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Chapter 209

The next morning .

Jiang Chen and Miss Tang Miya walked out of Paradise Island hotel together .

They chatted and laughed as they walked along . Then, Jiang Chen nobly sent her to the gate of the Sixth Street .

If it were not for the people seeing them coming out of the hotel together, no one would have guessed what happened before .

But if people observed carefully, both of the powerful individuals had minor dark circles under their eyes, it seemed like they didn't sleep well last night .

Of course, what happens at the top of the pyramid, the people below don't need to know .

As to the rumors, it will fade eventually .

"Was it enjoyable last night?" Jiang Chen grinned as he mocked her .

"You are better than the sex robot . " The tip of Tang Miya's mouth curved up as she replied in the same mocking tone .

"Haha, I'll take that as a compliment . "

Jiang Chen without many boundaries would not refuse seduction, especially if it were in his own territory .

Therefore, last night he gladly accepted Tang Miya's invitation as he hooked up with the queen from Liuding town .

The intimacy happened last night, was no different than the negotiation on the conference table, both parties searching for what they want .

Being able to thrust into the body of a boss level person made Jiang Chen feel the "conquering" sensation . At the same time, also as a person of importance, she enjoyed the sensation of "being conquered" as she hadn't experienced it for a long time .

But that enjoyment will only last until morning . The two both chose to keep quiet on the details of last night .

Just like Jiang Chen had his mistresses .

As the boss of force, the owner behind Lucky 32 Casino Miss Tang Miya, also possessed her own lovers .

"What a pity, it would be better if you are a nobody . " Before she was about to leave, Tang Miya gently used her finger to lift up Jiang Chen's chin as her eyes narrowed .

"If I am a nobody, is there any benefits to you?" Jiang Chen squeezed her hand with a smirk as he moved her finger away .

With her hand held, she did not blush at all . Her shamelessness was no less than Jiang Chen's . With a mischevious smile, she said, "Then I could make you one of my lovers . "

With her invasive speech, Jiang Chen only smiled noncommittally .

[Funny, although my boundary is a bit gray, I don't have that kind of fetish . ]

Ceremonially they said goodbye as Tang Miya along with her bodyguard disappeared among the ruins .

Looking at her figure disappearing into the horizon while remembering her final words, Jiang Chen uncontrollably shivered .

Although he just imagined it, the idea was a bit disgusting for a man .

. . .

After returning to the Inner Circle, Jiang Chen found Chu Nan who was cleaning the helicopter on the helicopter pad .

"Was it thrilling last night?" Chu Nan laughed mischievously as he closed the hose shut .

"How did you guess?" Jiang Chen shrugged .

"The owner of Lucky 32 Casino, Miss Tang Miya . Her unique hobby is no news in Liuding town . " Chu Nan threw the mop on the helicopter's back wing, clapped his hands, and looked at Jiang Chen . "Since she already hooked up with you, then the negotiation must be successful?"

"You could say that . Also, she didn't mention the artillery agreement, your guess seems to be off . " Jiang Chen smiled .

With eyebrows slightly raised, Chu Nan held his chin pondering for a moment .

"Is that so? It looks like they chose the more cautious way . "


"Mhmm . Perhaps because she realized from the interaction between you that your firm stance would mean you would never compromise, therefore Tang Miya didn't bring up the proposal that obviously would be rejected, but rather she brought up the genuine desire to cooperate . "

"That's something she can see through?" Jiang Chen laughed .

"Tang Miya is a smart woman . Or else she wouldn't be managing Lucky 32 to perfection . "

Chu Nan paused before he continued to speak .

"On the other hand, they might also be cautious about the force behind you . "

"Fishbone Food Corporation?" Jiang Chen pondered .

It was only an elaborate lie, but since the food he brought out became evidence to support its existence, it made everyone believe its existence .

Other than the most intimate people, no one knew that it is a fictitious creation, not even his own citizens .

Although he didn't need it anymore .

"If you could pardon my rudeness, boss, is your identity really just a representative?"

"Does it matter?" Jiang Chen smiled noncommittally .

"From the bystander's perspective, your identity is more like the boss of the Fishbone Food Corporation . And Fishbone base, rather than a supply station, is more similar to a military outpost . "

Hearing that, Jiang Chen's eyes slightly moved .

"Regardless, since I already settled the fact this military outpost exists, even if people want to touch it, they no longer have the ability to . "

"That's right because they are fearful . " Chu Nan smiled, "Because they don't know the real power of the company behind you . Did they help to occupy the Sixth Street, what's the purpose and intention of entering Wanghai City . Because of the lack of information, it forces them to use a cautionary attitude . "

"Because of this, they should already have considered the mutated people of the Seventh area would somewhat pose a hindrance to our growth . If we accepted the artillery agreement, then we would definitely use electromagnetic cannon against the mutated human . If we easily solved the mutated human problem, it would be against the interest of Liuding town . Rather than the income of ten thousand crystals, they would much rather see mutated human and our struggle for power and hurting each other . "

. . .

Thinking about Chu Nan's words, Jiang Chen returned to the council building .

Regardless, Liuding's attitude was rather friendly, the mutated human at the Seventh area didn't make any moves either .

In this case, his force in the apocalypse had finally entered a relatively peaceful period .

He only needed to choose someone to represent him for the Sixth Street affairs, Fishbone base is his core . After leaving for so long, it was time for him to go back .

Back in the office, he saw the pouting Sun Jiao waiting .

His expression looked rather awkward since last night . . .

"Was it fun last night?" Sun Jiao smiled with not the friendliest of smiles .

Jiang Chen forced a laugh as he embarrassedly scratched his head, looking away .

Sun Jiao's mouth pouted unhappily .

"There is still a small apple you haven't eaten yet, and you are picking fruit on another side . "

The small apple referred to Yao Yao .

"Sorry . "

Jiang Chen knew there was no use saying anything as he chose to admit fault, he also walked up to hug Sun Jiao .

Feeling his body heat, a red hue covered Sun Jiao's face .

With her expression showing a momentary confliction, she finally let out a sigh and gave up persisting this topic .

"Let's talk about some important matters . When do we go back? I am worried . . . about her condition . "

That her was obviously referring to Sun Xiaorou .

Because it was too dangerous, she was still locked up inside the basement .

Speaking of her own sister, Sun Jiao also gave Jiang Chen a hard and dirty look .

"Ahem, the day after tomorrow, I'll do my best to finish taking care of everything . "

Jiang Chen, knowing he lost the high ground, chose to shamelessly avoid Sun Jiao's eyes of blame as he quickly finished saying everything he needed to before fleeing from the scene .

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