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Chapter 197

Zhou Guoping brought a good news from the Sixth Street .

Black Blood Mercenaries accepted the mission and mobilized to Taifu river the next day . In addition to the new recruits, a mercenary group of 85 people on the wasteland could be considered a sizable force .

When Zhou Guoping threw a bait of 10% food trade profit, Luo Yang agreed without the slightest hesitation .

The popularity of the food industry in Sixth Street was proven to be a lucrative business . And because of this, Zhao Corporation controlling the entire market had crystals flooding in, and everyone in Sixth Street was well aware of this .

Hearing Zhou Guoping's words and considering the relationship between the Fishbone Base and Zhao Corporation, it finally dawned on Luo Yang . The food in the Sixth Street actually came from the Fishbone Base! Presumably, Zhao Chenwu, that old fox, was controlling the underground sewerage entrance which must be leading to the Fishbone Base .

But Luo Yang didn't spread the shocking piece of news out since the less the number of people knew, the more advantageous it would be for him . If he could manage to get a slice of the pie of the trade route to Liuding, he would accept the mission at whatever cost! With Black Blood Mercenaries' reputation, there wouldn't be a problem in transporting the goods from Qingpu to Liuding situated at the exit of the Yangtze River .

With a stable source of income, Black Blood Mercenaries' equipment and size would expand and improve, and his prestige would consequently heighten . If he could manage to become a council member, he would be able to join the ranks of the inner circle of the powerful!

Despite having accepted the mission, there was one point he was confused about .

Since Fishbone Base had a special relationship with Zhao Corporation, why didn't they request help from them? To protect his own interest, Zhao Chenwu would do anything to help, wouldn't he?

Jiang Chen had obviously considered this problem .

It's just that . . .

"How did you get in trouble again?" Sitting in the virtual boardroom, Zhao Chenwu smiled wryly .

"Trouble finds me," Jiang Chen shrugged .

"Sixth Street is not too peaceful these days . I really can't send out some forces to face the mutated humans from the Seventh area . Maybe you should consider relocating?" Zhao Chenwu pondered for a moment before proposing .

"Relocate? That means all my efforts would have gone to waste . I have spent almost 400 thousands crystals for the construction of the base . At any rate, I won't give up on the base especially since my odds of winning are not low . "

"Then I'll pray for your victory . The batch of sentinel machine guns, I'm finally able to fulfill the contract under the pressure of the council, and I can deliver it to you tomorrow . "

"Pressure from the higher-ups? When did the council start encouraging a breach of contract?" Jiang Chen jested .

"It is a critical time . "

"What kind of trouble did you guys encounter?" Seeing the graveness on Zhao Chenwu's face, Jiang Chen also became serious .

"Although it is considered a secret, if it was like anytime before, the news would spread out regardless . The military government controlling Northern Alliance District has declared war on us, and they are currently on their way . "

"It's them?"

"Have you heard already?" Seeing the shock on Jiang Chen's face, Zhao Chenwu shrugged, 'In order to obtain the space-based weapon wreckage landed somewhere in the metropolis, they came from thousands of miles away to incite trouble . "

Zhao Chenwu obviously misinterpreted something . The reason why Jiang Chen got shocked was that the organization that partnered up with the mutated humans was also from the Northern Alliance District . Except it was not the military government but a rather strange organization with an even peculiar name—the Dusk Church .

"The God's Cane?' Jiang Chen asked solemnly .

"That's right . To defend against Northern Alliance's invasion, the Council of Ten passed a proposal . To create a defense line at the rural area to defend against the invasion . But if it was just this, it wouldn't be so problematic . "

Zhao Chenwu's face was cast in gloom, he paused before continuing, "Although we agreed to fight off the enemy before hunting for the treasure, almost everyone has already been secretly sending in exploration teams into the metropolis . Especially when the news of 1 million crystals mission has spread out, everyone has gone insane . Those fools, who were previously reserved and heading out secretly, are now blatantly sending out their forces and rushing downtown . Just like those gamblers who had completely lost their mind on a gambling table . "

"No one has realized that doing this at this time is foolish?" Jiang Chen had no other emotion except for derision .  

"Not everyone is foolish and that includes me," Zhao Chenwu bleak expression stared at the table, "If anyone obtains that thing, it would be a nightmare for everyone else . If could dominate all life and death, just like a scepter from God . "

Saying this, the ruthless businessman had a hint of insanity between his brows .

"Just imagine this: if there is a sword hanging over everyone's head, who else can resist your reign? It only takes one shot from that tungsten rod that can't be intercepted to silent all voice of resistance . And that sword is now somewhere in the city center, behind all of us . Now . . . everyone wants to become a person wielding the sword . "

"This damned democracy . "

Everyone wanted to become the dictator .

If there was only a single voice from the beginning, it wouldn't be this chaotic .

. . .

Asking help from Zhao Chenwu was not possible anymore, but that was to be expected .

He already had enough chips in his hands, without one or two guests, it wouldn't interfere with the fireworks .

Counting in the Black Blood Mercenaries, the total number of soldiers that could fight on the frontline had already reached 200 people . Although there was still a huge discrepancy, he still had his last resort .

That was none other than the survivors from Qingpu!

After the last expedition, they had been unified under the Fishbone banner . After a month of doing business, the relationship between the two parties was further strengthened .

Since the beginning, Jiang Chen had always include them in the plan, and he was just waiting for an opportunity .

The opportunity to unite everyone, the opportunity to display the might of Fishbone .

And now, the opportunity had presented itself .

Outside of the Fishbone Base, in front of the concrete building used for trading goods, a long lineup could be seen .

"Long time no see, Zhao Gang . " Ma Zhongchen hugged his old friend whom he hadn't seen for a while as he regarded the winter garment on Zhao Gang enviously . The whole set would probably cost 30-40 crystals which would be equivalent to the price of a Reaper rifle .

Despite Zhao Gang's usual taciturn behavior, when he saw his old friend, a smile emerged on his face .

Jiang Chen called Chen Weiguo back yesterday and was once again sent to the frontline .

Zhao Gang pulled Ma Zhongchen to the side . He passed him a cigarette while he also put one in his own mouth and then lit it up .

"How are you doing these days?"

"Same old . Nice smell, what brand is this?"

"The base's own produce . " The boss brought it back as part of the benefits for employees . As for its exact origin, Zhao Gang couldn't be bothered about it .

"The winter is so cold and you guys are quite well off," Ma Zhongchen remarked as he enviously eyed the large-caliber machine gun on the wall .

"It should be us, shouldn't it?"

The two stared at each other and started laughing .

The line in front of the concrete building moved up slowly . People coming out of the room had switched into the winter gear as they entered the base under the supervision of the soldiers .

According to the agreement, all the survivors joining the Fishbone army would receive housing and upper-class citizen treatment, and their family would receive lower-citizen treatment . Ater contributing in war and being promoted to knight, their family would also enjoy upper-class citizen treatment .

As of today, more than 20 community-sized survivors have joined Fishbone Base . All the people were incorporated into a newly created foreign army with Zhao Gang as the commander . Currently, there were only 81 people in the force, but everyone was a sharpshooter .

With a bit of training, they could become a force to be reckoned with .

So far, the Fishbone's soldiers had exceeded the 300 mark .

The day of the decisive battle was gradually approaching .

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