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Chapter 204

Nuclear weapons were always the cheapest thing on the wasteland .

Like the landmines that covered entire fields after the Second World War

Without the need for sophisticated missiles, the tactical nukes that could be fired with artillery was an economical and efficient killing tool .

Although the alliance government after the war had collected the nuclear weapon left on the battlefield, there must be some left out there .

Zhao Chenwu didn’t want to think about who exploded the nuclear bomb .

There was no purpose in who did it .

As he watched from afar, he saw black smoke rise from his competitor Feng De’s building . It then immediately collapsed .

That fat *ss didn't compromise till the last moment as he chose to self-destruct the building and suicide along with the soldiers inside .

Just like that nuclear bomb .

The other council members suffered the same fate . Cao Jinsong seemed to have expected that the entire political power was concentrated in the hands of the few council members . After he broke through the defense line of the civil force, its soldiers immediately attacked the headquarters of the council members .

The nuclear bomb didn’t turn the tide of the battle; it was only a death trigger .

As if they had suspected this would occur, the Dark Red Chamber of Commerce forces were dispersed, the nuclear bomb didn’t even hit one-fourth of their forces .

[Already lost?]

But just then, his phone suddenly rang .


"Which floor are you on?"

Like a heaven’s melody, the voice he had been hoping to hear for so long rang into his ear .

"21st floor," Feeling ecstatic, Zhao Chenwu said quickly .

"Ahem, I am not asking what floor you are on, I am asking about the soldiers in your building . "

Zhao Chenwu paused for a second as he glanced at the visuals on the touchscreen .

Su Lei has already retreated to the 16th floor, the 15th floor was completely occupied by the Dark Red Chamber of Commerce .

"15th . "

"Got it . "

Just as the voice fade, explosion transmitted below him .

The violent shaking almost sent him to the ground . He blankly stared out the window at the black dot in the sky .

The building in the distance had a daunting hole created on the structure as it exposed the steel frames .

"Direct hit, beautiful shot . "

Looking at the visual on his table, Jiang Chen gave a thumbs up at the gunner at the hatch door .

The gunner was excited to hear Jiang Chen’s praise as he worked extra hard to load the cartridge before he waited for further instructions .

He has been watching the battle for a while . Jiang Chen saw everything, including that nuclear .

He just didn’t expect someone to explode a nuclear weapon in the inner circle .

To prevent this place from turning into shambles, he felt he must join the fray .

"Retreating? No…" Jiang Chen looked at the fleeing dots on the screen, he muttered and pressed his finger on the screen .

He had been using to the buzz of the electricity as well as the noise of breaking the sound barrier as snow was blown over ten meters high on the street within the screen .

The retreating armored vehicle was smashed into pieces by the 10 kg level bomb without suspense .

It was as easy as playing a computer game .

The green dots on the ground began to surround the inner circle, it was Fishbone’s soldiers .

Jiang Chen left the Black Blood Mercenaries along the Taifu river . He didn’t tell Luo Yang about the battle at the Sixth Street . He only said to him as long as he was stationed here for three days, he would receive 100 more crystals .

No one would reject this kind of deal . Everyone knew that mutated humans could no longer invade the east .

To avoid unexpected things from occurring, the mercenary force ranked one at the Sixth Street was left somewhere further away .

Once the primary force approached the Sixth Street, Sun Jiao immediately declared their stance, with the identity of the alliance of Zhao Corporation to provide backup . The thirty-something civil soldiers cluelessly allowed them to pass without hesitation and then opened the airspace to Chu Nan’s helicopter .

They were loyal to the council, although the organization was in complete disarray since the Dark Red Chamber of Commerce chose to fire at the council . The Dark Red Chamber of Commerce was their enemy .

"Hello? Buddy, you don’t mind if I make a hole in the inner circle wall right?" Jiang Chen opened the communication channel with a grin .

"…I don’t mind . "

The Inner Circle wall was firm . It took four 10 kg level bombs to blow a corner apart .

Seeing the wall had collapsed, Sun Jiao immediately led the 200 soldiers to approach that breaking point . The 6 power armors were responsible as the primary attack force, along with the 8 modified pickup trucks with machine guns attached and thirty-something soldiers with kinetic skeletons . Under air support, the scale of the war was leaning towards Jiang Chen .

"Zhao Gang, lead your people to take out their anti-air machine gun, as well as the anti-air missile . " Jiang Chen continued to order .

"Yes . "

Another 50 something people entered into the Sixth Street .

The wall had been broken . The remaining civil soldiers all entered the Inner Circle for assistance, and the Outer Circle was left completely defenseless . The 50 people quickly took control of the anti-air control center and captured the workers on duty as well as confiscated all communication equipment .

With this, there was nothing that could threaten this Type-51 helicopter .

With the artillery support of this air gunship, the Sun Jiao led ground forces forced their way into the center of the Inner Circle . The people of Dark Red Chamber of Commerce were completely dumbfounded by the force that suddenly joined the fray . Any points of power gathered together would be shredded into pieces by the 10 kg level shell .

"The major street has been captured . " Sun Jiao voice was transmitted to him .

"Continue to push towards the council building," Jiang Chen ordered firmly .


The targets of attack of the Dark Red Chamber of Commerce were the headquarters of all the council members . From the looks of it, at least four council members were killed already .

Only five council members desperately tried to hold their ground .

"How long until your people get here? My side can’t hold any longer . Zhao Chenwu’s voice rang by his ear, along with the noise of a few gunshots mixed in between .

"Very soon… Also, I recommend you open the window, and stay obediently inside your office . "

After he finished speaking, Jiang Chen closed the communication channel . At the same time, he ordered Chu Nan to fly the helicopter over and lower its elevation .

"It’s time for a surgery . "

"Personally, I recommend for Zhao Chenwu to die . By diminishing the old force, our coup is more likely to succeed . " While operating the helicopter, Chu Nan said some formidable points .

"…Perhaps . But there might be other uses for him later . " Jiang Chen signaled Zhou Xiaoxia, who sat quietly across from him .

She didn’t say anything as she stood up and walked to the hatch door .

Chu Nan shrugged as he didn’t continue to try and convince his boss . He simply pressed a button below the control rod .

Auto suspension once again opened . The electric pulse cannon was dragged into the cabin .

Zhou Xiaoxia skillfully took off the sniper rifle on her back and aimed at the building .

The zone scanned by the crosshair had only bodies remain .

Search, fire, bolt, next .

A set of swift actions .

Zhao Chenwu leaning behind his office table hugged his wounded secretary and gestured thank you to Jiang Chen .

Jiang Chen smiled and didn’t say anything . He only held onto the tablet and looked towards the ground .

It was already over .

But this Inner Circle no longer had its formal glory . It has been changed into an entirely different scene .

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