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Chapter 201

The battle ended .

Based on estimations, there were 972 mutated human casualties, and 57 modified vehicles, 42 anti-air machineguns, 15 72mm cannons destroyed . Also, countless ammunition exploded .

On the Fishbone side, there were 19 casualties with five people dead . No armored units were damaged . Black Blood Mercenaries suffered 9 fatalities and 21 casualties .

All in all, this result could be considered historically significant .

Flames that burnt on the snow had been extinguished . The soldiers were busy moving between places as they dragged the bodies of the mutated humans outside of the base and burnt them with fuel . If they just let them sit, it could draw out mutants hibernating near by . Although they would not lose, it would be troublesome to deal with .

The 8 Tigers drove across Taifu river into the mutated human's base .

Within the center of the base, the leader of Black Blood Mercenaries and Jiang Chen stood shoulder-to-shoulder as they chatted and laughed at the scene .

"What the f*ck, that missile was wicked . The explosion left nothing behind . " Luo Yang had a cigarette in his mouth and was staring at the metal scraps on the ground, still feeling uneasy .

To be fair, the missile was not considered strong . It had no anti-radar layer, nor did it possess an energy shield to guard against anti-air laser weapons . It could only be considered a basic cruise missile where the commander sets the target for the missile, and then the control center calculates its trajectory .

The first step was simple as it only required Jiang Chen's command .

But the difficult part was the second step . Because of Jiang Chen's words, Jiang Lin had to spend an entire night in front of the computer .

"It's okay . " The word sounded humble, but Jiang Chen's laughter was cocky .

[This is okay? Are you kidding me . ]

Luo Yang glanced at Jiang Chen with a "bright" smile as he ridiculed in his mind .

"But then, there is no need to think about looting anymore . " He cracked a smile . "Where did you get the cigarette?"

"Somewhere good," Jiang Chen shrugged as he gave an ambiguous answer . "Maybe you can buy this from the Sixth Street very soon . "

The modern world was indeed a good place . Whether it was food, cigarette, or beer, everything was cheap . Of course, only relative to his net worth .

"I wish I had Mr . Jiang's prosperity . " Envy flashed across Luo Yang's eyes as he greeted Jiang Chen .

"Prospering together . Aren't we?" Jiang Chen smiled .

Luo Yang paused for a second before he reacted with a smile .

A fee of ten thousand crystals was added to upgrade his mercenaries' equipment to the next level . With the trade route to Liuding Town, the upgrades would begin this coming spring . Even if the spending power of Liuding Town was not as high as the Sixth Street, it still was the second biggest survivor's force in Wanghai City . There would at least be tens of thousands worth of profits . With 10%, his mercenary group being rewarded thousands of crystals with a single trip .

On this wasteland, no ordinary bandits dared to butt heads with the Black Blood Mercenaries .

The only problem was zombies and mutants . But as long as they avoided the city center, the route to the port was relatively safe .

It was a winning business .

Luo Yang was thinking how much money he could make, but Jiang Chen was thinking something else .

Purchasing the microchips from Liuding Town improved the combat ability of the kinetic skeletons produced at the Fishbone base . At the same time, Liuding Town's technology would also offer great help to Jiang Chen's plan in the modern world .

As long as he puts in an order, Liuding Town's chip factory would accept any kind of business, even the communication chips from one hundred years ago . Although it was a desolate technology for the apocalypse, it would still be ahead of the modern world's technology by ten years . This advancement was enough for Future Technology to conquer the phone market .

As they envisioned their bright future, they both fell into silence .

At this time, the communication chip beside Jiang Chen's ear vibrated .

It was Zhao Chenwu .

"I'm going to take a call," Jiang Chen told Luo Yang as he walked to the side .

He picked up the call .

"What's going on?' Jiang Chen said with a lighthearted tone .

"Did you solve your troubles?" Zhao Chenwu's voice didn't sound as collected as before .

"Yes, is there something wrong?"

"I have a few small problems, can you help me?" Slightly embarrassed, Zhao Chenwu still pleaded .

His embarrassment was due to refusing Jiang Chen's help just moments ago .

A mischevious expression appeared on Jiang Chen's face, but for the partner that had offered him quite some support, Jiang Chen didn't seem to be troubled .

"Is it about the God's Cane in the city center? Speaking of this, I have received information that the thing didn't land on the earth's surface . "

"It is confirmed that it is fake . " Zhao Chenwu's voice sounded bitter .


"Somone betrayed the Group of Ten council . "

Jiang Chen hung up the phone as his expression was rather stern .

Zhao Chenwu briefly explained the situation .

First, a declaration of war was sent to the Sixth Street two years ago, sending the peaceful council into unrest .

The declaration of war has been intercepted by the Dark Red Chamber of Commerce, the "treasure" mentioned in the visual had drawn the interest of Cao Jinsong . He had a feeling that the "treasure" mentioned by the Northern Alliance Area could be a superweapon! Based on the simulation of a super computer, he obtained the conclusion that God's Cane landed in the city center of Wanghai .

Because of his greed, he hid the declaration of war and obviously hid his discovery of the sky-based weapon .

He secretly sent exploration forces to the city center in an attempt to find the wreckage of the weapon with a plan to transport it to the secret base outside the city . If he could repair it, not only the Sixth Street, but the entire Pan-pacific area would be under his control .

But in the end, he didn't find the wreckage . Instead, he wasted a decent size of his force .

Just as he was debating if he should announce this declaration of war to allow the Sixth Street to prepare, the spy he planted in the Northern Alliance area had sent back good news .

Civil war!

The military government that controlled the majority of the survival camps had engaged in a gruesome war with another large force, the Dusk . Although the military government won in the end, they suffered significant losses which postponed their plan to advance to the east,

Although the invader didn't come in the end, their stance of plotting against Wanghai City had alerted him .

Also, the word civil war had given him a new idea .

If the military government could use civil war to obtain absolute control in the Northern Alliance Area, why couldn't his Dark Red Chamber of Commerce do the same?

Once the seed called ambition has been planted, it would spiral out of control .