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Chapter 232

"How did it go? Is it good news or bad news?" Standing outside of the room, Wang Xinyan looked at Jiang Chen, who just came out of the door, with a smile .

"What do you think?' Jiang Chen stopped and looked at her, half-smiling .

"I think it didn't go too well . " Wang Xinyan crossed her arms as she stood beside Jiang Chen, "I don't understand, what's there to reject? Am I that despicable?"

"What's there to reject?" Jiang Chen laughed dubiously, "You tell me, what's there to agree?"

Jiang Chen didn't respond to her plan of testing the water and left immediately .

Looking at Jiang Chen walking away, Wang Xinyan's flashed an unusual light as a mischievous smile appeared on her face .

"Interesting . "

. . .

After coming out of the hotel, Jiang Chen walked to the garage . Just as he was about to go into his car, a stranger approached him .

Seeing that Jiang Chen was walking over, a man in a brown trench coat waved at him and walked towards his direction .

"You are?" Jiang Chen raised his eyebrows .

"Just a salesman . " The man shrugged and smiled friendly .

"I am not in the mood to buy anything . "

"No, trust me, you will be interested in my offer . " The man coughed, and extended his right hand, "Zhang Youjie, I'm an employee of the UA Consulate . "

Jiang Chen's eyes moved slightly as he shook his hand out of etiquette, then with a layer of meaning, he said, "Consulate worker? What do you have for an ordinary merchant like me?"

A Han name, should be a UA Han?

"Ahem, Mr . Jiang is too humble . A normal merchant would not go save someone in Iraq, nor would he go step in the muddy water in Kane, he especially wouldn't train mercenaries in Niger . " Zhang Youjie said in a low voice then he coughed .

What a detailed investigation .

"Then your intention is?' Jiang Chen asked emotionlessly .

"Please don't be mistaken, I am here with good intentions . Although you are unnaturally active internationally, your current actions aren't threatening the security of my country . " Seeing the caution in Jiang Chen's eyes, Zhong Youjie rushed to explain .

"Can I hear about this good intention of yours?" Jiang Chen smiled .

"Have you considered switching to a different nationality? The Wall Street is a broad stage . For a talent like you, it is too pitiful if you waste your time on those greedy politicians . "

"Wall Street? I currently have no interest in Wall Street . " Jiang Chen said nonchalantly .

"Don't reject it yet . " Zhang Youjie stopped Jiang Chen's words, he slipped a business card into his hand with a smile, "It is never bad to have a few extra options right? The door to freedom is always open for people with talent, especially for a genius like you . "

Zhang Youjie bowed nobly before he turned around and left .

Staring at Zhong Youjie's shadow, Jiang Chen played with the business card in his hand for as a dubious smile appeared on his face .

Wall Street? Would the etiquette of the Wall Street capitalists be better? As long as they are politicians, they are the same everywhere .

He stuffed the business card into his pocket as Jiang Chen sat into his Maybach .

If Wang Linhua thought he could use the power within the system to force him to agree, then he is fated for disappointment .

Future Technology will never be a subsidiary of the Wang family, Jiang Chen never had the intention to compromise .

. . .

After he got into the car, Jiang Chen didn't head home . Instead, he went to the rural area and parked in front of the Hongyi private club .

Jiang Chen closed the door, entered the club, passed through the hall and walked straight to the reception desk .

"Hello sir, what kind of service-" The receptionist smiled professionally as she greeted Jiang Chen .

Those coming at this hour, needless to say, was here to "spend the night" .

But Jiang Chen's first sentence caught her by surprise .

"Call your manager . . . Zhou Zihao here . " Jiang Chen said in a straightforward manner .

The receptionist paused for a moment and looked at Jiang Chen in confusion .


"Just say that someone called Jiang Chen is here . "

She looked skeptically at Jiang Chen, but she still picked up the phone and called the manager .

"Hello? Manager Zhou? Someone named Jiang Chen wants to see you -, Oh, okay . . . "

When she hung up the phone, the way she looked at him changed from skepticism to respect .

If the mention of this person's name in that one phone can get her manager to come down, this person is obvious not ordinary . In her impression, the only person that could do this was called Wang Zhiyong .

Without waiting for long, Jiang Chen saw the "squint eye" coming down .

"Haha, we meet again, brother Jiang . " Zhou Zihao walked up to Jiang Chen with a smile, "How have you been?"

The warmness made it seem like the unhappy ending that happened here last time didn't exist .

"Not very good, so I came here to find you . " Jiang Chen also smiled .

"Find me? Uncle Wang wants you to be his son in law, does brother Jiang want me to be the best man?"

"You already know?" Jiang Chen was slightly surprised .

"I do have some connections here . " Zhou Zihao shrugged .

"Okay let's not play riddles then . Partnership, are you interested?" Jiang Chen was direct .

After a brief moment, an interested expression appeared on Zhou Zihao's face .

"Partnership? Is Future Technology not satisfied with great influence that is the Wang family?"

"Nothing to do with Future Technology . " Jiang Chen said emotionlessly, "A partnership between you and me . "

"You want me to go against uncle Wang, even though I don't have the reason -"

"Military artificial intelligence project . "

Zhou Zihao's eyes immediately narrowed, although his eyes were not big to begin with .

Jiang Chen clearly sensed that he was tempted .

"This is not the place to talk . " Zhou Zihao said in a low voice as he signaled to Jiang Chen to follow him into the second-floor room .

Immediately after they sat down, Zhou Zihao couldn't wait and asked .

"Can Future Technology really do it? The military artificial intelligence program?"

"Smart drone control system . "

Jiang Chen sensed clearly that he was tempted by the offer, but he didn't immediately agree as a hint of caution came out of his eyes .

"How do you want me to help you?"

"I heard you have a hobby of shooting adult videos, how many have you filmed?" Jiang Chen's sight was dubious .

Zhou Zihao's eyes slightly moved, he obviously knew what Jiang Chen referred to .

"You want those videos?"

"Exactly . "

"Are you crazy, you think you could use those 147 political sex scandal video to take down Wang family?"

"147 of them? That is more than what I expected . . . I wasn't thinking about taking down the Wang family, what I need is necessary deterrence . " Jiang Chen stared at Zhou Zihao's squinted eyes, "Zhou family is in Shangjing, and you are in Wanghai, I suppose you don't really favor your own family . Smart drone control systems . . . if you give me the videos, the systems are yours . "