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Chapter 234

"Little Zhang, you drive . "

"Okay . " The young man who stood behind Ye Guolong sat in the driver seat without a word and started the car .

Ye Guolong sat in the car, he played with the USB in his hands, cracked a smile and stuffed it in his pocket .

"The old guys at the Zhou and Wang family are embarrassing . F*ck, don't let the technical people be in politics . This is bullsh*t," Ye Guolong cursed before he lit a cigarette for himself .

To be honest, he felt sympathy for people like Jiang Chen .

When he was young, he also experienced something similar . It was his hard work, but people pointed things out on the side . In the end, when the results came out, his name had to go behind theirs .

The good thing was that his technicals were strong . People without ability could no longer climb above a certain point, but he ended up prevailing to the top .

He was at the subdivision level, with colonel rank . In a few years, it won't be difficult to become enter the division level .

Because of his experiences in the past, the people he despised the most were people that wanted to steal the work of others . In his perspective, the technical people should stay away from politics and diligently focus on the technicals . Or how else could the strategy of the country to promote technology be achieved?

But it was only wishful thinking . With technology becoming more and more political, even he had to play by the rules of the game .

He had seen Future 1 . 0 . The human-computer interaction achieved to such a high level of complexity . He still remembered how amazed he was at the intricate design of the system . What shocked him more was that an expert like him could not figure the fundamental principle of the software out . This made him amazed at the ingenious of the younger generation .

Seeing today, the rumored chief engineer, Jiang Chen, was a stellar young man .

But unfortunately, even a stellar individual like him still must face the treacherous acts of people with ill thoughts .

Although the smart drone control system 1 . 0 could no longer be categorized under Future Technology's name, even Future Technology has to be contracted to update and develop the later phase of the smart drone control system . Ye Guolong already made up his mind . Within the permissible boundary, he would fight for Jiang Chen's interest as part of the compensation .

"You are right Colonel Ye . " Zhang Wei drove the car and laughed .

Because of his identity, he could not comment more on the topic .

Ye Guolong, knowing that, didn't discuss the topic further with him .

"Go back to the hotel . We will go back to Shangjing; we have a lot of things to work on once we go back," Ye Guolong said nonchalantly, as he opened the car window to dust his cigarette .

"Okay . "

Ye Guolong let the cold air inside the car as he abruptly said .

"Speaking of this, Little Zhang . "

"Hmm?" Zhang Wei smiled .

"As someone of your age, what do you think of Jiang Chen as a person?"

Zhang Wei hesitated for a moment .

"In what area?"

"Anything, we are only chatting . " Ye Guolong cracked a smile .

"Very rich . " Zhang Wei chuckled .

"No sh*t, I don't need you to say that . "

"I don't know if it is my illusion or not, but I think he has great combat ability . " Zhang Wei had a stern expression .

"Great combat ability? Compared to you?" Ye Guolong asked curiously .

"Of course I am a bit better since I did spend so many years at the border," Zhang Wei touched his nose and said .

Ye Guolong laughed as he didn't say more . A soldier's combat ability compared with a technical person's? It was not embarrassing at all .

But what Ye Guolong didn't know was, Zhang Wei was not completely truthful .

Since it was his superior, how could he say he was weak compared to someone else? They were only chatting and would not actually fight .

But he had suspected that his illusion was wrong .

The instinct from the battlefield actually told him, if he met the person on the battlefield, he had no odds of winning at all .

. . .

Wanghai city UA Consulate .

Smith sat at his table, with his legs crossed . He was drinking his afternoon tea while killing time reading the newspaper .

As the person responsible for the consulate, if there were no foreign affair duties or a citizen causing trouble, he spent most of the time relaxing . He enjoyed the feeling of no reporters checking in to see if he had wasted taxpayer's money or not . He could relaxingly enjoy the afternoon during work .

If the air were a bit better here, it would be perfect . But of course, he knew not everything could be perfect .

Then, the sound of the door being pushed open signaled the end to his relaxing afternoon .

"Mr . Smith . I think this is the second time I have seen you drinking tea in the afternoon," A yellow-skinned young man said in a ridiculing tone as he walked in with speedy steps, grabbed a chair without care and sat in front of Smith's table .

If Jiang Chen were here, he would be shocked to find out that the Chinese young man was precisely Zhang Youjie . The one that described himself as a consulate worker and tried to lure him to immigrate .

