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Chapter 211

The five council members were all called upon separately to Jiang Chen's office . When they left, all of them left with a happy expression .

What would have taken two days of arguments around the roundtable, Jiang Chen used a few sentences to solve .

The food trade was controlled by Zhao Corporation . From today on, they'll start to hire workers from the Outer Circle as well as guards . At the same time, they'll order from the mechanical repair factory in the industrial area . The order totaled to twenty modified trucks with crystals as the energy source for the transportation vehicles of the goods . These trucks would be modified at Zhao Chenwu's firearm factory with heavy machineguns attached on top, the exterior being wielded with steel armor and parts .

Jiang Chen remembered a sentence Zhao Chenwu told him when he took him on tour: "Unless it was a proposal passed by the Sixth Street council would my factory start producing these hard to take care of things . "

Now that there was no more trouble; the damn roundtable was smashed in half . The council no longer discussed these annoying problems and Jiang Chen's words were the law . When control was in one person's hands, there would be no comical proposals to keep him in check .

Ten T-3 power armor orders with a total price of one hundred and ten thousand crystals would be completed by next March . Jiang Chen paid 20% upfront to Zhao Chenwu, Zhao Chenwu will use this funding to expand the production line and hire more workers .

At the same time, Jiang Chen notified Zhao Chenwu to emphasize Zhao Corporation's weapon research to focus on new power armor types . They must develop a more mobile, higher load, and more powerful T-4 power armor .

Not only Zhao Corporation, the other four council members all received their own benefits .

Fan Chen's metal shell Chamber of Commerce acquired the project to rebuild the damaged buildings in the Inner Circle as well as repairing the damages to the wall . At the same time, Jiang Chen gave him the project to connect Fishbone Base to the Sixth Street's electric grid .

Lu Yun's Shoreline company, who previously sold small items before the civil war and traded with Su city and Hang city, had a small portion of the pharmaceutical market . Unfortunately, the nuclear explosion in the Inner Circle almost wiped out half of his stores . Although the rebuild fee would be paid by Crimson Chamber of Commerce's assets, the products he lost during the nuclear explosion were not included as part of the compensation scheme .

But just at the brink of bankruptcy, Jiang Chen helped him . He organized all the pieces of lands together and assigned him a large plot of land to aid in his business transformation - building the biggest entertainment city on the wasteland with casinos, hotels, as well as special services .

Hua Weijie's star technology company still maintained its original business focus - to digest and improve the pre-war technology . But Jiang Chen gave him a research direction - Type-51 Transport Helicopter .

The Sixth Street didn't develop their air force, part of the reason being that they never acquired the technology before the war . The other reason being the comical balance of power . "Because I don't have the helicopter, therefore you are not allowed to research . Therefore I will group up with the eight other people to sanction you . "

Now that the problem didn't exist anymore, Jiang Chen prepaid Hua Weijie twenty thousand crystals as funding for the upgrade of research equipment and hiring teams to explore pre-war facilities to gather information .

Other than the four council members mentioned above, even Kong Zhe, who first stood up to oppose Jiang Chen in the initial meeting, gained something out of this . Jiang Chen, putting aside their history, made this guy who was living anxiously for the past few days graciously express his gratitude . However, Jiang Chen really didn't care about this appreciation as he used a casual voice to tell him that, as long as he is obedient, there will be things to gain out of it .

Now that the Sixth Street was back on track, it was time to go back to the Fishbone base as that's where his core operations lie .

The helicopter was left there . The star technology company's technologists will use equipment to scan the helicopter and acquire the needed technical data .

Chu Nan, as the pilot, was obviously left behind on the Sixth Street . Considering that the restructure of the council to the upper and lower house would still require coordination, Jiang Chen granted Chu Nan as his representative to perform part of the duties as the general . He also left two hundred soldiers behind to maintain order .

After taking care of these things, Jiang Chen took the remaining soldiers and left the Sixth Street .

"Finally get to go home . " On the way, Sun Jiao lazily stretched .

"That's right, finally going home . " Jiang Chen smiled as he looked at the underground entrance .

The underground tunnel modified with the cooperation of Zhao Chenwu now belonged completely to Jiang Chen; with elite soldiers wielding kinetic skeletons guarding the entrance .

When they saw Jiang Chen and Sun Jiao approach, the five soldiers on duty saluted and opened the gate to the tunnel .

"Speaking of this, a lot happened in this half a year . "

Walking on the dry concrete road, Sun Jiao abruptly started talking .

"That's right . "

"Is that the only thing you can say?" Sun Jiao pouted her mouth as she gave a dirty look to Jiang Chen .

Jiang Chen laughed as he naturally held onto her hand .

Sun Jiao's face turned red but quickly returned to normal .

"You are blushing?"

"No . "

"We have done it so many times - Ahh, is your zodiac a cat?" Jiang Chen painfully shook his right hand as he exaggeratedly blew on his hand .

This girl pinched him .

After spending so long together, he almost forgot that she was a "lunatic' with a muscle strength of 44 . Although the thin arms did not show any signs of muscle .

Sun Jiao stared at him in embarrassment .

"Why are you saying this here?"

Sun Jiao glanced in the front as there were no signs of the team anymore .

Leading in the front was Cheng Weiguo, as to the two people "intentionally" lagging behind, that guy understandingly took the forty-something soldiers and moved at a faster pace, leaving the quiet space to them .

"Ahem, they are all gone . " Jiang Chen with a grin put his arm around her waist .

She didn't resist against Jiang Chen's intimate action as they walked in the not-so-romantic underground tunnel .

Compared to the first time they walked inside, this place has been completely changed .

The wall was covered with luminescent stripes that emitted cold blue lights which lit up the pitch black underground . The river flowing with dirty water had been blocked already with a layer of Polyethylene alloy separator . The outlets were blocked by polyethylene boards which stopped the possibility of bandits or cannibals from entering .

"What is your EP indicators now?"

"Why are you asking about it?"

"I just want to see, do I have the ability to forcefully do you," Jiang Chen asked in a half-joking voice .

Hearing that, Sun Jiao's face turned red again, but it was soon changed into a smirk as she displayed the EP on her arm .

[User Name: Sun Jiao

Muscle strength: 49

Bone strength: 67

Reflex: 50

Brain cell strength: 13]

. . .

"Gasp-, wait, I remember you were 44, 61, 40?"

Staring at the screen, Jiang Chen said in complete shock .

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