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Chapter 233

Future Technology had to go, and this was Jiang Chen had decided a long time ago . But even if it's gone, there would still be a process involved . Moreover, even if it's gone, that didn't mean he would abandon the domestic market . It's just that selecting a small country was easier to control as a headquarter to facilitate the future development of Future Technology later on .

However, he didn't expect that Wang family would no longer be able to sit still so quick .

In order to control the artificial intelligence technology and to rope state-owned assets in, the organization's authority was employed to compel Jiangchen to surrender his shares of Future Technology . Using the state-owned assets and Wang family joint ownership of Linhua Group to own a controlling number of shares in Future Technology, Wang Linhua's formulated a sound plan .  

When all was said and done, Jiang Chen's connection could not be considered extensive . Future Technology's profits made people envious . Although the Wang family had kept him away from trouble, what if the Wang family became greedy too? Obviously, in the face of family interest, Wang Dehai naturally chose his own family and allowed Wang Linhua's behaviors .

However, in regard to Wang Linhua's "not so excessive" conditions, Wang Dehai still gave it a thought . Although Jiang Chen had to give up his shares, they didn't make it "too difficult" for him . 5 billion RMB along with the identity of son-in-law, Wang Dehai thought it was enough compensation .

But Jiang Chen was not satisfied with this .

So he went to look for Zhou Zihao .

Don't be mistaken, Jiang Chen never thought those videos would work, or that those videos would make Wang family compromise with him and stop their scheming against Future Technology . If he did release the scandal videos, it would force the two parties on completely opposite sides without any room for negotiation .

Taking a thousand steps back, even if the Wang family stopped, would it stop other greedy people from making move against him? A head-on conflict with the Wang family would mean that he would lose the protection of the top dogs, which would make it more difficult for Future Technology . Wang Linhua was convinced about this point . Thus, he directly confronted Jiang Chen and overtly plotted . "I want your shares . Are you going to give it to me or not?"

After getting the videos from Zhou Zihao, Jiang Chen carelessly threw it into the storage dimension .

The trump card he was relying on was the "UAV Smart Control System 1 . 0," which Zhou Zihao had happily taken home and taken credit for .

Although Zhou Zihao submitted the project under his name, would the bigwigs be dumb enough to think that it was Zhou Zihao who really developed it?

With just a simple investigation, it was easy to deduce the last person Zhou Zihao made contact with before coming back to Shangjing .

The people eyeing his interest was not the government, rather it was the Wang family . Would the government really care about such minuscule profit? The government was only interested in the artificial intelligence project in his possession and nothing more . Wang Linhua could persuade the largest shareholder of Linhua Group, SASAC (State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission), to acquire Future Technology . Without a doubt, he appealed to this type of reason: "become the first shareholder that could transform Future Technology into a military tech company and use artificial intelligence in the military . "

Since the civil-level artificial intelligence could not whet the appetite of the higher-ups, then the military grade should do the trick .

As long as the top dogs were satisfied with the contribution of Future Technology on the national defense and were persuaded that it would make more contributions in the hands of Jiang Chen, then the state's reason to control Future Technology would no longer exist . At the same time, the state could also provide certain policy protection to Future Technology .

As for the Wang family? As long as Jiang Chen would be able to persuade the top dogs that Future Technology could only maximize its value in his hands, would he need to worry about the Wang family? Even if the Wang family was influential locally, their local sphere of influence was limited, so how could they oppose the will of the central authority?

As for seeking connection with the Zhou family, it was only to avoid encroaching on the other party's vested interest . The video was nothing more than to divert Zhou Zihao's attention, so that he would think that Jiang Chen was only interested in his videos . As such, he was impatient to return and present the "treasure . "

. . .

It has been a week since Jiang Chen made a deal with Zhou Zihao . Just like what Jiang Chen had expected, an unusual guest appeared in his mansion .

It was a middle-aged man with a shaved head, lean, and sharp-looking figure . Despite possessing an ordinary face and a fading white sideburns, the shrewd aura emanating from him made Jiang Chen unable to ignore his presence .

Standing behind him should be his bodyguard . His slightly burly figure made him look like a person with excellent combat ability, but Jiang Chen had seen too many of them, so he didn't give it much attention .

"Ye Guolong, Colonel . " Ye Guolong sharply extended his hand and shook hands with Jiang Chen . He only stated his rank without going into the details of his exact position .

[It's actually a colonel . It's at least an officer rank, even at a deputy division level . ] While Jiang Chen was secretly astonished, he did not reveal too much emotion on his face .

"Jiang Chen, just an ordinary businessman . Come inside, if you please . " Jiang Chen smiled and invited Ye Guolong into the living area .

Sitting on the sofa, Ye Guolong looked around the living room and spoke, "Has Mr . Jiang been expecting my arrival?"

