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Chapter 203

"F*ck, their firepower is too suppressive!" With his back against the barrier, a civil soldier in a bulletproof vest attempted to shoot out of cover but was quickly subdued back .

"We require cover fire! I repeat we need cover fire!"

He clenched onto the rifle as the soldier hiding behind the concrete wall roared into the communication device with no reply .

A soldier fearlessly ducked out of the cover and aimed at the anti-armor RPG . As the armored vehicle unleashed its reign of power, he pressed the trigger .

With a trail of red flames, the RPG flew like an iron fist . But when it was ten meters away from the armored vehicle, it was blown away by the activated nitrogen shield, and it smashed into the shop nearby .

The subsequent fires shredded the soldier docked out into pieces .

The battle erupted out of nowhere .

The enemy was not only the Dark Red Chamber of Commerce, but it was also some of the civil soldiers . They were bought out by the Dark Red Chamber of Commerce . The moment the armored vehicle drove into the inner circle, they responded to the coup .

It was an unfair battle .

Although both sides didn’t use heavy firearms, the private force of the council members was much more powerful than the civil soldiers' . Not only in training but also in equipment . Although the civil soldiers on the side of the council were 400, they were completely subdued by the force of 150 people from the Dark Red Chamber of Commerce .

Especially since 100 something civil soldiers suddenly turned against them and they only had five armored vehicles equipped with heavy machine guns .

On the side of the Dark Red Chamber of Commerce, even the ordinary light infantry wore carbon nano armor along with the digitalized helmet that provided shooting assistance . Not to mention the special forces wore kinetic skeletons, as well as power armors .

Because of everyone’s selfishness, although they possessed the most advanced fire production line on the wasteland, the council never proposed to upgrade the weapons of the civil force . Because only when the civil force lacked behind in technology, could their own private force be "hired . " Their commission was not a small amount . It was paid through taxes and was essentially a gold mine .

But now, they tasted their own medicine .

The only soldiers that could match evenly in terms of equipment were the private soldiers of the other nine council members . But because of the city center exploration project, most of their power was put into the city center . There, they were scouring the reapings by the armored force of Dark Red Chamber of Commerce; it was still a question how much would remain .

Zhao Chenwu stood on the top floor of the Zhao Corporation building as he speechlessly watched the gun fires below him in the Inner Circle .

The ring of fire began to contract from the edge of the wall inwards; he knew exactly what that meant .

The Dark Red Chamber of Commerce had taken the upper hand . The 400 civil soldiers along with the 50 private soldiers suffered constant losses .

He never imagined that five armored vehicles would push him to the edge .

But that was the reality when both sides didn’t possess heavy firearms . Even armored vehicles ruled .

The door was pushed open, Su Lei walked in .

The gorgeous female secretary with a cold expression had already changed into a pitch black combat suit . She carried the Reaper automatic rifle produced by the Zhao Corporation military factory . Normally, her identity was Zhao Chenwu’s secretary, mistress as well as the driver . However, at critical times, she would act as the role of his bodyguard .

"Boss, Dark Red Chamber of Commerce is approaching our building . Please retreat with me to a safe location," Su Lei said in an undertone .

"Retreat? Where can we retreat to? The door has been shut tight . " Zhao Chenwu smiled faintly .

He had lost communication with Chen Wei . He must have died already .

At this height, he obviously could not see that mushroom cloud .

Nuclear bombs .

He almost forgot about it .

Speaking of that, it should be the cheapest thing here .

"The underground shelter below Paradise Island hotel," Su Lei said .

Hearing that, Zhao Chenwu shook his head .

"I never planned to use that thing . There is no shelter where you can hide forever . If that old thing won, even if I hide underground for ten years, the result would be the same . "

He has spent too much energy here . Even if it meant death, he didn’t want to let everything go .

"…I will fight for you till the last moment . " Su Lei gave up on convincing her boss . She let out a sigh, and a rare smile appeared on her cold face .

Zhao Chenwu was ar a loss as he feebly smiled . Saying nothing more, he kept looking downstairs .

The rifle loaded, Su Lei walked downstairs .

"Still not here?" He muttered to himself as he looked at the electronic clock on the table .

Jiang Chen agreed to send help .

It was the last straw .

People of the Dark Red Chamber of Commerce was approaching . He could even see through the dark bulletproof glass of the gunshots fired by the armored vehicles . The power armor used their high mobility to surround the building behind cover . The rotating machine gun on the right merciless shredded the soldiers on the ground .

