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Chapter 226

Jiang Chen stood outside of Yaoyao's room, and he gently knocked on the door .

Knock knock .

"Yaoyao, are you there?" Jiang Chen spoke softly .

It was a bit past ten already, he was not sure if Yaoyao had slept already .

"Ah, Brother Jiang Chen? Coming!" The loli's surprise and joyful voice transmitted from the other side of the door, then immediately followed the sound of cotton slippers on the ground .

The door was pulled open . Yaoyao's head peaked out as she looked at Jiang Chen in excitement .

"Are you back already?"

"Mhmm, although I have to go back tomorrow . " Seeing her adorable face, Jiang Chen couldn't help but rub her hair .

With her head raised, her narrowed eyes enjoyed the caress of the firm hand on her head as adorable sounds came out of her throat .

"Are you going to sleep soon?"

"Mhmm! But since Brother Jiang Chen is here, I can sleep later . " She timidly played with her nightgown as she said with a blushed face .

"It won't take too long . I only have a favor to ask Yaoyao, is that okay?" Jiang Chen smiled .

Seeing that Jiang Chen had a favor to ask, Yaoyao's adorable eyes lit up .

She immediately nodded and raised her head, and patted her chest to assure him . "Mhmm! I got it!"

"Then I'll have to count on you . Regarding the specifics, can I come in? I need to use the computer . "

Jiang Chen entered the room .

The room was filled with a fragrance similar to lilies . Thinking that it might be the natural odor of Yaoyao, Jiang Chen's face turned red . But Yaoyao didn't notice the unnatural look on Jiang Chen's face as she ran to her table in excitement, sat on the chair, and turned on the computer .

She kicked off her slippers as her legs dangled joyfully .

The unguarded position was somewhat dangerous .

Jiang Chen gulped as he muttered to himself "I am not a loli lover" . Then he walked beside Yaoyao, put the briefcase down, and took out a USB and a chip from inside .

"The requirements of the program are inside the USB . Basically, it is to design an artificial intelligence software that is compatible with the autonomous driving control chip . You don't have to make the program very powerful as long as the chip can operate, can you do that?"

"Of course, Yaoyao's computer skills are great . " Yaoyao inserted the USB into the computer, hummed a song, and her fingers began to type rapidly on the control board .

Lines of code Jiang Chen didn't understand flashed in front of his eyes . The outdated data inside the USB was easily converted to a language that the computer in the apocalypse could understand .

"Hmmm, it is not too difficult . " Yaoyao carefully read through the requirements line by line, and nodded her head .

"How long would you need?" Jiang Chen asked .

"Around two hours," With a finger on her chin, Yaoyao said after she had given it some thought .

But the response of only needing two hours shocked Jiang Chen .

"Ahem, how, how long?"

"Umm? Two hours is enough . Since sister Sun Jiao already copied the entire database in the city library, this type of outdated technology would usually be stored as a form of an archive in the digital library . As long as the software with the highest compatibility is selected, some modifications can be done before it is good to go . " Yaoyao tilted her head as she confusedly looked at the stunned Jiang Chen .

" . . . This is insane . " Not knowing how to express his astonishment in his mind, the shocked Jiang Chen only managed to say this one statement .

A project that Dalmer Corporation expected to take five months to complete, Yaoyao said she could finish it in two hours . If they knew about this, what kind of interesting expression would appear on their faces?

Hearing Jiang Chen say this, Yaoyao nodded . Then she inserted the chip into the multifunction slot and began to work .

"Are you going to start now? Aren't you going to sleep?" Seeing that Yaoyao began to work, Jiang Chen asked .

"Woo? It's only ten, so it is not too late . Since brother will go back tomorrow, I, I want to finish it soon and help brother out . " Yaoyao's face began to burn as she timidly lowered her head .

The pure sentence along with Yaoyao's adorable look made Jiang Chen feel his heart warm . Overwhelmed with emotions, he hugged Yaoyao's frail figure from the back .

"Wa . " The slightly frantic shout echoed beside his ear .