"Oh? Why do you think so?" Sitting across from him, Jiang Chen asked while smiling .

"You even have the tea already prepared . " Ye Guolong smiled and took a sip of tea . "It's still hot . "

"When an important guest is visiting, I can't be too shabby, can I?"

After some casual small talk, Ye Guolong put on a severe face as he headed to the critical topic .

"Mr . Jiang, I'll be straightforward with you—did you create the UAV Smart Control System 1 . 0?"

Seeing Ye Guolong's seriousness, Jiang Chen turned solemn as well and put down his tea .

"That's right . "

Since he already asked, it was apparent that already know everything through an investigation, so it would be not sincere to run around in circles .

"When did you start developing this system? Other than Zhou Zihao, how many people have seen the source code?"

"Is Colonel Ye interrogating me?" Jiang Chen didn't answer and retorted .

Hearing that, Ye Guolong paused for a brief moment before he slightly frowned .

"This is a state secret, so please cooperate, Mr . Jiang . "

"Someone seems to have submitted my work as military technology, so my work became a state secret? Could I interpret it this way, Colonel Ye?"

With that, Ye Guolong could not help but feel embarrassed .  

This software was indeed submitted by the Zhou family, but according to their investigation, the software was developed by Jiang Chen . It was precisely the reason why they went to look for Jiang Chen . It was so they could ensure the safety of the software . Even with the software, they were hesitant in using it . Since it pertained to national security, there was no room for error .

"Uh, for Mr . Jiang's contribution, we'll offer a fair amount of compensation . I hope Jiang Chen can consider what's important for the bigger picture," with that, Ye Guolong could no longer maintain a stern face and stated awkwardly .

Seeing Ye Guolong's expression, Jiang Chen smile and stopped giving him a harder time .

"The software started its development phase around three months ago before Zhou Zihao acquired the software from me, so only the development team overseas and I had seen the code . But I have to warn you, version 1 . 0 is only half-completed . "

"Half-completed?" Ye Guolong furrowed his brows .

"Exactly, though it looks fine now, there are a lot of security risks in the system . These problems could have been solved in the subsequent updates, but unfortunately, Future Technology encountered some small problems . To tell you the truth, I gave the software to Zhou Zihao because of the threat I received from a not-to-be-underestimated person . This led us to rush out to release this semi-finished product in exchange for Zhou's policy protection," Jiang Chen responded .

"Do you know the consequences of messing with us with a half-completed product?" Ignoring his last statement, Ye Guolong asked dubiously .

"Was the software created by Future Technology?" Jiang Chen feigned astonishment .

Ye Guolong was speechless again .

In fact, the software was not submitted under Future Technology's name . Even if something did occur, it was the Zhou family's problem, it had nothing to do with Future Technology .

Ye Guolong couldn't resist the urge to curse at the dumbass Zhou in his mind, who didn't realize that the software was half-completed .

But the Zhou family was not to be blamed . Though the system was half completed, it was definitely still usable . Only through a series of experiments would the flaw be exposed . One could say that they were too impatient .

After a brief moment of silence, he slowly opened his mouth, "How long will it take to complete it?"

"A month would do . "

Hearing Ye Guolong asked this question, he knew the incident was about to be resolved .

"What kind of small problems did you encounter?" Ye Guolong asked impassively .

"This is the recorded message between the president of Linhua Group, Wang Linhua, and me . " Jiang Chen put a USB on the table .

Frowning, Ye Guolong picked up the USB .

"I will report the problem for you to the higher-ups . . . Technicians should better stay away from politics . "

"I do too, but someone always wants to use politics against me," Jiang Chen shrugged and stated in a helpless voice .

After thinking for a moment, Ye Guolong said, the UAV Smart Control System 1 . 0's maintenance will be contracted by Zhongxin High Tech to Future Technology . "

Zhongxin High Tech was the Zhou family's corporation responsible for the design of drones, a leading corporation participating in the military artificial intelligence project . It would be impossible to obtain the patent rights of the "UAV Smart Control System 1 . 0" since he already gave the software to the Zhou family . Thus, it belonged to them now .

But Jiang Chen didn't mind because compared to the profit of Future 1 . 0, the profit from this military artificial intelligence project was negligible . He viewed the skin of military tech company with utmost importance . With this, it was tantamount to the protection from the central authority . Wang Linhua must weigh it carefully before using the power of the system . A careless mistake could be regarded as treason .

Afterall, plotting against a military tech corporation was different than an ordinary company .

"So wouldn't Future Technology be considered as a military tech corporation?" Jiang Chen smiled .

"That's right . " Ye Guolong nodded, stood up, and extended his right hand again . "As for the specifics of the agreement, Zhongxin High Tech's representative will be here tomorrow to discuss it with you . I hope you will have great, outstanding contributions to the national security . "

"Of course . " Jiang Chen shook Ye Guolong's hands, smiling .