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Chapter 222

"Please wait, sir, this table-"

"Don’t you see that we need to order? Why would a poor bastard even come into a Western restaurant? He's slow even when ordering," the person cursed .

"I apologize, sir, I’ll be right there . " The waitress gave Jiang Chen an apologetic looked as she stuck out her tongue and ran to the other table .

"Is your zodiac a turtle… Honey, what do you want to eat?" The man sitting close by arrogantly criticized the waitress while his expression changed into an "affectionate" one as he eagerly attended to the woman sitting across from him .

Jiang Chen looked at the back of this man in shock, and his expression was rather odd .

Poor bastard? Me?

Then, Jiang Chen looked at Xia Shiyu .

Her expression was rather unnatural, her eyes glued to the lemon water on the table . She seemed scary .  

Was he someone she knew?

Jiang Chen, who originally wanted to go and "make some friends", quickly got the idea out of his head as he looked on contemptuously at the man .

The man's face looked ashen white, his hair styled with gel looking somewhat "trendy," and the nicely fitted white suit was, indeed, worth something . All in all, other than being a bit feminine, he certainly looked attractive .

However, it was the arrogant gestures that made it impossible to tolerate him .

As for that woman . . .

Her face was delicate, her hair black and curly, and her body donning a red cotton dress with a pair of brown boots sluggishly crossing over each other . From just her appearance alone, it was hard to judge what her net worth was; however, with the vibe she gave off, Jiang Chen could sense that she was born into wealth .

Looking at her narrowed gorgeous eyes, one can tell that she seemed to be enjoying this flattering feeling .

"Salad is okay?" an indolent voice asked .

"Okay, do you want some desserts? For example, this Heart to Heart-"

"No, it’s disgusting . " Her red lips were curled up .

The man’s expression stiffened, but then a heartwarming smile appeared on his face .

"Ok, I’ll have the fried rice as well as a bottle of wine . "

"Okay, sir . " The waitress endured the arrogant attitude while writing the order before taking the menu away .

It was not the first time she had encountered customers with a bad temper—arguing would only hurt her salary .

"So slow," the man added a sentence, then watched the woman "tenderly" .

"Xinyan, you are so beautiful," the man said in a corny voice .

The woman’s expression became delighted as her eyes narrowed pleasingly .

"My shoes are dirty . "

"Mhmm?" The man thought he heard wrong .

"Shoes . "

The woman lifted her boots up .

A glimpse of awkwardness flashed across the man’s face, but then he gritted his teeth . With one knee on the ground, he lifted her boot up with one hand while the other used a napkin to carefully clean the dust off the top of the boot .

Everyone around them turned their attention towards the duo—the female customers’ eyes lit up as they discussed with their boyfriend while the male customers all appeared contemptuous .

But the man didn’t mind these gazes as he "caringly" wiped her shoes .

"This is crazy . "

Jiang Chen shook his head . Seeing his dog-like posture, Jiang Chen finally understood .  The man was definitely an escort . He was definitely an escort without dignity…

Jiang Chen lost his interest .

He really didn’t want to bother with someone like this .

But just as he was about to retract his gaze, to his surprise, the woman was looking at him .

The narrowed eyes completely neglected the man who was attentive to her, but rather, she looked at Jiang Chen with quite a curiosity, as if she was waiting for him to do something .

As for the woman’s stare, Jiang Chen only smiled . He didn’t say much and looked away .

Seeing that Jiang Chen didn't have any reaction, the woman yawned and looked away in displeasure .

The waitress walked over again as she expressed her apology to Jiang Chen and Xia Shiyu . Jiang Chen didn't embarass her as he ordered with Xia Shiyu .

When the waitress left, Jiang Chen took a sip of the lemon water and he asked softly, "Do you know him?"

"… I do . "

From the tone, it seemed like the relationship was not a great one . Was he her enemy?

Seeing that Xia Shiyu was not in the best mood, Jiang Chen didn’t pursue the topic any further and, instead, he chatted with her about other things as the smile began to come back .

"Are you not curious about my relationship with him?" Xia Shiyu asked abruptly .

"Although I am curious, you seem to hate this topic, so I didn’t ask," Jiang Chen replied with a shrug .

After a brief two-second pause, Xia Shiyu looked at Jiang Chen and spoke rather apathetically:

"He is my ex-boyfriend . "

But, Jiang Chen didn’t show any reaction . Xia Shiyu felt a bit frustrated although she didn’t understand why . Just what kind of reaction from Jiang Chen would make her feel satisfied?

"But we didn’t even hold hands," she added subconsciously .

When Jiang Chen heard this, he suddenly started chuckling .

She raised her furrowed eyebrows and asked in a low voice, "What are you laughing at?"

"I just think you are cute," Jiang Chen joked .

Xia Shiyu immediate blushed, and the coldness on her face now seems forced .

"So random," Xia Shiyu murmured to herself as she lowered her head, her cherry-like lips biting the straw on the ice cream and her bangs hiding her shaken eyes .

While eating, Jiang Chen felt the need to use the washroom, so he excused himself to the washroom .

There, he also washed his face, but when he came out, he met the "queen-like" woman .

"Jiang Chen, is that right?" the woman asked with a grin .

"Do you know me?" He put his hands under the hand dryer as he looked rather surprised .

"The renowned president of Future Technology, with a net worth of ten billion at the age of 22, and the fantasy of countless of girls . With such prominence, how would I not know you?" the woman stated .

"Ahem, you are over complimenting me . " At least the waitress, as well as the people he walked by, didn’t recognize him .

Perhaps it had to do with his low profile appearances . Since he spent time in the apocalypse, even if media were waiting outside of his community, they still may not see him…

For the people who occasionally read the news, they may know Jiang Chen’s name, but as for his appearance, they often have no idea .

"What is your name, Miss?" Jiang asked nobly .

The red lips turned into a beautiful curvature, her eyes under the curly hair had mischievousness hidden inside .

"Wang Xinyan . "

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