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Chapter 225


Jiang Chen’s expression was peculiar .

By Wang Zhiyong’s tone, he didn’t seem to have a good relationship with his cousin .

But this was not the key point . The key point was, Wang Xinyan is Wang Zhiyong’s cousin?

Therefore, one of the top companies in Wanghai city, the president of Linhua Group Wang Linhua, is the brother of the General Secretary of Wanghai city, Wang Haide? That was a big discovery .

But when Jiang Chen thought this through, he was at ease .

For business in the real estate industry, all had to have some form of connection with the government . Buying land, acquiring projects, passing quality assurance, the government is involved in every step of the way . Without any background, regardless of how profitable the real estate industry is, it would be hard to make money .

But Jiang Chen didn’t think that Linhua Group’s connections were this strong .

"Psycho?" Jiang Chen used a casual tone to ask .

"That’s right . " With a cigarette in his mouth, Wang Zhiyong scorned . "A little bit when she was young, then it turned serious when she got older . Who knew what happened to her, but personality-wise she has changed to this . "

"Naughty?’ Jiang Chen laughed .

Because Wang Zhiyong was her cousin, Jiang Chen used a light tone when describing her .

"Naughty?" Wang Zhiyong glanced at Jiang Chen . "You underestimate her . She just purely enjoys the misery of people . "

Jiang Chen was shocked, but then a nonchalant smile appeared on his face .

Whatever, they just happen to encounter each other .

"Also," Wang Zhiyong abruptly spoke out, "Did you receive the invitation?"


"Wanghai Economic Forum . "

"Mhmm, Linhua Group did send me an invitation, is there a problem?" Jiang Chen felt lost .

Wang Zhiyong hesitated for a moment as if he wanted to say something, but then he shook his head .

"It’s fine, it’s nothing . Don’t worry about it . "

Jiang Chen eyebrows furrowed slightly as he sensed something odd . But seeing that Wang Zhiyong didn’t want to say anything more, he didn’t ask further .

In the time remaining, they just joked around as they didn't mention business anymore .

He listened to Wang Zhiyong talk about the fun things that happened in the military . Finally, the car drove into a community and parked in front of a house .

"Have dinner with us?" Wang Zhiyong invited Jiang Chen while chuckling .

"It’s okay, I already ate," Jiang Chen opened the driver door as he thanked him for his invitation .

After departing from Wang Zhiyong’s place, Jiang Chen started the car again and drove to his mansion located in Songjiang .

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When he returned at home, it was already pitch black outside . He looked at the time as it was already nine in the evening .

He parked the car inside the garage and rubbed Ayesha’s head, who waiting at the door with a smile . Jiang Chen then went to take a shower .

After the shower, he changed into a comfy robe . He drank some hot milk and rested for a while, before going to the kitchen and throwing two boxes of mango pudding into the storage dimension . Finally, he walked to the bedroom .

In front of the bedroom door, he saw Ayesha in a black night dress . Her curled brown hair was covered by droplets of water and tied into a ponytail with white lace .

From the white steam on her head, she just took a shower and dressed herself up .

"Can we sleep together?" Ayesha’s face was flushed, her tender eyes filled with love .

"Sorry, probably can’t tonight . I need to go back to the other side," Jiang Chen said apologetically .

He must go back to the apocalypse tonight to give the sample chip and USB to Yaoyao and then ask Sun Jiao about the movements of Seventh Area to determine the next steps for the base . Sun Jiao would not let him go back this late…

Although slightly disappointed, Ayesha still nodded her head empathetically .

Seeing the slight pout, Jiang Chen smiled lovingly . He rubbed her wet hair and put his forehead against hers .

"Tomorrow morning, I will wake you up . "

Ayesha's face became hot as she nodded shyly .

"Mhmm . "

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Jiang Chen kissed her pale and soft forehead, before walking out of the bedroom and closing the door .

He inhaled, closed his eyes, and started the interdimensional travel .

When he opened his eyes again, the beautifully decorated wall was replaced by a wall with visible cracks .

He breathed out the air from the modern world and immediately headed out of the room .

Before finding Yaoyao, Jiang Chen decided to go to Lin Lin’s lab to bring her the mango pudding she wanted .

"Eh? You are back already . " Surprised by Jiang Chen’s presence, Lin Lin put the test tube in her hand on the test rack .

"I will head back immediately . " Jiang Chen took out the two mango puddings and put it on her table . "Your puddings . "

Seeing the mango pudding, Lin Lin’s eyes immediately turned into pudding as she snatched the box and hugged it joyfully .

Seeing her joyful look, Jiang Chen couldn’t help but smile .

"Don’t overeat at night, take care of your stomach . "

"Don’t worry! I am a digitalized human!" Lin Lin clenched her fist as she said proudly .

"Then do what you want . Freeze the rest in the fridge, it tastes better cold," Jiang Chen turned around as he finished speaking .

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"Wait . "

Lin Lin suddenly jumped down to the ground, ran to the door, and dragged onto Jiang Chen’s shirt .

"Hmm?" Jiang Chen turned around looking at Lin Lin .

"Hmm, thank you…" It was rare for this girl expressed her gratitude . She also didn’t say her usual foolish words like "The offering you have is making me pleased . "

Looking at the coy Lin Lin, Jiang Chen was unsure of how to react .

"Don’t worry about it . "

"Are you here just to give me the mango pudding?" With a blushing face, Lin Lin said shyly .

Her expression seemed to be anticipating a specific answer .

With eyebrows raised, a smirk irrepressibly appeared on his face .

"Of course not, I am back to give a USB to Yaoyao . "


Lin Lin’s eyebrows twisted in disappointment . She put up her fist and fiercely punched Jiang Chen in the chest, then she stomped on her slippers and ran back to the room, slamming her door in a fit .

With the wooden door shut, Jiang Chen still tried to muffle his laughter .

Finally a chance to bully Lin Lin once again . It was surprisingly fun .

Jiang Chen then shook his head and walked upstairs .