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Chapter 207

June 16, 2171, the South Sea War erupted . The battlefield was not only limited to the South Sea; it was not even limited to the sea itself .

The flames of war spread across the twelve jurisdictions under PAC's control . The Bohai aircraft carrier fleet had a showdown with Obama's aircraft carrier 30 kilometers west of Jizhou Island, with NATO barely snatching a victory .

The retreating Bohai smashed into Wanghai's port because of nuclear strikes and EMP . Due to it losing its combat power early, it became one of the vessels best preserved after the war .

A satirical ending .

Because of funding problems, the World Alliance Organization leading the order after the war didn't repair the Bohai . Instead, it permitted survivors from migrating . Then, they fired the space colonization ship from Kennedy Space Center, Plesetsk Space launch position, Jiuquan Launch Center . The World Alliance Organization was officially dissolved, the subsequent nuclear winter along with a series of critical events occurred . The people being deserted went through the initial suspension before finally choosing to unite together . . .

This is the history of Liuding town .

If the pieces of history were described in detail, it would be an epic no less than one million words .

"To put it in simple terms, all kinds of interesting people gathered there . There were "locals" like those who had entered the boat when I was young, NATO soldiers that gave up their nationalities, the suckers that didn't go into fallout shelters, and "pre-war" people from the fallout shelter that opened early .

He cracked a smile as Chu Nan dragged the control rod and casually chatted with Jiang Chen who sat in the passenger seat .

"What's life there like?" Jiang Chen asked, but his gaze was focused on what was outside the window .

"So so . Because I was a pilot, my salary was reasonable . If I save the money for alcohol, I can eat a meal of sardines a week . That thing tasted pretty good with a low level of mutation . Also, on the deserted armory in the aircraft carrier, with only ten crystals, you can find a rather attractive girl to sleep with you . "

Hearing that, Chu Nan smiled reminiscently .

The third day on routine patrol .

The nuclear crater, like a horrifying scar, pierced the land within the Inner Circle .

Teams of cleaning personnel in orange protective suits carried a wide box with a thin hose in their hands, walked among the shambles while spraying radiation cleaner at things .

For local radiation, this radiation cleaner was quite effective . With only a spray, it would neutralize the radioactive element on the surface .

At the same time, it was complicated to manufacture with an expensive price tag . The World Alliance government did manufacture a batch, but for the radiation that covered the entire world, it was rather futile .

If it were not for the tightly packed Inner Circle where land was valuable, Jiang Chen would not have permitted the usage of the expensive radiation cleaner .

Since it was his territory now, he would have to allow the radiation to return to normal before the construction team could restart the rebuilding process .

"I am asking about industrial capability, as well as the military force, you know . "

"The military is primarily comprised of an air force, with artillery assisting . As to industrial? Liuding doesn't have any industrial capabilities . It doesn't need any industrial capabilities . " Chu Nan laughed .

He paused for a moment before he continued, "The Beer Cap company is Liuding town's factory . They possess tremendous industrial capabilities and produce all kinds of bombs, shells, and aircraft missiles, as well as heavy machinery . There are some smaller survival camps spread out on the wasteland that transport goods to Liuding town .

"Is the only specialty from Liuding sardines?" Jiang Chen smiled .

"Of course not . A fair amount of mutant fish have rather "mild" changes; the crystal number is also stable . The income from fishing is not only the fish meat but also the sesame sized crystals on the fishbone . Also, there is the chip production industry, without the need for a significant amount of space, the raw materials were also easy to obtain by the side the sea, but these are not the important points . "

Chu Nan mysteriously smiled as he looked at Jiang Chen dubiously .

"The most luxurious casino and brothel on the wasteland are there . There are all kinds of tricks and games you can play, also very magical . A lot of merchants from Su city and Hang city visit because of the name as they hand over their hard earned crystals willingly while having the time of their life . "

"Then it's a great place, have you tried it before?"

"No, I am only a cheap pilot," Chu Nan shrugged as he said helplessly .

"Other than this?"

"And artillery agreement . "

"Artillery agreement?' Jiang Chen raised his eyebrows .

"That's right, that's also part of Liuding's business . " The patrol was over . Chu Nan controlled the helicopter while pressing a few buttons as they started to make their return .

"Bohai's electromagnetic cannon has a range of 500 kilometers . Therefore it can fire from the outskirts of Long River to Luzhou . Of course, the further the distance, the higher the cost, and the lower the accuracy . But it can easily strike targets in Wanghai .


"One 100 kg level bomb costs 2000 crystals . It could be used on any small force, not within the artillery agreement . As to the artillery agreement, there is a fee of 10000 crystals per month . "

"What, that is like asking for a protection fee," Jiang Chen cursed .

"It is a protection fee . So the reason they come to the Sixth Street is evident," Chu Nan said nonchalantly .

"Did the Sixth Street pay them before?"

"No, because Disaster-32, that belonged to Zhao Corporation, could send them into the deep sea without the ability to defend at all, and the five Wanderer tank of the Dark Red Chamber of Commerce could also cut off their supplies . . . But now, these things seem to be gone . The only remaining Wanderer tank could be counted as a chip on the table, but it doesn't provide deterrence anymore . "

The civil war had cost all the trap cards of the Group of Ten council . It also cost the firm stance of the Sixth Street .

The trap cards were not only there to create a balance of power, but it also deterred the external enemies .

"Do you think I should agree to the artillery agreement?" Jiang Chen nonchalantly laughed .

To be honest, if it was not for the fact that the Fishbone hasn't trained an experienced pilot, Jiang Chen really wanted to move Chu Nan into a managing role . A helicopter pilot was too limiting for his ability . Considering their take over of the Sixth Street alone, regardless of the decision of stabilizing the situation, Chu Nan offered him a lot of help .

"Of course not, although ten thousand crystals were nothing to the Sixth Street, that doesn't mean we need to lower our heads to them . "

"Oh? We have other trap cards?"

"Of course . " Chu Nan smiled, "Did the boss forget, what did we use to destroy the mutated humans?"

"That big firework?" Jiang Chen burst out laughing, "that thing might not be enough for aircraft carriers . "

The technical content of the "ballistic missile" was too low . If it were not for the mutated humans being too careless with the construction of their base, a missile would not take out over half of their force .

Anti-missile technology before the war was extremely advanced . Basic ones included radar lock on and laser anti-missile . The reason Disaster-32 was strong because it could render the most anti-missile system useless .

If that missile were used to smash Liuding town, before it could land, it would be shot down by the anti-air laser cannon .

"Of course it was for hitting the Liuding town aircraft, we only need to aim at Liuding town's alliance . " Chu Nan shook his head, "For example the Beer Cap company, they could produce 100 kg level bombs, but it doesn't mean they can equally produce the matching electromagnetic cannon . Under the protection of Liuding town, they never developed a strong military force . "

"Without their alliances, Liuding town is only a dead boat . "

Hearing that, Jiang Chen laughed out loud as he patted Chu Nan's shoulder with force .

"Not bad . Also, something else, do you have an interest being the governor of the Sixth Street? I am starting to realize that some of your other abilities are much better than controlling a helicopter . "

"Are you hiddenly telling me that I suck at piloting?" Chu Nan made a funny expression as he joked .

"Of course not, I am serious . "

"Mhmm, you are the boss, I will listen to your order . But to be honest, rather than becoming the governor of the Sixth Street, I want to become Liuding's governor more . "

He wasn't joking .

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