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Chapter 214

Lin Lin was bent over with her arms clutching her stomach as her body began to shake violently .

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Just from her posture and tone, she looked like an anime character .

"What's going on?" Jiang Chen was alerted, but before he could react, Lin Lin already moved .

Like a jaguar, Lin Lin leapt at Sun Jiao .

With no time to guard herself, Sun Jiao was pushed onto the ground with her back against the floor . Lin Lin sat on top of her waist, her eyes shone with a hollow and ominous red light .

"What do you want to do!" Sun Jiao blocked Lin Lin's arm as she said furiously .

But seeing the redness from her eyes, Sun Jiao suddenly realized .

It was not Lin Lin, but rather the Tingting in her body .

"Mine," A hollow voice said .

"What are you even saying?" Sun Jiao's face was bloated as she locked onto Tingting's hands .

The digitalized human's strength was surprisingly high . With Sun Jiao's power, she couldn't push it away . Seeing Lin Lin's usual timid look, it was hard to imagine that the body possessed this massive amount of power . Tingting for some strange reasons was enraged .

Jiang Chen immediately rushed over when he saw Sun Jiao being pushed down to the floor; his hands hugged Lin Lin in an attempt to drag her away from Sun Jiao .

The scene was chaotic .

At the same time, Yao Yao, who has been sending food to Lin Lin suddenly opened the door as she brought the delicious meal in .

Then she saw the two twisting on the ground "fighting" and the cute loli was immediately shocked as she froze in place not knowing what to do .

"What, what happened?"

Jiang Chen with the corner his eye noticed the small rabbit slippers . He then turned his head just enough to look at Yao Yao and through his heavy breathing, asked for help .

"Yao Yao, help me, bring that tranquilizer over . . . Oh no, bring that static device over . "

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"Okay!" Yao Yao fiercely nodded her head as she put the dishes on the table and then ran to the operating table, frantically searching for the equipment .

"I, I don't know which one it is!" Yao Yao who couldn't find it was about to cry out of anxiousness .

"F*ck, I can't take this anymore!" Sun Jiao's face turned a dark red as she began to swear, "Can I take her apart?"

[Is this considered chaos among the concubines?]

As Jiang Chen, with a mixture of emotions, was trying to comfort Sun Jiao while doing everything he can to control the enraged Lin Lin .

But suddenly, Lin Lin's actions stopped, but the red light in her eyes was even brighter .

Jiang Chen was alerted .

"Dammit, it's the Klein particle beam!"

"Then help me get her away!"

Sun Jiao didn't know what the Klein particle beam was, but Jiang Chen had seen the power of it, it was just that he didn't know if it is effective on humans . . .

Jiang Chen gritted his teeth as his eyes were covered with a layer of red dots .


His strength exploded by 20 points .


Lin Lin's face was suddenly flushed red as the pressure around her chest made all her power go away for a moment . Falling backward, she was dragged away by Jiang Chen .

Under the critical situation, Jiang Chen didn't notice what he had grabbed onto . Seeing that Lin Lin finally got off of Sun Jiao's body, he immediately deactivated fury, but before he could gather a breath, a beam of red light scathed by his forehead and shot at the ceiling .

The highly penetrative Klein particle didn't leave any traces on the wall, but it instantly destroyed all the electronics in the room as the light immediately turned dark .

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"Ahhh . " The basement suddenly turning dark made Yao Yao drop the static device in her hand .

Sun Jiao stood up breathing heavily, she moved her body around, and fiercely started at the Lin Lin paralyzed in Jiang Chen's arms .

Because the circuit was destroyed, the nutrient chamber initiated emergency protocol .

The door slowly opened as the nutrients spilled all over the ground, Sun Xiaorou slowly fell onto the ground .

Seeing that, Jiang Chen silently took out his pistol .

The EP was broken, he could not control the mechanical arm on Sun Xiaorou . If she striked at this time, then he had to shoot her limps .

Sun Jiao also blankly stared at Sun Xiaorou on the ground .

Under her vision, Sun Xiaorou's lips moved, and her mouth gradually opened .

The nutrients emitted a luminescent light . With the help of the light in blurring her vision, she looked at Sun Jiao .

"Sis . . . Sister?"

. . .

Jiang Chen took out the graphene memory card from the previous EP as he replaced it with a new one .

The Klein particle seems to have destroyed the chip in Sun Xiaorou's head, which was a happy surprise .

Seeing the sisters hug, Jiang Chen had a genuine smile on his face .

But things were never this simple .

After recollecting her memory, Sun Xiaorou seemed to have entered some kind of dismay, her childhood memory suddenly surfacing shocked her current memory .

As if two people were fighting in her head . One represented her memory in the fallout shelter, while the other was the memory instilled in her at the Dusk .

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The exact symptom was that her expression was frightening at times, while gentle else wise . She hid between the arms of Sun Jiao as her body trembled uncontrollably .

But one thing was clear when she saw Jiang Chen, her expression remained in fear . . .

[Umm, maybe he went overboard last time?]

Jiang Chen thought awkwardly .

The damage on the mind would have to be left to time to heal . . . Of course, Jiang Chen didn't refer to the interrogation .

For safety purposes, Jiang Chen closed the functionality of her left mechanical arm .

To leave time for the sisters, Jiang Chen held onto Yao Yao and carried Lin Lin out of the basement .

When Lin Lin drowsily woke up from her unconsciousness, the sun had already set .

The red light in her eyes had vanished, seeing Jiang Chen sitting beside the bed, Lin Lin's face turned red all of the sudden .

"Have you been here the entire time?" Lin Lin asked in a feeble voice .

"Mhmm . . . Tingting returned to normal?" Jiang Chen didn't notice the unnatural tone as he wrily rubbed his temple .

"She has been controlled . Controlling my body seems to cost a lot of energy, she is now asleep . " Lin Lin gulped as she nodded her head .

Jiang Chen let out a sigh as he stood up .

"Rest well . "

Leaving those words, Jiang Chen headed for the door .

"Wait . " Lin Lin stopped him .

Jiang Chen stopped and turned his head .


"Are you going back to the modern world?"

"Mhmm, probably tomorrow morning . "

"I want mango pudding!" Lin Lin said without humiliation as she licked her lips in excitement, "Based on my research of history, the earth in 2015 must have that thing-"

"So troublesome . . . If I remember next time when I come back . " He was just about to reject, but for some reason, Jiang Chen lost the mood to bully her .

[She seemed to be cuter when she smile?]

A remorseful expression was just about to appear . However, when she heard Jiang Chen's last sentence, a joyful smile appeared on her face as she sat up on the bed .

"You should rest a bit more . "

"No, pudding is more important . "

She wiped the tip of her mouth, ran to the experiment table in slippers, and took off something strange looking . She ran back and put it in front of Jiang Chen as if she was giving him a treasure .

"I will remind you!"

"What is this?" Jiang Chen looked confused as he played with the nail-sized chip in his hand .

"The fusion of technology!"

"Human words please . "

"To put it in simple terms, it is a communication chip . But it is unique . . . Umm, how should I say this? If you insert it in your EP, you can communicate through the time dimension . "