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Chapter 213

When he walked out of the elevator, Jiang Chen was greeted by the thunderous applause of all the survivors at the Fishbone base .

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The snow was thick and cold, but it didn't cool off the people's energy by the slightest .

A girl even gifted Jiang Chen with flowers .

The first groups of survivors that joined the base were all refugees from the Sixth Street . They suffered from hunger, disease, and were looked down upon as they struggled to survive . It was fair to say that they don't have the slightest positive impression of the Group of Ten council . Although they have nothing to do with the Sixth Street anymore, Jiang Chen becoming the new owner of the Sixth Street made them feel proud and avenged .

Jiang Chen waved back at the crowd with a smile before entering the community center along with Sun Jiao .

When they entered the supply management office, Jiang Chen found manager Wang Qin .

"All the compensation to the Black Blood Mercenaries have been paid out, a total of 11000 crystals . Because he was afraid that his base would be affected by the civil war, Luo Yang has already taken his people back to the Sixth Street . As to the trade with Liuding town, he left a representative to delegate with us .

Jiang Chen nodded at Wang Qin's report .

The food business for the Sixth Street as well as other areas were all given to Zhao Chenwu . As to Liuding town, because of the trade agreement with Tang Miya, Jiang Chen hired the Black Blood Mercenaries and Luo Yang would be responsible for escorting the food to the aircraft and then transporting back the crystals and chips .

As to the specifics, Jiang Chen left it to Wang Qin to worry about . He trusted that in this field of expertise, her experience was more than enough .

On the other hand, there were around one hundred survivors that joined the Fishbone base with the majority being survivors from Qingpu, and some were even from Songjiang area, near Qingpu .

For the newly joined survivors, Jiang Chen had a welcoming attitude but was worried by Fishbone's housing limitation . The expansion of the Fishbone base has also slowed due to increased construction of the defense line near Taifu river .

But following the decrease of pressure from the mutated humans, Lu Huasheng brought the construction team back to the base . It won't be long until the housing problem is resolved .

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"Did Luo Yang say anything before he left?"

Pondering this for a moment, Wang Qin said in a quiet voice .

"He said you are cunning but deceitful . "

Jiang Chen immediately burst out laughing .

"I'll take that as a compliment then . "

If he heard the news of the civil war, he would do anything to bring his people back to the Sixth Street .

Although 70 something people was not a lot, they were all experienced . With the 70 something mercenaries, he could have easily gotten more compared to the 11000 crystals .

After arranging the related tasks, Jiang Chen walked out of the office and together with Sun Jiao, who was waiting outside, went to the mansion .

After the interrogation, Sun Xiaorou has been locked in the basement . If it were a stranger, it would be okay, but she was Sun Jiao’s younger sister . Considering his relationship with Sun Jiao, this Sun Xiaorou could be regarded as his sister-in-law .

"What is your plan for my sister?" On the way to the basement, Sun Jiao asked in a quiet voice .

"… To be honest, I don’t know . "

Sun Jiao gently bit her lips as she wanted to say something, but nothing ended up coming out .

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Jiang Chen peeked at the side of Sun Jiao’s face and didn’t stay anything either .

The two walked to the basement in silence as they pushed open the door .

"The pervert is finally back?"

Lin Lin sat in front of the computer with her eyes focused on the screen while saying it without turning her head .

Before they headed to the frontline, Jiang Chen asked her to investigate why Sun Xiaorou lost her childhood memory, or even why she doesn’t remember Sun Jiao as a person . He then related it to the zeal without reasoning for the religion and suspected she had been brainwashed or experienced hypnosis before .

Jiang Chen ignored Lin Lin badmouthing him as he glanced at the Sun Xiaorou floating in the nutrient chamber .

"Did you figure anything out?"

A proud smile flashed across Lin Lin’s face as she pressed a few buttons .

"Of course, who do you think I am . "

A brain shaped full sensory visual was projected out, Lin Lin stood up from the chair and walked beside the visual .

‘Using special equipment to scan, I found a Nano chip in her hippocampus . Its purpose was to block the nervous system from extracting information from the hippocampus which would act as a seal to her childhood memory . "

As Lin Lin said this, she clicked on the full sensory visual as she magnified the chip hidden in her brain .

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"Is there a way to remove this chip?" Jiang Chen said gently .

"Of course, but it will be complicated…" Lin Lin let out a sigh .

Seeing that the always cocky digitalized human scientist express her concern, Sun Jiao turned anxious as she grabbed onto Lin Lin’s shoulder, pleading her .

"There are still ways, right? Please, I don’t want my sister to become someone’s puppet . If there is anything I can do to help, tell me and I will do my best –"

She was slightly uncomfortable being stared at by Sun Jiao’s pleading eyes . Her face turned slightly red as she looked away and interrupted her in a small voice .

"The chip has been in her brain since she was young . In the case that the chip can be removed without damaging her brain, even with the pre-war medical conditions, there would be no guarantee, especially here…"

"So what options do we have?" Jiang Chen asked calmly .

"The easiest way is to find the person who implanted the chip, release the control, and make the chip eternally dormant . "

"Could it not be taken down by an EMP?" Jiang Chen couldn’t help but ask .

Hearing that, Lin Lin felt exasperated .

"When the size of the device and the sensor is much smaller than the wavelength of the microwave, the microwave frequency cannot be coupled to the device with sufficient energy to cause damage . " The electromagnetic pulse on the nano-level electronic components is invalid… How did you learn your physics, aren’t you a university student on the other side?"

Jiang Chen’s face turned red as he tried to argue back .

"We don’t learn those things on that side?"

Sun Jiao stared at her sister in the nutrient chamber as she suddenly spoke out .

"As long as I catch the person that implanted the chip right?"

"Even if he was caught, I don’t think he would easily give up control . " Jiang Chen raised his eyebrows as he was also troubled .

"Then I will force him to give it . " A grimace flashed across Sun Jiao’s face as her tightly clenched fists shook with anger .

Looking at the expression on Sun Jiao’s face, Jiang Chen let out a sigh .

Seems like a war with the Dusk was inevitable, though there was no possibility of having a peaceful resolution to begin with .

"I will help you . " Jiang Chen held onto Sun Jiao’s fist as he gently comforted her .

"Mhmm . " Sun Jiao’s face was covered in a red hue as she buried her head .

Lin Lin pouted her lips .

Her heart began to beat faster out of displeasure from seeing the two display affection while completely ignoring her .  

Wait, how could a mechanical heart start beating faster .

Lin Lin was shocked . But just when she realized this, her body's control was already taken over by the "guest" in her body .

"Ahhhh! Quick, help me, I can’t control the power in my body!"