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Chapter 221

Chapter 221: The Acheron on the Car

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"Haven't seen you in a long time, don't you miss me?"

Jiang Chen could very well imagine her watery eyes looking at him filled with fervor .

"Uh, very much . " Jiang Chen took a peek at Xia Shiyu .

Xia Shiyu had already taken off her eyes from his phone, but her action looked unnatural no matter how you looked at it .

"So cold . " Liu Yao instantly sensed that Jiang Chen was distracted and stuck her tongue out .

"I'm driving . . . How have you been?" While holding onto the wheel, Jiang Chen changed the topic .

"I've been filming and have been busy since this morning, so I ate lunch and dinner at the same time . I'm exhausted . " Although she was complaining, Jiang Chen could hear genuine happiness from her voice .

She really loved acting .

If she just liked money, with the allowance Jiang Chen was giving her, she could just do absolutely nothing and enjoy life .

He could faintly hear the other casts in the background, so she must have called despite her extremely busy schedule .

"Have you not eaten yet?"

"I am not eating . Woo, the food here tastes so bad, so I want you to treat me to a meal," Liu Yao said shyly .

"We can talk about it once you're no longer busy . "

"Okay . Also, when are we going to go on a vacation? I'm looking forward to it," Liu Yao responded enthusiastically .

"We'll go this month, but would you be able to leave at this time?" Hearing the delighted voice, Jiang Chen couldn't stop smiling .

"Haha, don't you remember that you're one of the investors? The director would have to listen to you . Postponing my shooting and filming it later would simply be up to you," she said in an adorable voice .

Jiang Chen pondered on it and realized that it was indeed the case .

The producer did not necessarily choose Liu Yao because of her ability, and it might as well be said that it was due to Jiang Chen's ability . But Jiang Chen didn't mind . Having too much money, he immediately invested 100 million RMB to become the biggest investor in <Ma Dongmei's Trouble> film .

Other than those blockbuster film directors, the investor was the bane of existence for any film directors . If they accidentally got off on the wrong foot, the investors could just withdraw their investment, and the directors would end up crying over their script . Where would you find an investor who would be willing to invest 100 million without putting up any demand?

Ad such, Liu Yao had landed the role of a supporting actress .

At the same time, all mobile boot interface was replaced by Future 1 . 0’s opening animation .

"That’s true . " Once realization dawned on him, Jiang Chen chuckled .

"What are you doing now?"

"Taking someone to dinner . "

"Someone beautiful?" Liu Yao pouted .

"Yes," Jiang Chen answered honestly .

"As pretty as me?" Liu Yao elegantly ate her meal, her eyes becoming cunning .

"Both of you are unique," Jiang Chen’s answer was ambiguous .

"Woo, I don’t feel satisfied with that answer . What kind of girl is she?"

[She's beside me, how am I supposed to answer that?]

Jiang Chen took a peek at Xia Shiyu while he responded cleverly and creatively .

"Similar…to the section head in your last movie . "

"Oh! Her, the ice beauty that’s warm on the inside? I can do it too," Liu Yao paused and put her phone closer to her mouth, covered it with her hand, and lowered her voice, her voice becoming cold and strict . "Jiang Chen, why didn’t you finish your math homework? What? You didn’t write it? That’s not okay, come to my office, I will watch you finish it . Your unfinished homework . Give .  It, All . To . Your . Teacher . "

Jiang Chen could very well fantasize how the vibrant crimson lips enunciated the last syllables .

[Fu*k, this little devil . ]

Jiang Chen had almost stepped on the gas by accident .

"Fu*k . "

"Coming! Ah, break time is over, I'm going to hang up . Mwah . "

As soon as she hung up the phone, Jiang Chen let out a breath and removed the Bluetooth headset .

"…were you really just concerned about Liu Yao?" Xia Shiyu asked dubiously .

"Well, I just happened to get her phone number . "

[Why do I have to lie…] Jiang Chen berated himself in his mind .

 Xia Shiyu didn’t seem to want to continue with this topic any longer as she didn’t ask more question . Instead, she turned her head away, averting her gaze .

Jiang Chen felt relieved and held onto the steering while focusing on the road ahead of him .

The atmosphere felt odd .

[Is she…being jealous?]

A weird expression flitted across his face .

Because Jiang Chen didn’t know where the good food was, he took Xia Shiyu to Shimao .

"Welcome! Table for two?"

Jiang Chen and Xia Shiyu walked into a western restaurant called Xiuyu Garden as the server greeted them with a smile .

"Mhmm, please pick a quiet spot for us," Jiang Chen said .

"Okay, sir . This way," The server said courteously .

Because it was a business day, the place only had a few customers . Normally, they would have to wait for a long time .

The ambiance of the restaurant was pleasant, and it was also quiet . Most of the people dining there were couples . Seeing this scene, Xia Shiyu turned red and her legs went numb .

[Since we're eating here, wouldn’t it look like we're a couple?]

With that thought, Xia Shiyu discreetly took a peek at Jiang Chen but failed to see the nervousness she expected on his face .  

[Maybe he didn’t even feel like it's a date?]

Xia Shiyu felt slightly frustrated despite not knowing why .

Unaware of what Xia Shiyu was thinking, Jiang Chen was really oblivious to the mood . He just felt the ambiance was nice and quiet . Men were destined to be a simple creature in a sense that they wouldn’t think as much as women .

After the server ushered them to their seats, Jiang Chen picked up the menu and passed it to Xia Shiyu like a gentleman .

"What do you want to eat?"

Because she was distracted by something else, looking at the dazzling variety of selections, Xia Shiyu couldn’t think of something to eat .

Seeing the expression on the customer's face, the server smiled as she started to recite their menu .

"Is it your first time in our restaurant?"


"Our cheese risotto is delicious, and our steak has also been praised by many . Of course, I personally recommend this set of couple meal, very fitting for a couple of two . We also offer a special desert— Heart-to-heart . "

Xia Shiyu’s face immediately reddened .

Especially when she saw the Heart-to-heart ice cream on the menu, the two straws formed a heart shape and intertwined together .

Her brain short-circuited in an instant .

"C-couple? N-no, you are mistaken . "

"Ahem, we are only friends, not a couple . " Seeing the frantic Xia Shiyu, Jiang Chen also explained to the waitress .

Although both people denied it, the waitress acutely sensed that the female’s expression was more of an embarrassed one, and the male didn’t look awkward at all . Therefore, their relationship must be between friends and couple .  

With a smile, the server bowed to apologize for pushing the two together unintentionally .

"I apologize . I just thought you two really look like a couple . If I misunderstood, I hope you don’t mind . "

[A, a couple look?]

Xia Shiyu was utterly in panic, Jiang Chen almost touched his nose with a red face .

But then, a harsh voice interrupted the moment .

"Waitress, is it not ready yet? Could you hurry up?"

Upon hearing the voice, Xia Shiyu’s expression froze immediately .

Jiang Chen could clearly sense that the usual expressionless face turned even colder .