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Chapter 238

"I already called that Irish guy, that bastard must have started already . Hehe, you are such a bad person . Linhua Group would cry in a few months . " Robert cussed in jest .

"I just want the greedy people to pay for their sin," Jiang Chen shrugged and said nonchalantly .

The Wang clan would never imagine that Johnny International was just a puppet established by Jiang Chen through Robert . Once he subverted the current government of Pannu Islands, that Johnny International would declare bankruptcy, and the contract between Wang Linhua and Johnny International would become nothing but a piece of paper .

This 10 billion USD project would leave the Wang family in ruins .

"So when do you plan to leave?" Robert asked .

"I may have to delay until January . I'm afraid I can only stay in the country this month," Jiang Chen uttered helplessly .

"Restraining order? I understand," Robert smirked .

When he came back to the US from Iraq, he was put on a restraining order by FBI until he was able to close the shell company in Saudi and dispose of the tanker that was used to transport crude oil . It was only then that his name was finally removed from the blacklists off major airline companies .

"Only a month . It would get better after this month . How's training at the base?" Jiang Chen asked, yawning .

"Already done . According to Ivan's report, these rookies are now resembling a real soldier . "

Jiang Chen nodded . Once the training was completed, they could proceed to the next plan .

"What about that Irish guy?"

"Superb acting . He played the antagonist role to the extreme," Robert reported passionately . "Other than the politicians he bribed, not one person on the Pannu Islands doesn't hate that guy . "

"Then according to the script, the savior should be there soon . " The corner of Jiang Chen's lips curved .

"That's right, so you have to be faster . "

Jiang Chen hung up the phone, stretched, put the satellite phone in his pocket, and leaned against the chair .

This month would be relaxing, however, starting tomorrow, he would no longer be able to stay home .

Only by wandering outside and allowing those skeptics to see for themselves that the program was truly not his creation would he could be considered safe .

This was very easy as long as those people testified that he hadn't touched the computer at this period of time, and he wouldn't have the "time to commit the crime . " Then he would suddenly come up with a finished product a month later, those skeptics would naturally be discredited .  

Just as Jiang Chen thought if he should call Liu Yao to tell her the delay in their vacation to Pannu Islands, there was suddenly a gentle knock on the door .

"Is there anything you need me for?" Jiang Chen turned around and saw Ayesha standing at the door .

"Someone wants to see you," Ayesha said softly .

[He's here already?]

"Mhmm, I see, leave it up to me . " Smiling, Jiang Chen got up from the chair .

. . .

A black Santana parked outside the courtyard of the mansion, a man standing like a statue stood outside the steel gate .

1 . 8m high, slightly dark skin, with a sharp buzz cut, facial feature could only be described as ordinary . The vintage grey jacket made him even more ordinary . But if one underestimated his ability, without a doubt, they would pay the price for that . . . especially those spies from the hostile force .

Sauntering to the gate, Jiang Chen gave him a friendly smile and opened the door for him .

"General Staff Department, Dagger," the man meticulously said and extended his right hand .

The man called Dagger was the bodyguard that the bigwigs had sent to protect Jiang Chen's safety . One part was to protect him, the other to keep an eye on him . But Jiang Chen didn't mind since it was only for a month .

"Jiang Chen," Jiang Chen he said in a casual tone and shook his hand .

The moment they hand shook, Dagger's appeared astonished as he stared at Jiang Chen is disbelief .

In response to Dagger's face's bewilderment, Jiang Chen merely smiled and let go .

"Had Mr . Jiang worked with guns before?" Dagger asked in an undertone .

"I played with them overseas . I don't think this breaks any law . " Jiang Chen laughed .

Dagger did not respond and nodded, and then he took out a document from his inner pocket and handed it to Jiang Chen .

"From today onwards, your safety will be my responsibility until the program is developed and transferred to Zhongxin High Tech . If you have any concerns or if you're displeased with my performance, you can call the number provided in the document to report to my superior . I will do my best to do my work to the best of my ability without affecting your daily life, but I hope Mr . Jiang can also cooperate with me . In the next 30 days, please avoid traveling in crowded places as much as possible, so as to reduce the difficulty of my work .

"Will I encounter any danger?" Jiang Chen frowned slightly .

"We don't rule out the possibility of encountering external force's agents," Dagger responded tersely .

Jiang Chen nodded .