The floor shook violently all the sudden; the bulletproof glass jarred loudly . He already had guessed what has happened, but he still looked at the touchscreen on the table .

He pressed the start button as the image from the hall surfaced .

Outside of the door was soldiers of the Dark Red Chamber of Commerce . Wearing kinetic skeleton, the steel made gate had already been blown open by aluminum heat agent . These soldiers carrying rifles quickly rushed into the building and exchanged fire with the building's security team .

There was not much suspense in the battle . Although the security team of the Zhao Corporation received military training, compared to those professional soldiers, they obviously lacked in strength . Especially since they only wore bulletproof vests, like the civil soldiers . It was a frail attempt in the face of the Dark Red Chamber of Commerce soldiers’ attack .

The first floor was captured quickly .

Zhao Chenwu saw with his own eyes that a soldier with kinetic skeleton pulled out a pistol and executed a struggling security wounded on the ground . Then, he turned the gun to the camera and pulled the trigger with a grimace .

The visual was lost .

The elevator was cut . The Dark Red Chamber of Commerce fought fiercely with the Zhao Corporation’s security within the safety tunnel . Boxes and safes were all thrown into the stairs as a blockade, but it was futile to the outcome of the battle .

Su Lei was a great soldier . She gathered the remaining 20 security guards together as they exchanged fire on the 12th-floor hallway . She used the wall to take cover as she constantly ducked out to fire back .

But from the blood on her shoulder, she probably wouldn’t be able to last much longer .

The security guards used anti-blast shields as cover while firing back with a rifle .

The security robot dashed out with a machine gun from the corner; the shots caused casualties to the soldiers that entered the building .

But that was all .

An EMP grenade quickly disabled its weapon system . The particle gun without suspense cut through its metal armor, and it was turned into a pile of metal scraps .

This place was not the military factory, only the office building of Zhao Corporation .

With the balance of power, no one expected a war to break out here .

Su Lei firmly held the gun as she maintained her shooting position while moving back . There were only a few security guards left .

[Looks like they can’t hold out much longer . ]

Zhao Chenwu let out a sigh as he pulled open a cupboard .

There was a revolver inside .

"Is this it?" He mumbled to himself as he slowly loaded the revolver .

It has been a long time since he fought like a soldier on the front line . The last time seemed to the moment he became part of the Council of Ten .

But now, there was not much choice .

The sound of explosion continuously transmitted from below him, but Zhao Chenwu never felt calmer .

[Even if backup arrived, it is probably too late . ]

At this time, a blinding white light suddenly lit up the street in front of the building .

The deafening explosion almost made him forget how to think . The bulletproof glass was covered in dense cracks .

The rising mushroom .

"…F*ck . " His mouth twitched, and his eyes shook from the scene . It was the only word that came out of his mouth .

Nuclear bomb!

Someone exploded a nuclear bomb in the inner circle .

It definitely could not be the Dark Red Chamber of Commerce . They already had the upper hand . It must not be the civil force either; they wouldn’t have such a thing .

It could only be a council member .

They would rather die together than give up the power in their hands .

Zhao Chenwu blankly stared at the mushroom cloud in front of him, but the action in his hands already ceased .

. . .

The shockwave flipped the armored vehicles, engulfed the fleeting power armors, and swept through all the soldiers unable to escape . The buildings worth tens of thousands instantly collapsed . The citizens without a fighting chance cried at the ruins . The merchants silently watch their shops turn into dust, forgetting even to run…

The soldiers attacking his building; he didn’t want to see any more .

It was a bloodbath .

Looking at the council building in the distance, the flag representing alliance and democracy lowered . A mocking smile appeared at the tip of his lips .

The council building, the Dark Red Chamber of Commerce had risen on the roof .

The roundtable was smashed in half . Cao Jinsong stood in front of the window alone as he stared at the mushroom cloud outside, dumbfounded .

Like a bucket of cold water was poured on his head, the excitement of climbing to the top of power was instantly cooled off .

He had considered that other council members possessing some unbelievable trap cards, the coup was a gamble, to begin with .

But he never considered that someone could explode a nuclear bomb here .

"Already gone insane?" His voice sounded bitter .

It made sense . On the wasteland without order, thinking about limits was foolish, to begin with .

Exploding a nuclear bomb in one’s own city; even in the country before the war had the same thing occur .

He seemed to have seen these scene before .

But because it was too distant of a time, that part of his memory was already covered by a thin layer of white mist…

War never changes .

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