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Chapter 210

The cleaning of radiation was almost complete .

As to the suddenly erupted and quickly ended civil war, the survivors living in the Sixth Street reacted calmly to the situation; the passersby also didn't cause any trouble .

The new insurgent, with thunderous momentum, stabilized the chaotic situation .

Other than the ten people at the top who changed seats, for most of the people living in the Outer Circle, life didn't really change .

As to death .

People died every day on the wasteland .

"I always thought I am great at understanding people, but I guess I was wrong this time . " Zhao Chenwu let out a sigh as he sat across from Jiang Chen .

"Do you regret anything?" Jiang Chen smiled .

Zhao Chenwu was silent .

Seeing that he didn't respond, Jiang Chen didn't mind, but rather he poured a cup of hot water for himself .

Then, he took out a small plastic bag from his pocket as he ripped it open, then slowly poured the fine brown powder inside the steamy cup .

Looking at the dark brown mixture, Zhao Chenwu's eyes widened as he uncontrollably gulped .

"At our place, this is called coffee . "

"Of course I know . " Zhao Chenwu's tone sounded urgent .

"Do you still regret it now?" Jiang Chen laughed .

Zhao Chenwu looked at Jiang Chen not understanding his meaning .

Seeing the expression on Zhao Chenwu's face, Jiang Chen laughed, and then took out something else .

The white cube, in Zhao Chenwu's widened eyes, was dropped into the fragrant coffee .

"You have a lot of good things," Zhao Chenwu difficultly squeezed out these words .

"That's right . " Jiang Chen shrugged as he said lightheartedly, "Some things I was afraid of bringing out, but now I don't have as much to worry about . "

"Are you really a representative?" Zhao Chenwu said with a bitter smile .

"You are the second person that ask me this question . . . But what I want to say is that what I am is not important . The important thing is, as long as you work for me, I can provide you with all of these . " Jiang Chen smiled .

"Provide to you?" Zhao Chenwu was dumbfounded as he looked at Jiang Chen in disbelief .

"That's right . " Jiang Chen was straightforward, "Food, sugar, coffee, tea, as well as other similar things . I will provide you a batch every month and you'll be responsible for selling them for me . The right to sell food is in your hands . I won't interrupt your business and I will only send some people to provide assistance in accounting . "

"I don't understand, these things would be popular anywhere on the wasteland, why would you give it to me to do?" Zhao Chenwu didn't understand .

"Because I trust your ability, I want to see my product appear in every corner of the wasteland . "

Hearing that, Zhao Chenwu's expression turned peculiar as he had an odd smile on his face .

"I can't believe that not long ago, we were still partners, now, I am working under you . "

"That's up to your interpretation . As long as you maintain your "coolness," then Zhao Corporation still belongs to you . The purpose of a "chain" is to prevent similar things from happening again . Our relationship can still be interpreted as a partnership, and it is a much closer partnership . " Jiang Chen smiled .

Zhao Chenwu paused for a moment before he burst out laughing and extended his hand .

"Then best of luck to both of us . "

Holding his hand, Jiang Chen smiled .

"Best of luck to both of us . "

The food trade specifics were quickly nailed down . The Fishbone was responsible for providing the supplies, Zhao Corporation was responsible for creating trade routes to send the goods to the corners of the wasteland, then bringing back other goods or crystals .

The profit would be divided 30 to 70 with Zhao Corporation taking home 30% . The current trade boundary would be expanded to the nearby Su City and Hang City with trade commencing this spring .

With the electronic agreement, Zhao Chenwu left Jiang Chen's office feeling jubilant .

Fan Chen waiting at the door let out a sigh of relief when he saw the expression on his colleague's face .

Jiang Chen shouldn't be difficult to talk to or Zhao Chenwu wouldn't be this happy .

As he thought, the fat guy knocked on the office door before walking inside .

Sitting across from Jiang Chen, Fan Chen hesitated for a moment before he asked in a low voice .

"What does the general need from me?"

Although Jiang Chen didn't put his hands on their assets and even divided some more interests to them, no one felt relaxed because of it .

The reason was that they were all injected with that chip .

Now that the situation has stabilized, Jiang Chen didn't make moves at their wallet . But what about in the future? Who could promise that he wouldn't slowly take over the crystals and factories in their hands and then secretly get rid of them?

That thing was originally meant for slaves, the people with it cannot defy at all .

These council members at the top never thought that thing would be used on them one day .

"Don't be so nervous, have a cup of coffee first?" Jiang Chen smiled amiably as he made him a cup of coffee .

Looking at the coffee in front of him, Fan Chen's expression was even more vibrant than Zhao Chenwu's, the widened eyes were almost about to pop out .

The hand holding onto the cup trembled as he excitedly put his lips to the cup and took a sip .

The taste that has been long gone .

"I finally understand why that guy Zhao Chenwu was so emotional when he walked out . " Fan Chen let out a sigh as he smiled bitterly .

Thinking about the continuous partnership between Zhao Corporation and Fishbone base, even thinking with his butt, the two-parties must have reached some agreement .

"Haha, I believe you will be more emotional by the time you walk out the door . " Jiang Chen laughed .

Fan Chen's face had astonishment written on it as he sat straight up, but then he slumped back, forcing a smile .

"It wouldn't be the food business . Two food sellers competing would offer much less profit than a monopoly . "

Jiang Chen smiled as he took a sip of his own coffee .

"Although it is not the food business, the profit margin is not any lower . "

Hearing this, Fan Chen looked interested .

"Oh? What business is it?"

"The rebuilding of the Sixth Street Inner Circle, I will contract you everything," Jiang Chen softly released this mega bomb .

Fan Chen's eyes opened wide as he looked at Jiang Chen in disbelief .


"What, are you not confident?" Jiang Chen smiled .

"That would require a lot of money . . . " Fan Chen said difficulty .

"Don't worry, there will be funds . " Jiang Chen put down the cup as his finger crossed, "The building destroyed in the civil war will be paid for by the assets of the Dark Red Chamber of Commerce, totaling one and a half million crystals . Based on the progress of construction, for every 10% completed, 10% of the fund will be paid out . "


Fan Chen accepted without hesitation, the tense expression he had was as if he was afraid Jiang Chen would take back his decision .

Jiang Chen smiled without saying another word as he took out the electronic agreement .

After carefully confirming the terms of the agreement, Fan Chen pressed his finger on it .

"To be honest, I am confused . " Putting away the contract, Fan Chen couldn't resist the temptation to ask .

"What are you confused about?" Throwing the contract in his pocket, Jiang Chen sunk into his chair as he said amiably .

After debating for a moment, Fan Chen still spoke out with his head lowered .

"If I were in power, I would confiscate all the other council members' asset . "

"The reason why I want you merchants to have a seat at the table is that it is too difficult for me to rule this piece of land, you can just be a good merchant from now on . "

"Do you not love wealth?" Fan Chen forced a smile .

Just as he said those words, in his shocking sight, Jiang Chen suddenly burst out laughing .

"The entire Sixth Street is mine, is there a difference whether the crystal is for me?"

History had proved countless times whether the corporation should be governed by an individual or a collective group .

Rather than hoarding crystals, Jiang Chen would rather hand out the small profits .

It was not only a technique to gain people's loyalty .

More importantly, under the motivation for profit, these ambitious merchants would naturally expand and conquer for him .