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Chapter 224

The voice not only contained a hint of sluggishness, but also of contempt .

"Xin . . . Xinyan?"

Xu Youcheng, lying on the ground, looked absentmindely at the woman not far away as he stammered with disbelief .

"Linhua Group will not offend the head of Future Technology just because of you . What do you think? Mr . Jiang Chen?"

With graceful steps, she walked beside Jiang Chen as she smiled at him .

When Xu Youcheng heard the words "Future Technology" and "Jiang Chen," the color of his face immediately changed . He initially thought that the man dining with Xia Shiyu was just a small business owner with some money in his pockets, but he didn’t know it was the legendary Jiang Chen .

Now that he looked closer, that man did look familiar .

The original blanked expression turned completely into fear .

The Linhua Group? This fact caught Jiang Chen by surprise . Speaking of which, he did receive Linhua Group’s invitation to attend that Wanghai economic forum . However, Jiang Chen didn’t answer Wang Xinyan’s question and, instead, he responded with a question of his own:

"Although I don’t want to ridicule other people’s hobby, I really don’t understand . What’s so good about this despicable man who sold his girlfriend?"

"Even despicable people have their uses . For example, I could give him the status and power he had always dreamt of, just to see what kind of fool he will turn himself into . " Wang Xinyan squinted her eyes, her visage gruesome .

"… This is crazy . "

Looking sympathetically at Xu Youcheng on the ground, Jiang Chen stepped over him and headed towards Xia Shiyu .

The server and security personnel of Shimao began to surround scene, but seeing that Jiang Chen’s identity wasn't so simple, no one dared to do anything to him, and they only helped the bruised Xu Youcheng up . They only controlled the situation while waiting for the police to arrive .

"Xin, Xinyan, I-"

"You can go fu*k off now, I am getting bored of your looks anyways," Wang Xinyan yawned .

Xu Youcheng broke loose from the security, dropping in front of Wang Xinyan’s boots as he begged without dignity, "I, I really do like you! Please, give me another chance!"

"Did you really think you could get me to date you?" Wang Xinyan scoffed, "Sorry, I don’t like men . "

Xu Youcheng was utterly dumbfounded .

[Don’t like men?]

[Then what about the effort I spent these past few days?]

As if he had lost all energy in his body, his bruised face twisted and Xu Youcheng looked as though he lost his soul, and both of his hands slumped on the ground .

Back then, after leaving Xia Shiyu, Xu Youcheng drove the car that was purchased with Xia Shiyu’s identity to run away with the person he cheated her for . But then, the story after wasn’t as smooth as he expected . When he lost his "income," he quickly used up all his money . Since he didn't have any ability and only depended on her, he couldn’t find even a proper job . After an argument, he and the girlfriend who he had just met for less a month broke up .

After a series of event, he became a server at a bar . Through one occasion, he was introduced to the escort industry; however, this profession was not a long-term solution . The rich ladies with too much money and nowhere to unleash their energy would not give him a promise . He tried to do "one last gig" to find a permanent ATM, finally locking his sights on to the daughter of the president of Linhua Group—Wang Xinyan .

Fortunately, Wang Xinyan didn’t brush him like away like a fly but, instead, gave him the opportunity to flatter her .

However, he didn’t think that from the beginning to the very end, he was just a joke used for amusement, unable to touch her hand and just there to wipe her shoes…

Wang Xinyan’s contemptuous smile looked down at the wounded Xu Youcheng, and the smile soon turned into a delighted one .

. . . .

[This feeling is fantastic . ]

"Sorry, the one time I invited you to dinner, the mood was ruined by a fly . I’ll make it up to you next time?" Jiang Chen sat in front of Xia Shiyu as he said apologetically .

Xia Shiyu’s face blushed, and she whispered, "No, it’s my problem . "

Just then, the chubby boss with glasses walked over . Looking at the knife marks on the ground, along with the crowd, he had a troubled smile on his face .

"It is better to resolve things through peace, why use violence? Both look like people of importance, why fight?"

Jiang Chen obviously saw the boss's intention in his eyes, so he took out a credit card from his pocket and threw it in the boss's lap .

"One million, renovation of the restaurant, on me . "

The boss was first shocked, but then his face became ecstatic .

A voice spoke up, "There is no need for Mr . Jiang to spend money, Xiuyu Garden’s loss will be covered by Shimao . Manager Chen, return the card to Mr . Jiang?"

"Mi…Miss?" A cold sweat rolled off of Chen Anmin’s forehead . He just realized that the woman standing in front of the store was President Wang’s daughter, Wang Xinyan .

Shimao was a property of Linhua Group . A small business owner like him definitely did not have the courage to say no to the president’s daughter .

Chen Anmin forced a laugh as he put the card on the table .

Jiang Chen looked at Wang Xinyan speechlessly, and she was blinking at him mischievously .

Her eyes seemed to be saying, "You owe me one . "

This favor was indeed cheap… Jiang Chen mocked at the thought in his mind .

One million was really nothing to him .

. . .

Because someone called the police at the beginning of the conflict, the police quickly arrived at the store .

Xu Youcheng, who lost his "ATM", in despair, blamed all the "unfortunate events" on Jiang Chen . Facing the police, he "not understandingly" insisted that Jiang Chen beat him to this point as he demanded the police to punish Jiang Chen . He also said he will sue Jiang Chen .

Wang Xinyan could not help but facepalm herself due to his intelligence level, and she then grabbed out her phone in annoyance and called her cousin, after which she gave Jiang Chen an apologetic look .

But Jiang Chen didn’t mind as he had a mischievous smile .

In this case, the wisest thing Xu Youcheng could have done would be to say that he bumped on the ground himself and settles with Jiang Chen privately . Perhaps he would have even received a large sum .

But now…

Funny, would Jiang Chen be afraid of him suing?

The video showed that it was, indeed, Jiang Chen who struck first . But it was not a problem, especially when Wang Zhiyong personally ran over to the police department .

Because of Xu Youcheng’s insistent stubbornness, following the procedure, Jiang Chen had to go to the police department to give testimonies, and then accept a negotiation of settlement .

That’s right, negotiation of settlement .

After the communicating with their superior, the police selectively ignored the bruise on Xu Youcheng’s face, and instead, they determined the event to be a civil dispute . They then began to explain to Xu Youcheng his act of aggression through the eyes of the law, saying he provoked Jiang Chen; therefore, who started the fight first would not matter . Furthermore, he had used a knife, which would void any claims of self-defense due to its excessive nature .

After a long spiel, Jiang Chen—who was bored already—left, and the defeated Xu Youcheng was still sitting on the chair, listening to the educating officers as he experienced the unjustness of society .

Accompanying Jiang Chen out of the police department, Wang Zhiyong conscientiously sat in the driver's seat of Maybach as he asked with a bitter smile, "How did you get involved with that little devil?"

[Little devil?]

"Do you know Wang Xinyan?" Jiang Chen’s expression was also odd .

"My cousin . " After starting the car, Wang Zhiyong said, "Speaking of this, where is your girlfriend?"

"Ahem, that is not my girlfriend, only female friend… I asked her to go back first . "

Wang Zhiyong chuckled as he looked dubiously at Jiang Chen while he drove on the road .

"I know . "

"Don’t be so sick minded . " Jiang Chen was facepalming .

"Also, I need to tell you something," Wang Zhiyong suddenly used a more serious tone as he said to Jiang Chen, "This is the advice from a friend, be careful of that woman, Wang Xinyan, and don’t get too close to her . " 

"Oh? Is there a problem with her?" Jiang Chen raised his eyebrows .

"Problem? She is a psycho," Wang Zhiyong cursed out .

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