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Chapter 236

When he returned to the modern world, Jiang Chen returned the call .

During the conversation, Wang Dehai didn't mention what happened in the past few weeks at all and ceremonially praised Future Technology's outstanding achievement . Of course, he didn't mention the specific contribution, since name wise, the smart drone control system was the Zhou family's work . Then he briefly asked Jiang Chen to come to the municipal government when he has time before he hung up .

He took the EP back from Ayesha .

"Are you going to go out?" Seeing that Jiang Chen changed, Ayesha said gently .

"Mhmm . " Jiang Chen nodded, then smiled . "I need to go to the municipal government . The old fox Wang Dehai wants to see me, so it's better for me to go soon . "

"Do you need me to accompany you?'

"Drive for me . " Jiang Chen rubbed Ayesha's head .

"Mhmm . " Ayesha obediently nodded . "Let me go change . "

Then, she turned around to go back to her room .

She changed into a black trenchcoat and tied her brown hair back into a ponytail . On top her high nose bridge was a pair of shades . She certainly did look like a cold and merciless bodyguard .

Although she always acted like a newlywed wife .

The two went into the garage and got into the car .

Ayesha started the car, and Jiang Chen put on the seatbelt . When the car drove out of the community, Jiang Chen scanned out the tainted window .

"Is there something wrong?"

"Nothing, maybe just my illusion . " Jiang Chen muttered before he leaned back in the chair .

For a moment, he felt someone was watching him .

. . .

When they arrived at the municipal government building, Jiang Chen got out of the car, and Ayesha stayed behind .

A smart looking, middle-aged man stood at the door waiting . When he saw Jiang Chen, he walked straight towards him .

"Hello, Mr . Jiang . "

"Hello . And you are?"

"Wu Bo, Secretary Wang's assistant . " Wo Bo extended his hand and shook with Jiang Chen . Then with a courteous gesture, he said, "Please follow me . "

The two didn't speak along the way . When he took Jiang Chen to Wang Dehai's office, Wu Bo left .

Pushing the door open, Jiang Chen once again saw the aged but still dogmatic-looking face .

"Please take a seat . " Seeing Jiang Chen, Wang Dehai smiled and gestured for him to sit .

Jiang Chen nodded and sat on the sofa before he too looked at Wang Dehai with a smile .

"It's been a while, is Uncle Wang's health doing well?"

"Very well . " With the pen thrown into the pen holder, Wang Dehai looked deeply at Jiang Chen, then he said, "Little Jiang, you have been hiding quite well . "

Jiang Chen obviously knew what he referred to . Wang Dehai wouldn't know that the smart drone control system 1 . 0 actually was created by Yao Yao not long after the meeting with Zhou Zihao .

It only took two days to exchange the video with Zhou Zihao . It didn't take three months of development time .

"Not hid well, just preparing for the worst," Jiang Chen said humbly .

But this humble attitude didn't please Wang Dehai .

Wang Dehai sniffed, laughed, and looked at Jiang Chen with eyes full of another meaning .

"I remember that you told me two months ago, Future Technology's artificial intelligence has no value in the military . "

"Future 1 . 0 don't possess any military value, but the smart drone control system does," Jiang Chen replied expressionlessly .

The smart drone control system 1 . 0 was created by Future Technology, everyone knew this secret .

After a pause, Wang Dehai slowly said, "Linhua Group's shareholder meeting is canceled . "

What this sentence means was Linhua Group's equity infusion of Future Technology has died in its infancy . Disregarding the promise given by Ye Guolong, SASAC would not vote in favor of this proposition . When the people on the top specifically said to take care of Future Technology, how could Wang Dehai use the power of policy to help Wang Linhua?

Without Wang Dehai's support, the flawlessly operated Future Technology was left with weaknesses for Wang Linhua to take advantage of .

"A wise decision because Future Technology never had the intention to sell shares . " Jiang Chen smiled .

"Why are you not satisfied with Linhua Group's proposal?" Wang Dehai asked emotionlessly .

"The hundred millions of monthly tax revenue for the local government is too little? Your life is not worth it?" Jiang Chen laughed and asked rhetorically .

Even with more tax, it was still the government's money, it would only be Wang Dehai's political achievement, but Wang Dehai already has that in his book . If he could cut a piece of the cake from Future Technology, it would fit the Wang family's interest more . But since Jiang Chen did save his life, and practically helped the Wang family, it was not right for him to do this .

Especially due to the last sentence, Wang Dehai was ashamed . The other person saved his life, but when Wang Linhua proposed to use Linhua Group to acquire Future Technology, he didn't stop him, but rather he permitted by acquiescence .

Knowing he was in the wrong, Wang Dehai's face turned red and shifted his gaze away from Jiang Chen .

"Wang Linhua was at fault in this event . I have talked to him already . But since the unpleasant event didn't happen, could Mr . Jiang let this go?" Wang Dehai asked slowly .

[Let it go? You are trying to get out of this . There is plenty of opportunities in the future to teach you a lesson . ]

Wang Dehai nodded as he picked up a document from the table . He lightly coughed before he started reading .

"For Future Technology's outstanding contribution to national security in the high tech industry, on behalf of the Wanghai city government, I am honored to praise . . . "

Jiang Chen quietly waited for him to read through the bullsh*t before he accepted the certificate .

"So that's all for today?"

"That's right . " Wang Dehai nodded .

"Then I'll go back . " Jiang Chen smiled and picked the pile of documents before leaving for the door .

"Wait . " Wang Dehai abruptly stopped Jiang Chen .

"Hmm?" Jiang Chen stopped and turned around .

"The thing you got from Zhou Zihao . . . Is it that?" Wang Dehai asked in an undertone .

"I don't know what you are talking about . " Jiang Chen shrugged as he smiled at Wang Dehai .

The two silently gazed at each other .

"How do you plan to use that thing . "

"Don't worry, I will never use that thing . " Pausing, Jiang Chen then continued, "Of course, on the basis that the Wang family remains restraint . "

Then, Jiang Chen disregarded the gloom on Wang Dehai's face and left his office .

But what Wang Dehai didn't see was, the instant he turned around, a contemptuous smile appeared Jiang Chen's face before it vanished .

[Linhua Group?]

[The sentence "I hope you don't regret this" is not merely a joke . ]