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Published at 3rd of December 2017 11:51:15 PM

Chapter 241

The district was not big, but the square was extremely lively, and it was probably due to the fact that the residents were mostly comprised of the elderly and children . After all, there were less and less young people interested in outdoor activities these days .

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Those who lived in the community were mostly employees of the nearby well-known state-owned steel factory . Years passed, the generation that had devoted their youth to the industrial foundation of the republic had become old, and this led to the community becoming a gigantic retirement home .

Hucheng’s young generation would often choose to live somewhere closer to the metropolis, near Hucheng or even further and more prominent city to search for opportunities, and they would leave their children to their parents . As such, leaving behind children and the elderly became a common scenario in this generation .

Of course, these were off-topic .

Those who were accomplished outside were rare . Therefore, when Jiang Chen’s parents heard that their son managed to build his own business and was even able to buy a house, it was no wonder his parents were extremely gratified .

The only thing that left Jiang Chen’s parents worried was the matter of grandchildren .

Although Jiang Chen not in a hurry to get married this early, his parents were obviously not satisfied with the idea . His classmates in junior high, their kids had long been able to walk . And this included the prom queen of his junior high, though she no longer possessed her previous allure . . .  

In the center of the square, a few old women were getting ready to dance .

While passing through, Jiang Chen walked to the Stone Pavilion where his mom told him to go .

. . .

"Check! Haha," Jiang Jianguo laughed out and slapped the chess piece in his hand on the board in high spirits .

The chess mate sitting across him had his eyebrows furrowed, but then soon looked relieved and exclaimed, "What a nice move, I thought my rook would be able to regain lost ground, but I didn’t expect this bishop to take my rook out . "

"Tough Victory, tough victory . It's s getting late, and if I don’t go back now, I'm afraid my wife will come here and made me go home to eat," Jiang Jianguo said humbly and waved his hands .

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"Ah, Old Jiang, you're lucky . Your son is accomplished now, your chess skill has improved, and your body is healthier than before . If my son is half as accomplished as yours, I’ll laugh in my dream . " Zhang Xinye sighed .

His son went to Hongcheng to work, but his monthly salary could barely cover his expenses after the mortgage . Although they were close to Hucheng, they only had time to visit in New Year time . The only thing he was satisfied with was his three years old grandson . Although a bit naughty, he was born healthy .

"Old Zhang don’t sigh . Your grandson can already recite poems, compared to my grandson who still plays with building blocks all day long despite being four years old already . " Although it sounded like Yan Zhengwen was complaining, from the big smile on his face, his affection towards his naughty grandson was quite evident .

"Speaking of which, Old Jiang, when will you get your son to give you a grandson?" Old Zhang jested .

In the topic of grandson, Jiang Jianguo’s had nothing to say . . .

"Don’t even talk about grandson, that kid doesn’t even have a wife yet . "

"Tha couldn't be . . . Logically speaking, now that little Jiang’has a house and opened his own company, matchmakers in Hucheng should be forming a long line . What do the city girls think?" Old Yan touched his mustache, looking baffled .

Since the elderly were not using the Internet, they were obviously not aware that the little Jiang they were referring to was not only affectionately called as the national husband by the female fans on Weibo, he also had an ambiguous relationship with a female celebrity…

Without exaggeration, if Jiang Chen would really post his intention to seek marriage in Weibo, those who wanted to warm his bed (1) would form a long line .

"Old Liu, who works at a facility service, has a daughter who isn't married yet . She's also a university student who has just graduated this year . Why don't I help you talk to him about her?" Old Zhang asked tentatively .

"There's also the daughter of Old Xia . She just graduated this year . I heard she is also in Wanghai City working at a big company . I think it will definitely work to match these two together!" Chen Weidong, who had just lost a chess game, also made his idea known to his friend .

"Sigh . It's too early to say that," Old Jiang let out a sigh .

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"How's it too early? It's almost New Year, Your son will be back this year, right?" Old Zhang asked .

"Yes, right now there are more men than women . Didn't you listen to the news? By 2020, there will be 20 million more men than women that it will be harder to get married by then . " Old Yan, who was wearing a pair of spectacles, was a technician in a steel factory and enjoyed reading news .

"Only 20 million, yet our population is over a billion," Old Zhang scoffed .

"Fool, only less than 200 million need to get married . This 20 million makes up 10 percent of…"

Listening to his old friends’ banter, Jiang Jianguo looked worried . What if his son really couldn’t find a wife? Now that the house is built, but without a grandson, what kind of sad story is this?

Jiang Jianguo made up his mind and quickly pulled Old Jiang .

"How is Old Liu’s daughter?"

"I have seen her before . . . extremely beautiful," Old Zhang said cheerily .

"Then you have to help me out . I can’t just wait for that kid to make his move," Jiang Jianguo urgently said .

"Haha, Old Jiang can’t sit around any longer . Okay! I will help you out on this one!"

"And Xia Donghua’s daughter as well…"

"I’ll go talk with old Xia . He is part of our technical department, so it's easy for me to talk to him about this . Haha, Old Jiang, if this works out, you have to treat me to a bottle of wine," Old Ye chuckled .

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"No problem, it's just a wine . If my kid really likes the girl, I’ll treat you guys to ten bottles!" Old Jiang promised enthusiastically .

"Then I'm lucky, I didn't help at all, and I get to drink alcohol," Old Chen said gleefully .

"Eh? Is that Little Jiang?" the sharp-eyed Old Zhang craned his neck to take a look .

Pausing for a second, Jiang Jianguo wanted to say he should get a pair of glasses like old Yan, but when he turned around, he was flabbergasted .

"Dad! I'm back!" Looking at the familiar figure, Jiang Chen’s eyes became moist, his voice was also shaking .

"Son, this kid! You finally remembered to come back?" Looking at his son, Jiang Jianguo’s eyes became teary . Although his words were harsh, he hugged Jiang Chen's shoulder and patted him vigorously nonetheless .

"Not bad, stronger, good, good…" After saying several good words, his voice sounded choked .

Being deeply aware of their old friend’s tendency to save face, if someone he knew saw this emotional scene, he would be too embarrassed to play chess within a fortnight . Thus, the three friends bade goodbye .

"Old Jiang, my wife is here, I'll be going ahead now . "

"Same for me, haha, I still haven’t bought the egg my wife asked me to buy . I’ll take my leave I’ll leave the chess to you . "

"Haha, I'll go too . I will not disturb you two . ’

"Uncle Wang, Uncle Liu, Uncle Yan, I will go visit you another day," Jiang Chen promised sincerely .

All of them worked at the steel factory, Jiang Chen remembered when he was young, Jiang Jianguo often took him to visit them .

"Haha, little Jiang is accomplished now, yet he can still remember us…"

After they said their greetings, the three elderly left .

Though he had a lot to say to his son, his throat moved for a while, but no words came out .

Thousands of words would not equate to seeing his own son .

"Dad, mom asked me to tell you to go home to eat . "

When he heard "dad," Jiang Jianguo suddenly felt somewhere in his heart was constricting .

Ecstatic, Jiang Jianguo patted his son’s shoulder . He was so emotional that he words became incoherent .

"Okay, okay! Let’s go home and eat!"

(1) Warm his bed is an internet way of saying wanting to sleep with him .

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