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Chapter 231

Jiang Chen's words made Wang Linhua pause for a moment, his cunning eyes narrowed into a line . His eyes reflected those of a hunter observing its prey's sharp claw .

Jiang Chen responded to the invasive sight by smiling fearlessly, he took a sip out of the teacup .

His calmness made Wang Linhua uncertain .

If Jiang Chen proactively gave out the shares, it would be the best case scenario . Five billion along with becoming the son-in-law of the Wang family in exchange for 50% of Future Technology's share, in Wang Linhua's eyes, was not too harsh .

Wang Linhua could not think through the reason for Jiang Chen's reaction . Without exaggerating, Future Technology was a piece of juicy meat . Not only the Wang family has spotted the meat, Zhou and Liu families, who had no less of a political influence, were also unsettled .

But because the juicy meat lies in Wanghai, and Wanhai was Wang family's territory, that's why they urged themselves . But followed by the increase in profitability of Future Technology, they could no longer sit around .

Just like what he has said, rather than other people eating it, it was better to put it in his own stomach .

"Foreign corporation?" Wang Linhua laughed, "Do you think foreign capital is as cute as it looks . As an elder, I have to caution you, their manner is even worse . Especially since the primary business of Future Technology is still in the country . A bite by us, we can give you some compensation . A bite by foreign capitals, you may have to eat the leftovers with them . "

Although he was saying this confidently, Jiang Chen could still hear the hint of the fear in his voice .

China connecting to the world meant that it is no longer excluded from the world that's led by American capital as they carefully maintained the image of their international state capital . Using the policy to forcefully buy and sell could occur between state and private capital, but it could never occur between state capital and foreign capital .

These major shareholders are able to hide from the public's eyes as they only exist in the financial information of each corporation . But in actuality, the QQ we use every day, the largest internet company in China with a market cap of 250 billion - Tencent, the major shareholder is not Ma Huateng, but South Africa MIH .

As to the famous Alibaba, their major shareholder was not Jack Ma, but Softbank .

Regardless of the status of foreign affairs, foreign capitals are all thriving domestically without suffering any unfair treatment . For example, if the Rothschild family became a shareholder of Future Technology, even without becoming the top shareholder, Wang Linhua would definitely be afraid to make any moves .

It was the reason why Wang Linhua felt nervous when he saw Carmen and Jiang Chen being so close .

It was okay laying hands on private capital, it was like a father beating his son as it was the family business . But if a guest came, what kind of etiquette would be used to pull things from the guest's pocket? Although it was a situation that could not be helped, it was the sad truth .

If Future Technology did get pushed away by him, not only would Wang Dehai not be too happy, Wang Linhua himself would get nothing out of it . The power within the structure is good against your own people, but not so effective against other people .

"I am only explaining a possibility," Jiang Chen said expressionlessly .

"Are you threatening me?" Wang Linhua voice began to turn cold .

"No, I am only responding to your threat . "

"Threat?" Wang Linhua laughed, "Linhua Group's equity infusion would be absolutely beneficial for Future Technology, you are too ignorant of the situation . "

Just like Wang Linhua said, it was not bad for state capital to infuse into Future Technology . A lot of companies at the brink of bankruptcy do everything they can to infuse state capital .

With state capital, although it meant some profit would be lost, the company would receive preferential treatment in all kinds of areas . Such as loans . No possibility of a loan not being approved . The bank would nod their head even at the risk of bad debt . Another example, policies . As long as they have the correct political stance, they would not receive repressions from the political side .

But there was no way Jiang Chen could do this .

Once state capital is infused, that means that he must reveal the specifics of the company's operations to the new "major shareholder . " For example, the team that developed Future 1 . 0, the point of contact, as well as the cost breakdown of software development . How could this be revealed to other people?

Jiang Chen doesn't have enough knowledge on political regulations to give his right hand to the government .

"It's not because of ignorance, it's just you are too greedy . With only five billion, you want 50% share of Future Technology with billions of monthly profit, why don't you go rob instead?" Jiang Chen sneered as he stared straight into Wang Linhua's eyes .

"Rob? Without the Wang family looking after you, do you think Future Technology could grow smoothly to this point?" Wang Linhua paused as he looked at Jiang Chen with more than one layer of meaning .

"Rothschild family is wealthy, I know you formed a partnership with them . But they are outsiders after all, even with money, their influence in China is limited . If you think they can help you out, then you will be disappointed . If you think selling your share would avoid trouble, I recommend you get rid of the idea . Future Technology can escape from trouble, but you definitely won't be able to . "

The threatening intent was serious .

Jiang Chen eyes' narrowed .

"I don't know if you have considered this question before, but Future Technology is an internet company with only a few servers . I can start the company anywhere . In the country, or outside of the country . "

"Then you mean?" Wang Linhua's eyes narrowed .

"I retain my option to vote with my feet . "

With those words, the atmosphere in the room froze .

After a while, Wang Linhua leaned against his chair, and slowly opened his mouth to break the silence .

"Young, impulsive, unwilling to compromise, I can understand . But, I recommend you to think carefully before you make a decision . Linhua Group's control of Future Technology is not only the Wang family's decision, but the people at the top also nodded their heads . Vote with your feet? You have to be able to leave . "

Jiang Chen laughed without saying anything .

[Funny, if I want to leave, who could stop me?]

Seeing that Jiang Chen didn't answer, Wang Linhua thought he was considering, he smiled, and didn't push him too hard .

"It is pretty late, let's call it a day . I hope you can choose a happy ending . After the Chinese New Year, Linhua group will have its shareholder meeting, the official acquisition proposal will be handed to you by April . I trust that in four months time, you can think this through . "

"What if I reject?"

"Future Technology's Chinese operation may experience some unpleasant surprises . "

[Looks like Wang Linhua is firm on grabbing Future Technology in his hands . ]

"Oh? It looks like I have to consider this carefully then . "

Sneering in his mind, Jiang Chen stood up .

He walked towards the door but suddenly stopped . Turning back around, he smiled .

"I hope you don't regret your decision today . "

Wang Linhua took a moment before he burst out laughing .

"Regret? Buddy, you have a big mouth . To make me regret, you are still too young . "

"Is that so?"

Jiang Chen left Wang Linhua with a smile that held a deeper meaning, he didn't stay any longer as he pushed open the door .