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Chapter 230

The gathering ended . After saying goodbye to Carmen Rothschild, Jiang Chen went to the back of the hall and met Wang Linhua waiting there .

The elder man's body looked healthy, and he had a head full of black hair . While wrinkles were visible on his face, it only added to his authoritative look . From this point alone, Wang Dehai should be his older brother and quite a few years older .

When he saw Jiang Chen come in, he had an amiable smile on his face as he warmly welcomed Jiang Chen to take a seat .

"Haha, I have been listening to my brother's praises of you, now that I see you, it certainly is true . " Wang Linhua nodded his head .

"Uncle Wang is overcomplimenting me," Jiang Chen said humbly .

"Since you call me uncle, could I call you little Jiang?"

"Of course, it's my honor . "

When he heard Jiang Chen's words, Wang Linhua smiled as he took a drink of tea to soothe his throat .

"The reason why I asked you to stay today is that I wanted to chat with you . I hope little Jiang doesn't mind . "

"Not a problem . " Jiang Chen smiled, but he was analyzing his intention .

"Did you see my daughter yet?" Wang Linhua asked nonchalantly .

[Wang Xinyan?]

As to why Wang Linhua all the sudden mentioned this, Jiang Chen was rather lost .

"Yes," Jiang Chen nodded as he answered cautiously .

"What do you think about her?"

"Unique . " Jiang Chen carefully chose his word .

"I heard you don't have a girlfriend yet, you young people should spend more time together . As the elder, I don't need to say more . "

Hearing this, Jiang Chen's expression became odd .

[What is this? Arranged marriage? Encouraging me to chase after you daughter?]

"Why did uncle Wang mention this all of the sudden?" Without replying directly, Jiang Chen smiled .

"Nothing really, only casually mentioning it, don't worry too much . " Wang Linhua laughed as he waved his hands .

Jiang Chen didn't continue this conversation as he also laughed along with him . He didn't understand what kind of show this old guy was putting on for him, so he decided to be careful with his words .

As to the hint, there was no way he would agree to it .

Seeing that Jiang Chen didn't continue the conversation, Wang Linhua only smiled . He reached for the teapot and filled his cup with more tea .

"Westlake Longjing, my friend gave it to me as a gift . "

Jiang Chen raised his cup to take a sip, although he didn't know the intricacy of tea, he still pretended to know as he nodded .

"Great tea . "

"Haha, not bad right? It is limited quantity . Better than the ones available on the market . " Wang Linhua laughed, as he also took a sip of the tea .

However, simply through observing his action, he was more natural than Jiang Chen .

"Speaking of this, during one of my outings with the old friend who gifted me the tea, he spoke about an interesting problem . Could little Jiang solve my elderly man's confusion?" Wang Linhua said with a gentle voice as he smiled at Jiang Chen .

"My knowledge is limited, but I will do my best," Jiang Chen answered cautiously .

"I hope little Jiang don't mind, my old friend works in intelligence service . I am only curious because based on what he said, he couldn't find anything on the technology team behind Future Technology . That team, does it really exist?"

A piercing and sharp look shot out of Wang Linhua's eyes .

That fox-like sight, locked tightly onto Jiang Chen's pupils as if he wanted to look through Jiang Chen .

But Jiang Chen was not a rookie anymore, he was at least a general of the Sixth Street . Although it was in another world, it didn't interfere with his new-found calmness as a leader .

"Of course, it's just that you guys haven't been able to find them yet," Jiang Chen replied to Wang Linhua's suspiciousness with calmness .

"Oh? Really?"

"Of course . We only developed a partnership with them . Based on the agreement, they provide technology to us, and we focus on the operations . We also promise them confidentiality to all information about them . " It was the second time Jiang Chen said something like this .

The first was to the media .

As to Jiang Chen's response, Wang Linhua was obviously unsatisfied, but he didn't show anything on his face, he only smiled, as he continued .

"We are leaning towards another possibility . "

"Such as?"

"That team is fictitious, everything is your work . "

"A very imaginative assumption . Disregarding the fact that I have studied mechanical engineering, what's my reason to do this?" Jiang Chen shrugged .

"There are many reasons . For example, avoiding the trouble, or blurring the development cost . " Wang Linhua smiled mysteriously .

"You think I am avoiding tax? Let's disregard if the problem exists or not in the first place . I don't think Linhua Group is a tax agency right? Even if your brother is powerful, it doesn't mean I have to accept your interrogation . When did Linhua Group start doing the work of the government agency?"

Although Wang Linhua had clearly heard the displeasure in Jiang Chen's tone, for some odd reason, he didn't stop the topic there .

"Of course not, I am only listing out a possibility . But those two points are key . The key is, this could be your motive because you don't trust the government . "

"Don't trust the government? This is a serious accusation, I cannot accept this . And don't you think this kind of assumption is irresponsible? Where is your evidence?" Jiang Chen said calmly .

Rather than lack of trust, Jiang Chen would rather refer to it as being cautious for his life . Since his right hand held the portal to another world!

"Don't be nervous, I am only stating a possibility . Granted, our government system does have some flaws and unjust, but all in all, it is still a good system . For the people with talent, we always provide support . "

"Therefore?" Jiang Chen laughed .