He had already expected this situation to occur until the completion of the program . If anyone wanted to prevent Han from getting their hands on "UAV's Smart Control System 1 . 0," targeting him would be the easiest choice .

But after this month, the situation should be a lot safer .

"No problem, do I need to provide you with a room?"

The man called Dagger shook his head .

"No need, I will maintain a certain distance with you, Mr . Jiang can pretend I don't exist . "

"Then where will you stay?" Jiang Chen chuckled .

Dagger pointed at the black Santana behind him .

"I'll be okay in the car . Call me if you encounter any special situation . "

"No problem . " Jiang Chen shrugged . Just as he was about to say that was all, he suddenly remembered and asked, "What about my family?"

"Rest assured, our people are already secretly protecting them," Dagger answered positively .

In fact, Jiang Chen himself was not too scared of the threat of the external force . As for individual combat power, no one in this world could match him, even the agent from General Staff Department named Dagger . The only thing he was anxious about was his family in the far Hucheng .

Although Dagger had already stated that they were protecting them, Jiang Chen was still worried .

The original plan was to go home in New Year to give the two elders a surprise, as well as carefully explain his current situation . Since some words were better off said in person rather than on phone .

But now, it seemed to be necessary to head back earlier .

Jiang Chen briefly explained his recent itinerary to Dagger before he returned to the mansion .

To avoid unnecessary trouble, Jiang Chen stored the virtual reality training chamber in the storage dimension . With nothing to do after Ayesha completed her two-hour training program, she started watching TV .

Seeing that Jiang Chen came back, she lowered the TV volume and asked, "Is it done?"

"Mhmm . What do you think about the ability of that person?" Jiang Chen was naturally referring to Dagger .

"Weaker than me . " Only after a moment's thought, Ayesha came to this conclusion, and then she went on without hesitation, "At least when I was observing him, he didn't notice my gaze at all . "

If Dagger heard this comment, he would probably have the urge to commit suicide by smashing his head onto a block of tofu .

"My Ayesha is already this strong?" Jiang Chen praised her and couldn't resist rubbing the brown hair .

Her gorgeous face blushing, Ayesha timidly lowered her head .

"After all, I have already completed at least 500 times of training sessions in the system . . . Is that level of bodyguard necessary? I alone should be enough to protect you . "

Even for a veteran soldier, it would be impossible to complete 500 missions in peacetime .  Considering realism of the virtual reality system and the increase in physical ability due to the genetic vaccine, the experienced agent Dagger would naturally lose to Ayesha .

"Somethings may not be what they appear on the surface . Rather than saying that the bodyguard Dagger is here to protect me, it is more fitting to say he is keeping an eye on me . " Jiang Chen shrugged .

A penetrating light flashed across Ayesha's eyes while she softly uttered lethal words, "Do you want me to get rid of him?"

"Ahem, that would cause more trouble, so just ignore him for now . It'll be difficult this month, but after this month, we can then move . "

"Move? This place is not good?" Ayesha asked as she tilted her head .

"It's not about good or bad—there are too many things to consider here," Jiang Chen explained in simple terms as he didn't want to do too much explanation about this issue .

Ayesha half-knowingly nodded .

In regard to the trouble that Jiang Chen was facing, she didn't really understand . But she was clear on one point: regardless of he faced, as long as he needed her, she was willing to raise her gun for him .

Just like what happened in Veit .

With her hands encircling Jiang Chen's neck, her blue eyes gazed softly at the black pupils .

"Wherever you will go, I'll always be with you . "

Jiang Chen felt his heart being filled with warmth . Heart throbbing, Jiang Chen bit the lovely, red lips .

The quiet atmosphere lasted for a long while before the two parted .

"I plan to go back to Hucheng tomorrow . "

"Hucheng? Your hometown?" She vaguely recalled Jiang Chen mentioning it before .

"Mhmm, I will stay there for a month . Take some change of clothes with you . "

Hearing this, Ayesha's face all the sudden turned red as a rare hint of coyness crept into her voice .  

"Could . . . could I meet your parents?"

Jiang Chen paused before a troubled look appeared on his face .

[It's okay, but it feels . . . ]

"Forget it if it's troublesome," Ayesha softly said, albeit slightly disappointed .

She didn't want him to feel troubled .

"No, not troublesome at all . . but you have to promise me one thing . " Jiang Chen opened his mouth looking somewhat awkward .

"Mhmm!" The blue pupils began to show an excited look .

"When my parents ask you about your age, say that you're over 18 . . . "

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