"Thank you, you are helping me a lot . . . Yaoyao is working very hard . " Sensing the warmness, Jiang Chen sincerely thanked her .

Other than the popular game, the applications inside the base, whether it was production or management were all creations of Yaoyao . But the timid loli never said anything . She only diligently worked and contributed to his success .

Feeling the warm hug, as well as the praise she had been waiting for, Yaoyao's face was red and her tender mouth curled up in joy .

"Hehe . . . No need to thank me . Yaoyao is brother's, so, it is my duty to help you . "

"Do you want any rewards? I haven't been rewarding you properly," Jiang Chen said guiltily .

"Any kind of reward?" Yaoyao buried her head shyly, she blankly stared at her feet dangling as she murmured .


When she received the confirmation, the red hue moved from her face to the tip of her ears .

With lips bitten, she exhaled several times before she finally worked up the courage .

"Last birthday . . . At night, could you hug me while I sleep?" Yaoyao wanted to say the thing that they didn't get to finish last time, but because of her shyness, she changed her words mid-sentence .


As if she had sensed Jiang Chen's hesitation, Yaoyao carefully added, "You said anything is okay . . . Don't worry, Yaoyao has been taking a shower every night, I smell good . Yaoyao is also light and gentle when sleeping, I can be a soft pillow . . . "

Her anxious explanation made it seem as if Jiang Chen was going to take back his promise .

Looking at Yaoyao's hopeful expression, Jiang Chen gulped . He could not say no to such a cute expression . Therefore he nodded .

A joyful smiled emerged on Yaoyao's face .

The smile was mixed with happiness, as well as a hint of shyness .

"Thank you, I'm so happy . . . Mhmm! Yaoyao will begin to work . Brother, you can go sleep, Yaoyao will be done soon . "

"Do you not need me to accompany you?" Jiang Chen rubbed her head .

"No, No need . That will be really boring . . . " Yaoyao said slightly embarrassed .

Jiang Chen didn't insist .

He walked to the bed, looked at the pink sheets as he awkwardly scratched his head .

But when he thought about Yaoyao's hopeful expression, Jiang Chen gulped and with trembling fingers slowly lifted up the sheet and lied down .

He nose was tingled by the faint aroma .

Although he couldn't quite tell what the smell was, it smelt good .

Under the sheets, Jiang Chen could smell her pureness . It was an intoxicating feeling .

But this feeling didn't manage to last long .

Because it was too comfortable, Jiang Chen's began to lose his consciousness, he yawned before quickly falling asleep .

After typing up the last line of code, Yaoyao stretched her body . Then she timidly looked at the direction of the bed .

Thinking that her love was sleeping in her bed, an indescribable joy and timid feeling rose in her heart .

Yaoyao gulped as she put on her bunny slippers carefully and walked to the door to turn off the light . Then she sneaked to the side of the bed .

Her heart was beating fast as if it was going to jump out of her chest .

"Woo, fell asleep?" Seeing that Jiang Chen had already drifted to sleep, Yaoyao pouted her mouth in slight disappointment .

But for some reason, she felt relieved and more at ease .

It was a complex feeling .

Already hitting puberty, she desired the mysterious but forbidden kind of feeling . At the same time, she felt unsettled by the idea .

[Could it be that I am still not ready?]

Yaoyao didn't understand her feeling .

With a hand on her chin, under the pristine moonlight, Yaoyao pouted her mouth as she carefully observed Jiang Chen's face .

Listening to his rhythmic breathing, a sweet smile appeared on her face .

"Wooo, of course, let's maintain our current state . Since brother already felt asleep . . . " She hummed to herself in a quiet voice before she sneaked into bed .

She pecked Jiang Chen's lips as a soft smile emerged on Yaoyao's face .

With this tiny bit of happiness, Yaoyao moved closer to his warm chest, adjusting herself to be in a comfortable position before closing her eyes .

Her breathing began to turn rhythmic and gentle .

Yaoyao's crescent-shaped mouth revealed her happiness .

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