest .

"That's what I wanted to say . . . I found something abnormal on the surface of the crystal . "

As she finished saying, Lin Lin ran to the front of the experiment table . She picked up a polished crystal and put it inside the glass sphere of an odd-looking equipment .

"This is . . . ?"

"You won't know even if I tell you, it is a really convenient equipment . . . Before I always thought you guys collected them because they were shiny and that because they could also replace hydrocarbon as an energy source . But after doing some experiments, this thing is not as simple as it looks . "

Inside the glass sphere, the dark green crystal began to change color .

"The complete combustion of the energy of a crystal could release the energy equivalent to 2 . 47 kg of coal . After, it would turn into this form . "

The crystal lost its shine and changed into a quartz-like appearance .

"And then?" Jiang Chen looked at the crystal keenly .

Lin Lin didn't answer Jiang Chen's question . Instead, she asked rhetorically with mysteriousness on her face, "Have you heard of the fourth dimension?"

"Fourth dimension? The dimension that includes time?" Jiang Chen had heard this before as he had been through university after all .

"Then let me ask you another question, have you heard about energy that belongs to the fourth dimension?"

Jiang Chen was dumbfounded . One because it was too abstract, two because he didn't know why she suddenly brought up the question .

"Every matter in this world, including you and me, could be measured by three measurements . length, width and height . These are all measurements of the third dimension . But if time is added to the list, then the Jiang Chen today would be completely different from the Jiang Chen tomorrow . This would be the fourth dimension . The same as the 1 . 50 m Lin Lin is completely different than the 2 . 00 m Lin Lin in the third dimension . "

"If we can add a timeline to energy . Imagine this, the crystal's "energy today" have been used, but a few thousand years later, its energy would be filled up again . . . "

"Wait, what about the conversation of energy?" Jiang Chen had to interrupt .

"Of course it is conserved . Because from the start, the Klein particle exists in the forth dimension, but it is limited to a "point" that we can't see . But at a certain time point, some Klein particles would fall to the third dimension, in our eyes, the most obvious demonstration would be 'energized . '"

Because it was too scientifically fictional, despite Lin Lin being extremely slow and detailed in her description, Jiang Chen still felt lost .

"You can try this crystal, use your power to draw its energy . Remember, the energy amount of this crystal before was give . " As she spoke, Lin Lin put the colorless crystal in Jiang Chen's hand .

It was already empty .

Charging the interdimensional bracelet with it would be impossible?

As he thought this through, Jiang Chen still followed Lin Lin's instruction and put the crystal in his hand .

Then, his expression turned to astonishment .

He somehow obtained energy from the empty crystal .

The amount of energy that supplied the bracelet was no less than the crystal with five energy points!

"Is there energy remaining?" Jiang Chen asked in disbelief .

Lin Lin shook her head .

"The energy belonging to the third dimension has been completely exhausted . You could bring this crystal to any production equipment and it could not be used as a source of energy . But just as I had suspected, your interdimensional bracelet could directly draw Klien particles from the fourth dimension . Another way to say this is that you exhausted the energy that could appear in the crystal in the future . "

Jiang Chen's eyes widened as he stared at his right wrist, the tattoo .

"No, it could also draw electricity to charge it . It would cost 100 watts of electricity to charge it to full, with crystal, it would only cost 10 energy points . But based on your explanation, one energy crystal, with the energy fallen to the third dimension was equivalent to 2 . 47 kilograms of coal . Ten energy points of crystal Klein Particles must at least exceed 100 watts of electricity by 10 folds?"

Lin Lin sighed .

"Think carefully, when you use electricity to charge interdimensional bracelet, did eletricity follow your hand to go into the ground?"

Jiang Chen tightened his eyebrows as he recollected when he charged before, he shook his head .

"No . "

"Of course not . If that happened, you would be fried . " Lin Lin said in frustration .

"The electricity absorbed by your bracelet is not the electricity generated through electron flowing from the negative end to positive end, but rather it completely consumed the electron itself . It is complicated to explain, but you could interpret it as the particle has completed vanished . Therefore, you wouldn't think that with only 100 watts of electricity, it could manage to travel through space dimensions?" In the end, Lin Lin ridiculed .

"Therefore, crystal . . . This type of biological formation, is a container for Klein particles?"

"That's right . As to how exactly it contained the mysterious Klein particle, I haven't figured it out yet . But crystal is not as simple as it appears to be . Including the female assassin detonating the crystal, as well as the red beam shot up by Tingting, they are all phenomenon of Klein particles releasing its energy to the third dimension . " Lin Lin explained with an earnest face .



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