"Did little Jiang ever consider an equity infusion by state," Wang Linhua said with a smile .

Jiang Chen let out a sigh in his mind, [It is finally here . ]

A monthly revenue over a billion, 99% of absolute share control, this juicy piece of meat finally made people feel unsettled?

"Future Technology's operating condition is doing well, the cash flow is steady, there is no consideration of equity infusion . "

It was the point that made all venture capitalists grind their teeth . The lack of problem with cash flow meant that there was no possibility for them to cut a piece of pie from Future 1 . 0 . Disregarding venture capitalists, Future Technology doesn't even need a bank loan . With its monthly profit alone, it could meet its growth needs . The company's incredible money generating ability did indeed make people's eyes glisten with greed .

This would include private capitals, foreign capitals, and of course, state capitals .

And Linhua Group is a renowned state enterprise . Wang Linhua's question was dubious in its nature .

"It doesn't have to be operating poorly to infuse state capital . With liquid asset, you could develop freely and expand your operation . " Wang Linhua took a sip of tea in an in control attitude .

That gesture hinted at a layer of meaning worth thinking over .

"If you don't mind me using a derogatory term, if you take too big of a stride, you might pull your nuts . "

"Therefore, little Jiang is going to refuse?" Wang Linhua narrowed his eyes, but the smile on his face didn't fade away .

As to convincing, he had a mysterious sense of confidence . Jiang Chen didn't know what his trump card is, but he would not give any ground on this point .

"It has to do with the future of the company, I must be cautious with my decision . " Jiang Chen didn't back down .

"Do you think infusing state capital would hinder the growth of Future Technology?" Wang Linhua laughed, he waved his hands, "Let's talk about policy, but you should have been paying attention already . "

After taking a pause, Wang Linhua continued .

"Based on the state's newly discussed strategy, for the second type of corporation, the keystone corporation is an important industry, as well as its supporting industry, the high-tech industry . For these industries, the state wants an ownership control of 51% . Of course, this is only a recommended percentage, the actual percentage may differ . "

"I heard that it is not an enforced policy, only a method of supporting the company . There is no law that states I must accept an equity infusion by state," Jiang Chen answered emotionlessly .

For Jiang Chen's answer, Wang Linhua shook his head with a smile .

"Do you think, the government would let this type of high-end technology sit in the hands of an individual? With strong capital, the piece of gold would create more value . "

"Or it would be worth nothing . " Jiang Chen shrugged .

"Oh?" Wang Linhua pretended to act curious .

"The infusion of external capital would mean that the company might display the specifics of the operation to the new shareholder . My partner obviously has no intention to reveal itself to any country . Therefore they may terminate my partnership to seek other partners . Don't you think by that point, the move becomes pointless?" Jiang Chen said nonchalantly .

"That's okay . " Wang Linhua smiled at Jiang Chen "Perhaps they would give up on Future Technology, but no reason to give up a 1 . 3 billion people market . If they truly exist, we'll treat their new partner better . "

At this point, Jiang Chen truly understood everything .

The old guy was gambling, the type of gambling where he would not lose .

Whether the foreign technology team is real or fake, it would only take a test to find out . If they actually existed, they would change to a different name, there was no need to worry about them leaving .

As to if Future Technology would be abandoned or not, Wang Linhua didn't care at all .

Unfortunately, Wang Zhiyong not speaking his mind that day reflected Wang Dehai's attitude .

At least he permitted the situation . Since Wang Linhua belonged to the Wang family, if Future Technology became Wang family's asset, Wang family acquired another cash cow .

"So you are arranging this marriage for state capital?'

"No, only arranging the marriage for the Wang family . " Wang Linhua smiled .

Of course .

"Oh?" Jiang Chen sneered .

"I'll marry my daughter to you, then you will be the son in law of the Wang family . The dowry is five billion, the bride price . . . obviously is 50% of the Future Technology share . "

It was a great plan, disregarding the logic of "standing at the high grounds for the country, and forcefully selling and buying . " Is the dowry supposed to be an asset after marriage? Based on the ten billion market cap two months ago, to acquire the Future Technology with monthly revenues of a billion, are they shameless? Or shameless?

"What is this? Political marriage?" Jiang Chen mocked .

"You could interpret it that way . "

"Therefore, Linhua Group can represent the government?" Jiang Chen ridiculed .

"Although we can't represent, the Wang family has a certain amount of power . Also, Linhua Group is a state-owned enterprise . Therefore it means the same thing as state capital infusing into Future Technology," Wang Linhua said with a smile .

What a shameless things to say .

"Could I interpret it that your action reflects the attitude of the Wang family?"

Pondering on Jiang Chen's question, Wang Linhua took another sip of the tea .

"You could interpret it that way . Since, rather than giving this juicy meat away to other people, it is better to put it in my own stomach . "

[It is a straightforward analogy, you view my Future Technology as a piece of juicy meat already?]

Seeing Wang Linhua's confident expression, the tip of Jiang Chen's mouth curved up as he said emotionlessly .

"If you think you are so great, are you not afraid I will become a foreign company?"

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