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Chapter 215

Fourth dimension messenger was the name Lin Lin gave to that chip .

All in all, the thing was ridiculous .

Because right now, Jiang Chen was standing in his mansion in the modern world while using his EP to video chat with Lin Lin .

With a polished crystal as the core of the chip, it uses a unique method to activate the Klein particle and sends a wave to a different chip in another timeline . Then it uses a unique method to decipher the code . Because only a unique wave is sent out rather than a tangible material with mass, without the help of the interdimensional bracelet, it could not send messages between the two chips .

"Point the camera outside the window, I want to look at trees!" Lin Lin spoke to Jiang Chen in excitement .

[What there to look at for trees . ]

Jiang Chen had no choice but to walk to the balcony as he demonstrated the vegetations planted in his backyard .

"Woooo, I want to go to your side . "

"If you can transform from digitalized human to mechanical human, I can certainly take you here . "

"Uh, I'll pass on that . " Lin Lin squinted her neck .

Abandoning the human flesh and the DNA that defines the existence of humanity, would that still be called human?

"Could you go somewhere more open?"

Jiang Chen was going to reject because it was too troublesome, but seeing the longing face on Lin Lin, he let out a sigh and walked to the top floor .

Because the mansion was a scenic house, the part of the river with the most vegetation could be seen on the top floor . Jiang Chen leaned against the railing as he pointed his EP at the Huangpu river afar,

The wind at night was chilly .

It was already December . Wanghai city in the modern world has officially entered winter season for over a month, but Jiang Chen with only a jacket didn't feel too cold . The El Nino was at its peak, so the winter in Wanghai will be a warm one .

Lights on the passing by boats floated on the river . Along the river bank was a city of lights as the endless amount of traffic decorated the city skyline, painting a scene of prosperity .

Seeing the drunken expression on Lin Lin's face, Jiang Chen felt teary for some reason .

For the people living in the apocalypse, this scene was providence .

"Woo! I have decided!" A firm expression appeared on Lin Lin's face .


"I will research a method that will allow you to carry living thing across the time dimension!"

Jiang Chen smiled as he replied .

"Then work hard . If you can really do it, it would not be a problem if you want pudding from all over the world . "

If he could really travel with humans, he could then fulfill the promise to Sun Jiao .

In the abandoned experimental school, he had promised Sun Jiao he would one day take her to the school he attended and take her to see how people lived before the war, how they interacted .

Lin Lin on the EP screen slurped her own saliva without caring about her image . Her eyes had already turned to pudding as they flashed brightly .

"Who is she?"

Noticing Jiang Chen coming back, Ayesha came to the roof .

She gently walked beside him as she curiously looked at the gorgeous girl on the screen .

So beautiful .

Silver hair, pale skin, the look of a porcelain doll .

"She is digitalized human Lin Lin . " Jiang Chen put his hand around Ayesha's waist as he introduced .

"Woah, you have another woman on the other side!" Lin Lin jumped up as if she had discovered a new world as she looked at Jiang Chen without good intention .

But Jiang Chen was not bothered at all because it was not a secret, only Lin Lin didn't know .

"Hello, can I know your name?" Ayesha gently smiled at her .

She could guess that the girl on the screen was Jiang Chen's woman from the "future world" but she didn't mind . If she could, she wanted to establish a good relationship with her and live harmoniously together .

"Wooo!" Ayesha's gentle smile seemed to have "stunned" Lin Lin, as to the tantrum she had been preparing in her mouth was stuck in her throat . She was too embarrassed to say it out .

It was the first time someone smiled at her this gently, could it be that people were all this gentle before?

"My, my name is Lin Lin . "

"My name is Ayesha," Ayesha put her finger out as lightly touched the screen, "nice to meet you . "

"Me, me too!" Lin Lin's face turned red as she scratched her head .

"Could I be good friends with you?"

"Mhmm . . . "

Lin Lin nodded shyly as her finger played with the tip of her clothes, it was a rare expression for her .

Seeing the two people becoming friends, Jiang Chen also smiled .

It was a unique feeling, a friendship beyond time?

Because of the technical limitations, the chip could not maintain communication for an extended period of time .

After telling Lin Lin to let Sun Jiao know about the chip so that she could let him know if anything important happened at the base, Jiang Chen hung up the video call .