"Ahem, is CIB that bored that you are doing the job of the inspectors?" Although complaining, Smith still stuffed the newspaper in his hands into the drawer and folded his hand together . "Speak your mind, what kind of trouble did you cause . "

Zhang Youjie was not a consulate worker at all . Although his name is on the list, he is actually a CIB agent . This secret, only Smith as the Consul General knows about .

"No trouble . I just got an interesting piece of information from our insider . " Zhong Youjie took out his phone and slid it across the table .

Smith glanced at the tightly shut door before he looked at the picture on the screen .

"Jiang Chen? I heard of this person before . The president of Future Technology . Wall Street seems to think highly of this person, stating he is the second Steve Jobs . . . "

"Everyone knows him, especially the Consul General who spends time reading the newspaper during work . " Zhang Youjie had no considerations for Smith as he glanced at the guy displeasingly . Smith sniffed his nose and ignored his ridicule .

"Therefore? Is there a problem with this guy?"

"Our intel had always suggested that Future Technology's artificial intelligence's value was not as high as we had imagined . Since Future 1 . 0's basic principle was logical answering, as opposed to say they are advanced in software design, it would be fairer to say they have a strong understanding of human psychology . Although the encryption on the database is shocking, it is not advanced to the point worth our effort . "

"Therefore?" Smith didn't look like he was too interested .

"The situation has changed . "

"Future Technology has demonstrated value worth your effort now, am I right?"

"That's right . " Zhang Youjie smiled mysteriously and lowered his voice . "Based on insider information, the smart drone control system designed by Zhongxin High Tech is actually from the president and chief developer of Future Technology - Jiang Chen . "

"… This is surprising information," Smith turned more serious, he leaned against the chair and muttered to himself .

"Based on the source’s analysis, this smart control system will be used on "Dragon II" High altitude unmanned reconnaissance aircraft, it could be used to guide the DF-21D Anti-ship ballistic missile . Because of the barrier in design, the "Dragon II"’s control system has been delayed and expected to be completed by May of next year . But because of this goddamn Future Technology, our little friends in the South China Sea are too nervous to sleep now," Zhang Youjie cursed out .

"It’s only software, is it worth being so dramatic about?"

Zhang Youjie glanced at Smith .

"Based on the information as well as the analysis conducted by Pentagon, this artificial intelligence could allow "Dragon II’s" hardware utilization efficiency to increase by 10% more than expected . Do you know what this means?"

"I don’t know, but I feel CIB doesn’t seem to dislike Future Technology . " Smith shrugged .

"Of course, because the possibility of a partnership remains . "

"Oh?" Smith looked curiously at Zhang Youjie, "Partnership?"

"That’s right, based on my research, Future Technology had a conflict with Linhua Technology, but Linhua Technology has connections to the political scene . Therefore, Future Technology received a hindrance to its growth . To alleviate the pressure from the connection, he had to submit this software to Zhongxin High Tech to gain protection . " Zhang Youjie had a dubious smile on his face . "We can use this point to convince him . The ticket to the free world, the support from the capitals, there is no way he would not be tempted . "

"These goddamn "connections" . God, this word is hard to pronounce, but I like it . " Smith began to chuckle .

"So I need your help . " Zhang Youjie leaned against the chair, fingers crossed .

"Of course, at your service . But what if he is not interested anymore?"

"Make accidents happen to him, and also give a warning to the team behind him . "

. . .

After sending Ye Guolong away, Jiang Chen returned to his mansion .

Because she didn’t like strangers, when guests came, Ayesha went to her bedroom . When she saw that the guests had left, she came downstairs .

Seeing Jiang Chen’s delighted smile, Ayesha also felt happy for him and tilted her head .

"Did something good happen?"

"Somewhat, but there is definitely going to be more troubles than before . " Jiang Chen smiled as he rubbed Ayesha’s head .

"Is it troubles I could help with?" Ayesha put her hand over his as she asked softly .

"Mhmm, I need to give you a gun, not a sniper… Could the Type 11 tactical pistol work?"

"Anything is fine, I have practiced hundreds of times in the virtual reality chamber . "

Inside her blue pupils radiated warmth .

Jiang Chen rubbed Ayesha’s head again, got up, and narrowed his eyes while looking at the bright sunshine outside . He muttered to himself .

"This is troublesome . Do I have to be careful even when I'm just on the streets?"

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