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Chapter 223

"Is it Wang Xinyan? Maybe you should restrain your boyfriend a little? At least make him not stand out as much . " Jiang Chen smiled standing in front of her .

"Boyfriend?" She suddenly started giggling but quickly returned to her elegant self . With a look of rumination, she looked at Jiang Chen . "Mr . Jiang is very humorous . That’s not a boyfriend, it’s more of a puppy . "

Stunned, Jiang Chen didn’t think she would be so direct . He then ridiculed .

"Even if it is a puppy, it's better to keep in control of him . Since sometimes, the puppy’s behavior indirectly reflects the taste of the owner . "

For a man to attend to her this much, her identity must not be so simple .

Although he was not afraid of anything, with the attitude of less trouble is better, Jiang Chen cautiously chose to leave her some ground .

He only vaguely made fun of her to express his own displeasure .

As if she has already expected Jiang Chen to say this, Wang Xinyan paused but didn’t look angry . Instead, she seemed somewhat interested .

"Oh? If Mr . Jiang doesn’t like me having a puppy, I can let him go . "

"What does it have to do with me?"

"Is that so?"

She smiled mysteriously as she left an ambiguous answer . Wang Xinyan then passed him and entered the washroom .

Jiang Chen watched her silhouette disappear, confused . But then he shook his head and walked away .

When he returned to the restaurant, Jiang Chen discovered that his spot seemed to have been taken .

That man in the white suit was sitting in his seat .

Seeing this, he frowned . Though his expression was soon replaced by a stunning smile as he walked over .

"I can’t believe I am meeting you here, how have you been?"

The comical expression on his face appeared as if he has accomplished something already .

"I don’t know you, go away," Xia Shiyu said coldly .

"You are still icy . " The man shook his head .

"Are you not afraid the woman you are trying to suck up will see all of this? While she is going to the washroom, you are hitting on another woman . Just like your usual tendency, Xu Youcheng . Xia Shiyu’s iciness soon changed into contempt .

"Hitting on you? You really think you are worth hitting on? I'm saying hi to an old friend . "

"I don’t remember having a friend like you . "

"The usual coldness . Looks like you have found a new boyfriend? So, did he touch your hand yet?" Xu Youcheng examined the coldness on her face .

Xia Shiyu inhaled deeply, suppressed the anger in her heart, and said calmly .

"I don’t have a boyfriend . Not before, not now . "

"Oh? Then how did you pay back the loan? I remember you lost your job, could it be…" Xu Youcheng slyly glanced at her chest . "Did you finally put down your proudness and got a sugar daddy? Damn …"

"Do you think I'm like you?" Xia Shiyu emotionlessly interrupted his rude words . Raising her chin, she mouthed, "a sucker without dignity . "

Xu Youcheng’s face was flushed with anger as he stood up .


But before he could say anything else, a hand was on his shoulder .

Xu Youcheng paused, turned around, and was confronted with a smiling face .

"I agree with the perspective of this lady . Also, who allowed you to sit in my seat . " Jiang Chen smiled at him .

Seeing Jiang Chen, Xia Shiyu let out a breath as she felt calmer .

"Funny, did you open this restaurant? What if I did sit here?" Anger soon overwhelmed Xu Youcheng as he argued back .

Right after he finished his words, his mouth was slanted to the side .


Jiang Chen without saying anything slapped him with his backhand while still holding onto his shoulder with the other .  

"I don’t own the restaurant, and your butt is on your body so wherever you sit is your freedom . But now that I don’t like you, my hand is on my arm and how I beat you is also my freedom," Jiang Chen said with narrowed eyes .

Seeing Jiang Chen’s action, Xia Shiyu was utterly stunned .

She didn’t expect, Jiang Chen with such a gentle attitude would strike so fiercely .

[Is it for me…]

When she thought about it, a red hue began to cover her face .

The slap took the air out of Xu Youcheng as he began to tremble . A strength equal to three times that of an ordinary person, even if Jiang Chen purposely controlled his power, it wasn't someone who only spent a few days in the gym could compare to .

"F*ck you, you f*cking hit me?"

Blood rushed to his head, as Xu Youcheng became hot-headed . He grabbed the knife on the table and stabbed toward Jiang Chen .

"Be careful!" Xia Shiyu screamed as her face lost its color .

But Jiang Chen only laughed contemptuously, he didn’t even bother to dodge as he waited for him to dash over .

Funny, if this level of attack could hurt him, he could suicide by banging his head on the tofu . (1)

The knife reached two inches in front of Jiang Chen . However, Jiang Chen didn’t move as he easily clenched onto Xu Youcheng's wrist .

Xu Youcheng felt as if his hand was clamped by an iron claw . His face became bloated, and the vision in front of face changed before he dropped on the ground .

The knife pierced the wooden floor two inches away from him .

Xia Shiyu’s eyes widened, mouth opened, and her cold expression was changed entirely into shock .

She never thought Jiang Chen had this type of ability .


The night when she was blocked at the flower shop by the thugs .

Jiang Chen strolled in front of Xu Youcheng while seeing him whimpering on the ground, contorting his body together to hide .

The customers on the side gulped as they wanted to intervene, but Jiang Chen only glanced at them before the idea vanished in their heads .

Someone secretly called 911, but Jiang Chen didn’t mind .

While squatting on the ground, he dragged his gelled hair and smiled at him .

Then, Jiang Chen slapped him .


"This one is for Xia Shiyu . Do you know that because you left your debt to her, she was almost forced into a private club by a bunch of thugs? She was your girlfriend, are you even human?’

Hearing Jiang Chen’s words, the crowd all looked at the sharp looking Xu Youcheng with despise . No one felt compassion for him for getting beaten up . He deserved it!

If he didn’t happen to encounter that night .

When Jiang Chen thought about it again, he felt an inexplicable rage .


"This one is because I don’t like you, you can think of the reason yourself!"

After two slaps, blood began to drip out of Xu Youcheng’s nose and mouth . Seeing that there might be a problem if he continued, Jiang Chen took a deep breath and stopped . Jiang Chen threw Xu Youcheng's head on the ground and stood up

It was not the apocalypse, after all, he should be careful .

In dizziness, it took him awhile to regain his clarity .

On the ground, Xu Youcheng stared at Jiang Chen maliciously .

"Just wait, I will make sure you can’t stay in Wanghai anymore . "

"I am waiting . "

"Do you know who I am?"

"Someone selling his butt?" Jiang Chen took a napkin to wipe his hand and mocked

"I am Linhua Group’s-"

But just then, a female voice diffused from not too far away mercilessly destroying his last hope .

"You are not anymore . "

(1) When the action is less likely to hurt him than a piece of tofu .

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