"Is she your woman?" Ayesha blinked her blue eyes and asked Jiang Chen .

"How is that possible," Jiang Chen answered without thinking .

"But I sensed that she really likes you . "

Listening to Ayesha words, Jiang Chen paused as his expression turned peculiar .

"Perhaps it is because of Stolkhome syndrome . " He seemed to be treating her better and better lately as he would always bully her for fun before .

Ayesha only smiled at Jiang Chen's response as she didn't continue the topic .

The instinct of a woman is never wrong .

Even across dimensions .

"I haven't been back for so long, do you miss me?" Jiang Chen all the sudden lowered his head to get closer to Ayesha's ear as he said with a smirk .

Ayesha's beautiful face was burning .

"Let's eat dinner first," She timidly buried her head and said in a faint voice .

"Can we not eat it together?"

"Eat it together?"

Ayesha's face quickly turned into a red apple as her blue pupils began to look frantic .

Without the need to think, it must be some weird game .

. . .

After dinner, Ayesha went to shower .

After sticking the plates into the dishwasher, Jiang Chen went to the office and checked his email .

Just like he expected, Robert sent the next step to him .

The email was from three days ago .

Jiang Chen thought for a moment as he began typing on the keyboard .

After pressing the sent button, Jiang Chen leaned against the chair and closed his eyes for a moment .

While thinking, he took out his phone and called Zheng Hongjie, the manager of the food processing plant under his name .

"Hello? Boss, what can I do for you?"

Hearing his voice, he must be quite well off recently .

"Nothing, I just want to see if you acquired the license for export and import?"

"That is done . The new production line is also set, but because we haven't found a place to sell, it is not in production yet," Zheng Hongjie said in awkwardness .

The food processing industry hasn't been doing so well as of late . The pork price remained elevated as all the plants decreased their production to pass through the industry's harsh winter . But at this time, the boss somehow wanted to increase production . Although he didn't say anything, in Zheng Honejie's view, it was a terrible decision .

But his concern was extraneous because the stuff he produced was not meant for this world .

Jiang Chen had already registered a shell company in the Pannu Islands . In essence, the order from his "left hand" would arrive at his "right hand . " The shell company would massively produce the canned foods provided by the Xinlong Food Processing plant, store it in the warehouse, and wait for Jiang Chen to transport it to the apocalypse .

The purchased amount was increasing . To be cautious, Jiang Chen decided to complete the food transport in the small country .

It would be his backyard in no time .

"The new production line will start producing tomorrow . "

"But . . . " For the consideration of being responsible for the plant, Zheng Hongjie still wanted to convince his boss, but Jiang Chen continued to speak .

"No, buts . You will receive an order worth five million tomorrow, keep up the good work . I have already made the deal . " Jiang Chen laughed, hung up the phone, and sent a text to the representative at the offshore company .

Zheng Hongjie dumbfoundedly puts down the phone, scratched his nose and laughed .

"Did something good happen?" Kong Jie looked at the expression on her husband's face as she felt happy for him .

"Haha," Zheng Hongjie flung away the phone and gave a deep kiss to his wife, "We have a place to sell now!"

Kong Jie rolled her eyes as she poked his chest with her finger .

"Look how excited you are, it is not your plant . "

"What do you know . " Zheng Hongjie glanced at his wife as he said displeasingly, "I have built the plant myself . Regardless if the shareholder is me or not, it is my own child!"

Looking at her excited husband, Kong Jie had a genuine smile on her face .

Not long ago, the family was facing the crisis of being crushed by debt . He didn't have a trace of a smile left on his face as if the world had fallen .

But luckily, the family has returned to the right track .

For that person has changed their lives .

"Now that you are working for someone, you should be careful, don't make any mistakes . He is our family's savior . " She urged the happy husband as she fixed his collar .

"Of course, you know why I work . " Zheng Hongjie said with his head raised .

Jiajia tilted her head as she half knowing half not knowingly looked at her mom and dad .

She still didn't really understand the conversation between adults .

No mean people have been to her house anymore . Dad was happier, mom smiled more, and they even took her to the amusement park yesterday .

It seemed like after the big brother came, everything in the family became better .