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Chapter 227

The next morning, a streak of faint morning light poured into the room through the window .

Jiang Chen yawned unhurriedly as he opened his sleepy eyes and gaze through the window .

Such a rare scene, the outside was actually sunny . The insulated window blocked all the coldness outside, so it was warm like the spring inside the room . If it wasn't for the snow, watching the bright sun, he almost felt like he slept all the way through the start of spring .

A faint, warm breath fluttered on his chest, Jiang Chen looked down and found Yaoyao all curled up on top of his chest .

Like a small rabbit, she slept peacefully . Her breathing rose and fell rhythmically . Her eyelashes quivered along with her breath as she cast off the angel-like vibe in the bright sunlight . Even in her sleep, her lips formed in a sweet smile .

Gently sweeping her bangs to the side, Jiang Chen kissed her on top of her smooth forehead, and then he sneaked out of bed .

He picked up the already completed USB and chip from the table, and then he quietly left the room and closed the door .

It was only six o’clock in the morning, but based on Jiang Chen’s understanding of Sun Jiao, she should already be up and about .

He was supposed to find her last night, but Yaoyao’s expectant eyes made him stay the night .

While heading towards the third floor of the mansion, Jiang Chen heard the gunshots coming from the training room from a distance .

"You're up so early as usual . " Pushing the door open, Jiang Chen spotted Sun Jiao in combat gears shooting at targets .

"Mhmm? You're back?" Turning around, Sun Jiao wore a surprised smile .

Throwing the pistol in the case, Sun Jiao excitedly jumped in front of Jiang Chen .

"Have you finished everything on the other side?"

"Not yet but I'm worried about this side, so I came back to check things out . "

"You're worrying now that we have the communication chip? If there's anything urgent, I will inform you . "

Lin Lin shared the video that she and Jiang Chen had recorded with Sun Jiao and Yaoyao . Yaoyao’s reaction was somewhat blasé since she did live in a more prosperous pre-war life for 12 years . Seeing the "ancient era," other than envy, she also felt melancholic .

But Sun Jiao, who hadn't seen a civilized society before, almost had her face plastered on the screen .

For her, the other side was the embodiment of a fairy tale

"It would be too late if something really happens . Has the Seventh area taken any action yet?"

Sun Jiao’s posture turned rigid upon hearing Jiang Chen’s question .

"The mutated humans have yet to make a move . The defense on the east of Zhufeng highway has been established, with the 10 Tigers and 200 soldiers being stationed there . "

Nodding, Jiang Chen pondered on it for a moment before continuing, "What about the Defender in Jia City?"

Hearing that, a troubled smile flitted across Sun Jiao’s face .

"Not even a reaction . Not a single news at all . "

Jiang Chen had exchanged a communication channel with Lin Chaoen at the Bullet Shell tavern at the Sixth Street last time . The first few times, Jiang Chen could still reach the general of the Defender Alliance in Jia City, but as soon as winter came, they seemed to have disappeared all the sudden . All communication with the Fishbone Based had come to a halt .

Did they get wiped out? Or was it another type of accident?

Frowning, Jiang Chen had a vague feeling that something was off but could not pinpoint what exactly it was .

Sun Xiaorou was captured, but there was no reaction from Dusk at all .

The mutated human’s front posts were destroyed twice, but their reaction was also somewhat abnormal .

Could it be since their plans were foiled, they were at a loss on what to do?

But rather than optimistically thinking that the threats had been eliminated, Jiang Chen was more inclined to believe in another possibility—that they were planning a massive conspiracy . The silence now was to endure through this period of time .

"Speaking of which, did Sun Xiaorou's condition get . . . better?" Jiang Chen asked, somewhat awkwardly .

"She's better now . " Sun Jiao’s expression looked despondent at the mention of her sister .

She would spend most of her time everyday with her sister and attempt to wake up the personality in Sun Xiaorou’s body, and make the devout believer of an occult slumber for eternity .

However, it was extremely difficult .

In the face of psychological issues, she really had no way of dealing with it .

"It'll get better . " Seeing the despair on Sun Jiao’s face, Jiang Chen embraced and comforted her .

"Mhmm . "

Sun Jiao nodded and leaned her head on Jiang Chen’s shoulder .

Just like this, silence perpetuated for a while and was broken when Sun Jiao suddenly asked, "How are you doing on the other side?"

"Me?" Jiang Chen paused for a moment .

"Mhmm, I haven’t asked you about the other side, so can you talk to me about it?" Whenever the other world was mentioned, Sun Jiao’s eyes lit up with anticipation .

"There's nothing special about…it's probably the exact opposite of this place . A mouse is only the size of a fist, and a cockroach is just as big as your thumb . There are no mutants, the street is littered with all kinds of people, and there is an endless number of stores that are filled with fun and delicious things…It’s hard to explain with just words, so I will just have to take you there when there's an opportunity . " Jiang Chen scratched his face .

"Woo, I'm envious of you for being born in heaven . " Sun Jiao pouted .

"It's not as good as you think . Compared to here, yes, but it's not exactly a heaven . There are people who are extremely rich, and some people are so poor they don’t have a place that belongs to themselves, and they would have to depend on other’s goodwill to be able to rent a place . "

Fortunately, Jiang Chen became the former from the latter .

"Rent?" Sun Jiao raised her eyebrows .

She could not wrap her head around what Jiang Chen had just told her . The things that the wasteland didn’t lack were concrete and steel buildings, so she couldn’t imagine why it would be so valuable .

If she got tired, she could find any building and could just place a trip mine on the stairs to sleep .

"Before the war, a house is considered a luxury . Just like the mansion where we currently reside at, if it was before the war, it would cost millions… You can think of it as millions of crystals . "

"Woah, so expensive . " Sun Jiao was astonished .

"So don’t think that the other side is perfect, lest you'll end up being disappointed . " Jiang Chen tousled Sun Jiao’s silky hair .

Just then, Sun Jiao suddenly asked, "Which side do you like better?"

Looking at the serious expression on Sun Jiao’s face, Jiang Chen took a moment to think .

He then gave an answer that even shocked himself .

"Probably…this side, or at least for now . "

In the modern world, he was just a billionaire . Even as the president of a multibillion-dollar company, he was just a wealthy person .

With the growth of Future Technology, he gradually become embroiled in the vested interest of other people .

Precisely because of the secrets he had to protect, Jiang Chen's development had to be carefully measured, and he had to control the speed of his improvement . Despite possessing copious amounts of astonishing innovations, he could not easily bring it out in the open .

Innovation like virtual reality MMORPG, Dong Yukong had already developed it . The headset version virtual reality gear could be produced in the Sixth Street, however, bringing it out in the modern world would be no different to committing suicide .

In the apocalypse, however, he was the commander of a force . After becoming the general of the Sixth Street, there was no organization in the entire Wanghai City that could force him to hide his growth .

Perhaps the development in the modern world should be hastened?

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