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Chapter 218

The Maybach EX . With a limited quantity of five units globally, the expected price is 4 . 2 million Euros or 28 . 66 million RMB .

Although this amount was nothing compared to the two's assets, as a gift, it was undoubtedly a friendly gesture .

Especially with it being a limited edition, it might be difficult to buy one even with money .

After sending Carmen out of the company, Jiang Chen looked at his phone .

It was only three in the afternoon, too early to go back . So, he decided to sit for a bit longer in the office .

Since they acquired Lingyu Technology, the Lingyu building went under construction . Under the acquiescence of the second largest shareholder, 361, was transferred to Future Technology and officially renamed the Future Technology building .

Now that he had his own office building, it certainly felt different .

Leaning against the chair, Jiang Chen sat in the president's office on the top floor as he sluggishly looked down at the street view outside .

It was a magical feeling .

Just half a year ago, he was only an ordinary person at the lowest level of society and working for a tiny salary . But now, he has obtained the right to be overlooking everything .

On the other hand, just looking at the scene below, he could not fathom that the future on another timeline would become barren land .

. . .

Different from the image of a traditional president that always has a heated face, ready to execute the affairs of the company, he was young and energetic . His office was clean, referring to the lack of documents visible .

His eyes lazily stared outside of the window, at the never-ending traffic and the busy looking crowd .

Who knows what is there to look at . Other than being crowded, he couldn't think of a better word to describe everything on the streets below .

Above was Xia Shiyu's perspective .

She was standing in Jiang Chen's office .

Jiang Chen was quietly looking out the window, and she somehow began to stare at the side of his face . She observed him for a while and forget about the time .

They had been working together for a fair amount of time now, but she always felt that she didn't know him well enough . But he, he seemed to know everything about her .

"Ahem, is there something you need?" It was Jiang Chen that first broke the peacefulness .

With Jiang Chen's observation, the moment she came in he noticed her . What he didn't expect was for her to not say anything, but rather blankly stare at him .

Speaking of this, he didn't have a proper conservation with her after the last gathering .

"Ah, yes . Ahem," Realizing the franticness in her voice, Xia Shiyu coughed gently to adjust her mood as she changed into her professional self and spoke again, "It's about the agreement with Dalmer Corporation . "

"Mhmm . "

Jiang Chen turned around as he slid the chair back to the office table and sat up straight . "Go ahead . "

"Putting Future 1 . 0 on vehicles, President, do you plan on entering the automotive industry?" Xia Shiyu pushed up her glasses out of habit .

"Not yet, but I don't eliminate this future possibility . " Jiang Chen shook his head . "Also, Dalmer Corporation wants a customized software, not the implementation of Future 1 . 0 . The software would still be sent to the overseas market to be developed . I will take care of it . "

Based on Jiang Chen's plan, Future Technology would obviously not give up on the attractive automotive industry . As a key selling point, artificial intelligence would definitely be a part of it .

But then, why would he accept Dalmer Corporation's request to design the autonomous driving system's software? It was not giving them a cake to bite but was due to another level of consideration .

It is well known that for vehicles, quality is one aspect, but more importantly, brand is extremely crucial which requires years to build up .  

With a simple example, East Wind's vehicle quality is pretty high, but could they sell it at Mercedes or BMW's price?

To a certain extent, the car driven by the owner reflected the status of the person . Cars were no longer only a method of transportation, but also a reflection of status . Or in derogatory terms, to see who has the bigger d*ck . With a Lambo, it would be much easier to pick up girls than a Volkswagon .

The reason why he proposed including Future 1 . 0's logo on the car's startup screen was not for advertisement purposes . For Dalmer's new car is positioned as a high-end luxury vehicle, therefore sales would be low . Which indicates this form of advertisement would be ineffective .

Jiang Chen saw the brand . If Future 1 . 0's brand can be hooked to a high-end market, with the luxury vehicle introduced by Dalmer Corporation, it would allow them to prep the market before they independently enter the autonomous vehicle market .

Imagine this, as long as you start the luxury vehicle with the system included, you would see Future 1 . 0's flashy and futuristic looking logo . Naturally, the Future logo would be known in the luxury market as well as the automotive industry .

As to the automotive manufacturer who had taken the "initial opportunity" . . .

If Jiang Chen introduced a new energy vehicle with better performance, it would be a question of if those manufacturers would continue to exist or not . Similar to the fact that you don't see steam vehicles anymore .

Dalmer Corporation would eventually become the stepping stone of Future Automotive .

Of course, these are stories for a later time, the next strategic focus for Future Technology was not cars, but phones .

Xia Shiyu nodded after the explanation .

"Then you'll have to be responsible for taking care of this . On the other hand, Linhua Corporation has sent you an invitation to join the Wanghai Economics Forum on the 3rd . "

Xia Shiyu took out a gilded golden invite from her brief and placed it on the table .

Linhua Corporation, a renowned real estate giant in Wanghai city . Other than real estate development, they were also a part of entertainment and retail which put them as one of the leading companies in Wanghai .

"Wanghai Economics Forum?" Jiang Chen picked up the invite as he raised his eyebrows in confusion, he has never heard of the name before .

"Mhmm, it is rumored that the participants are the elites of each industry . Assets over one hundred million is only one of the requirements . Ability to participate is also based on influence in the industry . " Xia Shiyu nodded .

Rich people's gathering?

Jiang Chen's expression was dubious .

"Is there any benefits to going to this gathering?"

Hearing Jiang Chen asking the question so directly, Xia Shiyu felt exasperated .

"Of course there are benefits . Since it is the gathering of the upper class in Wanghai, you'll be able to meet and befriend some of the people at the same level with similar interest as you . These connections alone would be a form of asset . "

Jiang Chen scratched his chin and considered .

"Mhmm, I'll go then . Speaking of this, does this type of gathering require a female companion?"

Xia Shiyu paused for a second before she replied .

"Of course, it is permitted to bring a female companion to the gathering . "

"Perfect, then come with me," Jiang Chen said without thinking .

But what he didn't anticipate was, the moment the words came out of his mouth, Xia Shiyu's cold face suddenly turned burning red .

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