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Chapter 229

To host this gathering, Linhua Group had certainly made an all-out effort . Not only was the food impeccable, the guests had also been given meticulous attention .  

When the party was halfway through, a sound of music began to play in the venue . In the center of the circular hall, the Chinese music circle goddess, Zhang Hui, was singing, the melodious and soft music revibrating in the hall . Clapping sound erupted as the music faded .

To be able to invite a celebrity of this caliber to be part of this gathering showed the influence of Wang Linhua .

Seeing that the atmosphere of the party has come to a peak, the host of the gathering took out the microphone . He first expressed his gratitude to Zhang Hui for her performance and to all the guests for coming to the event before announcing the next part of the celebration .

The servers pushing the food carts entered the hall as they began to serve exquisite meals . Musical performance started playing from the center of the hall . The guests, exhausted from chatting, started enjoying their dinner .

"Hello Mr . Jiang, we meet again . " Wang Xinyan approached Jiang Chen with a glass of wine in her hand .

 Still clad in a vibrant red, but instead of a cotton dress, this time was an elegant cocktail dress .

"It's a pleasure meeting you again, Miss Wang . " Jiang Chen raised his glass and smiled .

"Is it? But why do I sense that you feel the opposite?" With a graceful stride, Wang Xinyan proposed a toast to Jiang Chen and then took a sip of her wine .

"That's just your imagination . " While saying this, Jiang Chen muttered another sentence to himself .

[But your imagination is too accurate . ]

"Woman's instinct is very accurate . " Towards Jiang Chen's denial, Wang Xinyan just smiled mysteriously and did not give a direct response .

"Ahem, let's cut to the chase . Come on, what do you need from me?" Jiang Chen coughed lightly as he put down the wine .

"Can't I even look for you without having an ulterior motive?" Wang Xinyan gracefully sat across him .

"Of course, but you're obviously not . "

Seeing the guarded look on Jiang Chen's face, Wang Xinyan let out a sigh .

"A man who doesn't understand a woman . Then, excuse me for being blunt . . . My father wants to see you . "

[Wang Linhua? Why would a real estate developer want to see me?]

Frowning, Jiang Chen couldn't think of any potential business ventures between Linhua Group and Future Technology .

"Right now?"

"Of course, after the event ends . " Her red lips curved upwards slyly .

[When the party's over?]

Jiang Chen still couldn't figure out the intention of Wang Linhua .

Seeing Jiang Chen's slightly frowning expression, Wang Xinyan giggled . "Why are you so cautious? Don't you think it'd be probably be something good?"

"Because I noticed you used the word 'probably," Jiang Chen said dully .

"That depends on you and how you interpret it . " Wang Xinyan left a smile and a meaningful sentence behind, and then gracefully got up and exited in grand fashion .

[Depends on my interpretation?]

A profound smile broke on Jiang Chen's face .

Thereupon, the door to the hall became unsettled .

"Is that Carmen Rothschild? My god, when did Linhua Group become this influential?"

"Did Carmen specifically come here for this, or is he on a business trip for Rothschild family? Maybe Linhua was informed about it, and that's why he sent an invitation? But for the Rothschild family to attend this gathering, Linhua Group is surely powerful . "

"Haha, if they want to get a slice of the cake of the 1 . 3 billion people market, then they will need to establish a good relationship with the top dog . "

"That makes sense . I wonder which lucky person will have the opportunity to have dealings with these Europeans tyrants . . "

The ongoing speculations had made Jiang Chen's expression turn slightly strange .  

The lucky person they were referring to was him .

Once the news about the deal had been publicized, what kind of interesting expression would be on their faces?

Speaking of this, the control chip and artificial intelligence system had already been completed .

As long as Jiang Chen willed it, the chip could just be transported from the storage dimension to his pocket .

But to avoid drawing too much attention to himself, Jiang Chen cautiously decided to temporarily put it aside as he was planning to introduce it in April .

Picking up his chopstick, he began to enjoy the food on the table . But then, much to his surprise, Carmen began to look around and headed his way .

Seeing this scene, everyone's eyes widened .

"So it's Future Technology? When did the Rothschild family get involved in the high-tech industry?"

"Wait, I heard that Carmen is here representing the Dialmer Corporation . Could it be that Future Technology will be venturing into automotive industry?"

Artifical intelligence on top of automotive?

This was one piece of a hot news . What was the media doing, and how come there was no information at all?

Disregarding the reaction of the crowd, Carmen sat across from Jiang Chen where Wang Xinyan had previously sitten .

"Chinese food, I like it a lot," Carmen nobly said with a smile, but he picked up a knife and fork .

"Nice to see you again, old buddy," said Jiang Chen and exchanged greetings with him .

Whether if it was because of the language barrier or something else entirely, listening to Jiang Chen's words, Carmen's expression became somewhat awkward .

"I apologize, my friend . I didn't deliberately provoke you—" Based on his understanding, the disappearance of GPS signal was because Jiang Chen had discovered it already . In view of their current relationship, Carmen chose to apologize sincerely .

"It's okay, I'm a very easy person . " Jiang Chen smiled .

Carmen had blanked out for a moment before a grateful smile appeared on his face .

[Being able to let go of the past is amazing . This kind of mental fortitude is truly admirable . . . ] Carmen exclaimed in his head .

Although it was not a big deal to be inept in using chopsticks and compared to 1 billion USD . . . How does one eat Chinese food with a knife and fork? Jiang Chen's expression looked strange as he stared at the knife and fork in Carmen's hand .

The conversation between the two could be described as disjointed, but because of coincidence, it somehow connected together . Carmen thought that Jiang Chen had discovered the problem with the USB, but in reality, Jiang Chen didn't notice the mishap at all .

One had to say that this disconnect in the information, which caused this misunderstanding, was really funny

Jiang Chen's taciturn behavior was seen as generosity in Carmen's eyes, so his words could not help but have guilt woven into them . While chatting with him, Jiang Chen became perplexed by his odd tone .

Was this a difference in language expression?

In short, the flow of conversation between the two was very harmonious .

But this harmony, in the eyes of a certain person, was far from being pleasant .

"So Rothschild is interested in Future Technology as well?" With wine in hand, the corner of his eyes peeked at the two as Wang Linhua muttered to himself .

The wine swirling in the glass reflected the aged face immersed in deep thought .

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