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Chapter 206

The meeting quickly concluded .

No, it was not a meeting . For Jiang Chen didn't discuss anything with them, but rather he announced the plans from today onwards .

Starting today, the Sixth Street will be under a curfew with a duration of at least ten days until the situation was stabilized .

The Council of Ten will be expanded to twenty people, separated into upper house and lower house, which will be represented by influential merchants and industry leaders . The upper house would be represented by merchants with registered assets in the top ten, the lower house would be voted in .

Because the civil group lost more than 80% of its force, partially due to internal corruption, they would dissipate immediately after the weapons are collected . The defense of the Sixth Street would be completely taken over by the Fishbone base .

To avoid similar civil wars from occurring again, Jiang Chen announced that a military government would be instated in the Sixth Street and control the law enforcement military authority . It would also have the right to veto any proposal from the council . The council's rights were strictly limited to law proposal and administration .

As to the head of the military government - the role of the General had naturally fallen on Jiang Chen's shoulders .

The decision to implement monarchy Constitution was also Chu Nan's proposal .

Jiang Chen was surprised to discover that that guy knew quite a lot about politics .

"Although the power of the Group of Ten Council has been cut by more than half in the city center due to the civil war, they should still not be underestimated . Whether it be their reputation in the Sixth Street or the soldiers on the front line . If we could not convince all of them, then we will have to dilute the power in their hands so the small forces in the Outer Circle will stand by our side . We only need to control the military . There is not much difference between direct and indirect control . "

The establishment of the lower house was great news for the small merchants, mercenaries, and hunting groups in the outer circle . Although there was a lot of them, because of the difference among them, they were always pushed outside of the center of power .

Jiang Chen's decision obviously won the support of this minority . Although they wouldn't do anything, it without a doubt stabilized the situation . Along with the deterrence of force, the bigger mercenary forces chose to stay put .

As to the five council members, including Zhao Chenwu, they were forced to accept the "glory chip" injection and became Fishbone's knight .

As to their "cooperation", Jiang Chen highly noted the actions to be taken and promised that he would not misappropriate their assets at the Sixth Street . Also, Jiang Chen divided half of the property of the council members that suffered an unfortunate death as compensation to the remaining members . To some degree, it comforted their displeased mood .

To these ruthless leaders, he had to use this method to control them .

. . .

On the second floor of the council building, an office had been cleared out and transformed into the office of the military government general .

Sitting in front of the table, Sun Jiao held a tablet as she reported their progress in the last few days to Jiang Chen .

"52 Dark Red Chamber of Commerce soldiers were captured and all injected with slavery chips . They were reincorporated into the force stationed at the Shenxiang town colony . The rebels in the city center saw the coup has failed, and one Wanderer tank surrendered to us, while the other three retreated to the Dark Red Chamber of Commerce base outside of the city .

The surrender of the Wanderer tank was a joyful surprise to Jiang Chen!

The use of Meissner effect of electromagnetic reaction armor would almost make the vast majority of metal shell kinetic energy weapons fail . Particle Shields also have a degree of resistance to energy weapons . As the main weapon of the type fifty-two particles, it can turn the vast majority of armored units into scrap .

With the addition of the Wanderer tank, the armor force of the Fishbone base had improved by a level .

"Is there any reaction from the Dark Red Chamber of Commerce military base outside of the city?"

"Not yet . They seemed to have some internal turmoil . Followed by Cao Jinsong's death, the slavery chip injected into his nephew Cao Wei's body had automatically failed . On the distribution of power, Cao Wei and Cao Jinsong's son had a disagreement . "

"Internal disagreement again . . . " Jiang Chen mustered to himself .

"Human minds are not something that could be controlled by the chip . "

Human minds?

Jiang Chen shook his head as he decided not to think about it anymore . He signaled for Sun Jiao to continue .

"From the battlefield along with the warehouse of the Dark Red Chamber of Commerce, we looted ten power armors, 87 kinetic skeletons, and 210 carbon nano armors . Some of the equipment only require minor repairs before it can be used . " A smile emerged on Sun Jiao's face

"There is still better news to come . " A sense of proudness appeared at the tip of Sun Jiao's tongue, she continued, "Acquired assets total a value of 1 . 5 million crystals, as well as one military factory, two pharmaceutical factories, and an organic material power plant . "

Jiang Chen gasped for breath before his face turned ecstatic .

Organic material power plant . One ton of zombie fat would provide one thousand to two thousand watts of electricity . Thirty percent of the Sixth Street's power was generated by this power plant, removing the cost, on average one hundred watts would bring a profit of two crystals . A day's profit was between seven hundred to one thousand crystals .

"How are you going to reward me?" Seeing the excitement on Jiang Chen's face, Sun Jiao flirtatiously blew him a kiss and said coyly .

"Would a kiss be enough?" Jiang Chen smirked .

Sun Jiao gave him a dirty looked as she pouted her mouth, put away the tablet, and complained while briefly stretching .

"Done reporting . So tiring these few days, when are we going to go home?"

"In a few more days . If you are tired, I can give you a massage . " Jiang Chen peeked at the softness that was about to pop out of her clothes as he joked .

Sun Jiao's face was covered by a thin layer of red, but she had a smirk on her face .

She walked in front of the table, and in a seductive position, she sat down on it . Then, with one hand leaning against the table, the other hand's finger gently lifted Jiang Chen's chin, she put her face near his .

"I want it now," the girl said flirtatiously .

"Now? Uh, there is no place here . "

"There is a table right here . I can lie on top . " With a seductive tone, the delicate finger slowly moved onto the table as there was only tenderness in her eyes .

[This devil . . . ]

[In the office?]

Jiang Chen gulped . Just as he was about to succumb to the wild idea and reach his hand uncontrollably for that slightly opened collar-

Knock knock .

The sudden knock came from the door .

Like a cat, Sun Jiao swiftly got off the table and stood still . Jiang Chen also put his hand on the table as if nothing had happened, but his eyebrows twitched .

"Ahem, come in," Jiang Chen said .

The door was pushed open . Cheng Weiguo's loyal face entered Jiang Chen's sight .

Seeing the stern expression on the boss, as well as the displeased look on the "female boss"'s face, he seemed to have realized something as an awkward expression appeared on his face .

"Uh, should I leave now . "

Jiang Chen noticed his expression, and he too felt awkward, but he tried his best to remain composed .

"No need . Important matters first . "

Hearing that, Cheng Weiguo's face also became serious, and he thought, [That's the boss, he puts the important issue first!]

So he quickly explained, "Liuding town has sent an ambassador who wants to meet you . "

Liuding town?

Jiang Chen's eyebrows rose .

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