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Published at 31st of May 2018 01:22:42 PM

Chapter 200

"Did you hear the noise?" Sun Jiao raised her eyebrows as she asked Jiang Chen .

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The snow was thick, as the two were standing on the bank of Taifu river .

"I think so, did something explode?" Jiang Chen stared towards the east, but the flurry blocked his vision .

There were two explosions; it was hard to tell which one was louder . It seemed to be from somewhere in the far distance .

"Let's not be distracted anymore . " Sun Jiao sighed, her eyes narrowing while starring across the river . "The party is about to start . "

"You are right . " Jiang Chen smiled .

All combat units have been sent to the front line .

271 soldiers, 8 Tigers, as well as 15 modified pickup trucks .

The Black Blood Mercenaries have already sneaked past the river as they had taken cover on a snow hill a few kilometers away .

Everything was prepared .

He dragged the scarf away from his neck as white mist emerged from Jiang Chen's mouth .

"Let's start . "

"Understood! My commander . " Sun Jiao naughtily blinked her eyes before she turned around to step into the T-3 power armor .

The night began to fall as the snowfall slowed .

The searchlight in the center of the camp, as well as the four corners, shook rhythmically and lit up the snow hills around them .

Rows of mutated humans carried rifles as they patrolled their camp . Their steel armor, lined with fur, prevented their skin from being in direct contact with the steel .

There were around fifty trucks parked on the empty lot in front of the camp . The daunting gun and cannon barrels create a metal forest . White sheets covered them as they blended into the snow .

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They didn't even consider the enemy across the river an opponent .

In their eyes, only a round of attack would allow them to drag those cowards out of the trenches and shred them into pieces .

Shooting was not their strong suit .

Because of their fat finger, to make it easy to shoot, they had to saw off the trigger ring . This was also why they preferred machine guns as most machine guns were not as small as rifles .

Due to their build, they didn't need to consider the large, heavy firepower and weight of the guns .

The last group of soldiers had arrived at the base . Once the ice is strong enough to withstand the weight of their armor, they would sound the horn to charge .

But that day will never happen .

"Did you hear something?" The mutated human at the gate of the base tilted his head and looked at his comrade .

The mutated human raised his eyebrows but didn't seem to find the source of the noise .

"Look! What is that!"

There were screams, and a mutated human pointed at the dark sky .

Something had fallen from the radiation dust, it carried a visible trail of flame and began to accelerate .

But they didn't have more time to think about it .


The searchlight in the center of the base and the four corners shattered with the noise . The light that shined on the four sides instantly faded .

At that moment, a few trails of orange flame rose in the sky and exploded . The blinding white light turned the base into day light .

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It was a lighting shell!

"Dammit, it's an enemy strike!" The mutated human standing at the gate roared out before he took out the light machine gun behind his back and began to fire at the snow hill .

The mutated humans didn't expect that the human taking cover behind barriers would attack them during the night .

The mutated humans were not worried by the human's night strike, rather, they felt a sense of excitement .

They are asking for their own death!

But that kind of confidence didn't last long .

Under the cover of the lighting shell, a missile with a trail of red flame had fallen from the sky .

In the terrified vision of all mutated humans, it landed in the middle of the base .


Flames instantly erupted .

It engulfed the vehicles covered by white, the mutated humans preparing to enter the vehicle, as well as the supplies hidden under the snow .

The merciless chain explosion started . It played a symphony inside the mutated human's base .

Running, screaming, desperately trying to remove the scorching steel armor, and falling when out of energy as they waited for the flame grim reaper's cultivation .

The steel debris and snow were blown into the air as they melted into liquid in the heat wave as if it was a firework celebration .

It was living hell .

No one suspected the "rats" across the river possessed a cruise missile .

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Of course, it was obviously not a cruise missile . It was only a rocket equipped with 1000 kilograms of concentrated explosives . One kilogram was 20 crystals, and along with the cost of the missile, the mega firework cost Jiang Chen thirty thousand crystals .

But so what, compared to the effect it caused, the thirty thousand crystals were well spent .

Gazing at the fire across the river, Jiang Chen pulled out the flare gun, and he shouted at the top of his lungs .



The red flare broke through the night sky .

Eight homing voices rose as the 5 kg bombs smashed into the base across the river .

The shock of the missile explosion had blown away the snow piles . There was no cover between the two forces . With the range advantage, the electric pulse canon unloaded its firepower .

The infantry with their rifles stepped out of the trenches, under the leadership of six power armors, they all charged at the opposing river bank .

The Black Blood Mercenaries, who've crossed the river, engaged in crossfire with the mutated humans already . The rain drop like lighting shells lit up the night sky .

Because the explosive was made of Magnesium powder and other oxidants, the flames didn't fade away for a long time .

Under the intense light, the position of the mutated humans was fully exposed . But it was a problem even for the mutated humans with rifles to aim at the target in the dark . They could only respond by firing randomly into darkness .

Seeing the battle visual on his tablet, a smile emerged on Jiang Chen's face .

The anti-air power had been completely dissolved . The unexpected missile had not only wiped out half of their force, it completely disrupted their command structure which forced them to fight on their own .

The mutated humans wielding armors were strong, but only in the front . On an open field, if they were surrounded with bullets flying in all direction, mutated humans without formation would only be slaughtered .

The infantries fired with pace as they pushed forward under the cover of cannons . Within the virtual reality training system, they have practiced this countless amount of times .

Sun Jiao led the six power armors with their high mobility as they roamed among the mutated humans to prevent them from gathering information .

Seeing the swiftness of this girl's action, even if she was in a metal box, recalling her shyness under himself, the feeling was indescribable .

With a face slightly red, Jiang Chen coughed as he got rid of all the unhealthy idea in his mind .

The battle was approaching its end .

The soldiers used their gun barrels to smash the half-dead mutated humans as they finished the kill off with a dagger .

There was no need for hostage . Death was the best fate for these monsters .

He retracted the tablet as he got in the armored vehicle .

"Cross the river . "

"Yes, commander . "

As the leader of the base, Jiang Chen began to realize he could no longer fight like a soldier on the front line . Since Fishbone base had already passed the initial growth phase where they lacked people, he gladly accepted the perspective Sun Jiao insisted, which was to stay in the back and wait for the battle to end .

The gunshots in the distance began to die down . The armored vehicle drove over the bridge .

The northern wind carried a hint of warmth . Jiang Chen who sat on top of the car looked at the remains of the mutated human's base after the explosion, but his mind had already drifted elsewhere .

This was where the mutated humans stored most of their supplies . Even if there were still two thousand something mutated humans there, this major loss would render them unable to fight another battle .

These supplies were transported from the Northern Alliance District fifteen hundred kilometers away; it must not have been easy . Now that these supplies are destroyed, and the spy Sun Xiaorou was captured by Jiang Chen .

What would the Dusk that suffered defeat do?

Speaking of this, the Defender had no action at all, as even Jiang Chen almost forgot that he had an alliance .

What are they planning?

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