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Chapter 202


What an attractive thought .

Although they had sworn to coexist in front of the round table, the endless arguments through the years had made him grow wry .

A proposal for the abolition of the ghetto would cause the ten council members to argue for half a month .

It was just over a few thousand "bugs" and they had to argue for half a month .

He has had enough .

Dark Red Chamber of Commerce, the strongest force, logically should control the piece of land . But under the hindrances of other nine council members, he could not have free reign . For example, the Disaster-32 cruise missile . One single missile would turn the military base into dust . For example, the Double-headed Bull Chamber of Commerce's Landbird armor, or . . .

The people that became part of the Group of Ten council were no simple characters . Even if he possessed five Wanderer tank known as the land cruiser, it would still be difficult to do what he wanted .

Therefore, he had a brilliant plan .

When he threw out the bait that lured him to put his nose into the city center onto the conference table .

Indubitably, he pleasedly saw that everyone's eyes turned red .

Some due to the anger they had towards the Northern Alliance Area . Some and the majority were due to the greed for the treasure .

Sky-based weapon . The wreckage of God's Cane .

As he had expected, the council passed the proposal to build a collective defense, face the external enemy together, and then explore the city center . However, every council member had their discreet moves as they didn't put much effort into building the defense . Instead, they leveraged the council to attack their political enemy . Criticizing other people for their lack of effort in the construction of the defense, while at the same time secretly sending out a large number of forces to explore the city center .

As usual, everyone had their own plans, but all were within rationality .

Then immediately, a piece of news shattered their rationality .

A mission worth one million crystals .

Because of this mission, the facade on everyone's face was ripped off .

It was not only himself that did something behind everyone's back; everyone was plotting for that sky-based weapon .

Regardless of their purpose, they could not let their competitor acquire the weapon .

The nine council members all put their hands on the betting table .

At the same time, the Dark Red Chamber of Commerce unleashed their machete to chop their hands .

At the external area of city center, Dark Red Chamber of Commerce first tried the Zhao Corporation which ignored the flames of civil war .

To protect 80% of the force he sent into the city center, Zhao Chenwu permitted the usage of the Disaster-32 cruise missile in agony .

Because of this, Cao Jinsong achieved his plan and also ignited the nuclear bomb which wiped out 80% of Zhao Chenwu's force . The same force he tried to save with his life .

A Wanderer tank in exchange for a Diaster 32 . The remainder four Wanderer tanks along with some infantries reaped the forces of the remaining council members .

At the same time, the flames of war had erupted inside the Sixth Street .

As everyone knew, the force inside the inner circle was created by the private force of the Group of Ten council members in the form of an agreement to provide defense service . Now that the nine council members had sent out the majority of the forces to the city center, the inner circle was extremely lacking .

Of course, not including the Dark Red Chamber of Commerce .

The steel gate had fallen which segregated the inner and outer circle .

The soldiers of the Dark Red Chamber of Commerce engaged in heavy fire with the civil force along with other council member's private forces .

With the manor of the Dark Red Chamber of Commerce's boss being burnt down as the fuse, the flames of the civil war had officially been ignited .

There were three options in front of Jiang Chen .

First . The more conservative approach . Stop now and reinforce along the river .

Second . Capitalize on the victory by heading for the Seventh Area .

Third . Accept Zhao Chenwu's request for help and send out forces to help the Sixth Street .

To be honest, the second and third options were both tempting .

The mutated humans suffer a significant loss if they march west . Along with the Defiancers, it was a great opportunity to completely eliminate the mutated human beings in the Seventh area .

But if they respond to Zhao Chenwu's request for help and send out forces to the Sixth Street, it would also bring a considerable amount of gains .

Zhao Chenwu's offer was attractive enough . If he helped the Sixth Street council, the weapon export restriction would no longer apply to him . Therefore, he could purchase power armors from the Sixth Street to equip his force .

A tent was set up in the middle of the base .

Within the base, Jiang Chen gathered Sun Jiao, Chu Nan, and Chen Weiguo for a quick meeting .

"There are a lot of choices in front of us . I want to listen to your opinions," Jiang Chen said straightforwardly .

"If we could gain contact with the Defiancer Alliance in Jia City . Capitalizing on our victory is not a bad choice . If we can't, even without an armored vehicle, there are still around two thousand mutated humans stationed in the Seventh area . The safer choice would be to reinforce along the river," Chen Weiguo gave an unbiased response .

Jiang Chen nodded, he didn't make a comment but instead looked at Sun Jiao .

"What do you think?"

"I support your decision," Sun Jiao smiled and said .

"But I still want to listen to your opinion . "

"I personally don't agree with providing assistance . "

"Oh? Why?"

"It has happened twice . When we encountered problems, he never sent help to us . Now that he has a problem, maybe we could sell him a few barrels of explosives," Sun Jiao said ruthlessly .

Hearing that, Jiang Chen smiled and didn't comment .

It was indeed Sun Jiao . Such a simple and direct response was indeed her style .

The few barrels of explosives would pay back the high-energy vacuum bomb Zhao Chenwu sold him last time . As for help, he did offer them some, and he did take some risks to do so .

Although it would be thrilling to take an eye for an eye, it was infeasible for the base .

As the leader of force, he should consider collective interest, not childish actions .

"What do you think?" Jiang Chen looked at Chu Nan .

"I agree with sending out a force . " Chu Nan smiled .

"Because of power armors?"

To Jiang Chen's surprise, Chu Nan shook his head .

"There is absolutely no need for that . "

Chu Nan paused as he looked at Jiang Chen, then continued .

"Backstabbing each other, this is the end of the Group of Ten Council . It is not a bad idea for a new wise leader to rule the place . "

Everyone in the tent held their breath .

Jiang Chen stared at Chu Nan dumbfoundedly, his expression was odd .

Just as he was about to say something, Cheng Weiguo already said what he wanted to say .

"Do you know how many people are in the Sixth Street's civil force? A total of 560 people!"

"How many would be left after this civil war? Especially when no one knows the ability of those soldiers . " Chu Nan laughed nonchalantly .

"Not only the force, but influence is also a factor . With the combination of the two, they could deter the small military forces around the Sixth Street, but if it was us . . . "

"Now that everyone's strength has been spent on the city center . Mercenaries, hunting team for that one million crystals mission, the Council of Ten for that sky-based weapon wreckage, the Sixth Street is at its weakest! There is only one opportunity . We could use the name of providing assistance to enter the inner circle and start a coup . As long as we control the inner circle, the Sixth Street would be under our control . " Just he said these words, Chu Nan's eyes were locked onto Jiang Chen's .

"This is a gamble . Can I hear the reason for this proposal?" Jiang Chen pondered for a moment before he spoke out .

"Because I trust you . Only you can bring real order to this wasteland . "

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