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Published at 5th of December 2017 02:26:20 AM

Chapter 242

Dinner was very sumptuous .

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They were Jiang Chen's favorite—potatoes, roast pork, beef with green pepper, and fresh and tender steamed carp .  

Having been able to savor the familiar taste again, Jiang Chen devoured the food as though he would swallow his tongue along with it . He ate three bowls of rice before he was satiated .

Sitting on the side, Ayesha secretly memorized Jiang Chen's favorite dishes and made up her mind to learn from Aunt Mei so she can cook for him every day .

Speaking of Ayesha, she almost replaced Jiang Chen's position as the center of attention on the dinner table .

When his parents realized that the foreign girl with brown hair and blue eyes spoke perfect Chinese and had a gentle personality to boot, they warmly welcomed her . Especially Li Xuemei, she constantly winked at Jiang Chen, who was busy eating his food . She wanted him to treat her more affectionately .

As a woman herself, she was acutely aware that the relationship between the two was very unusual . At the very least, the foreign girl has affection towards Jiang Chen .

Jiang Chen's worry was nevertheless excessive . Li Xuemei, who hadn't met a foreigner before, could not discern Ayesha's age at all . She only felt the girl's skin was fair and pale and possessed a relatively slender figure, and concluded that all foreigners probably look this way .

Simply put, she was pleased with Ayesha who could potentially become her daughter-in-law .

But Jiang Jianguo didn't think too highly of a foreign wife . He wanted to get a grandson soon to flaunt in front of his chess buddies . If his son took a foreign wife, what if his daughter-in-law's side of the family took his grandson away? It would be difficult to see his grandson across the Pacific Ocean .

Having never left the country and surfed the web much, he naturally didn't know that people overseas didn't have a habit of taking care of their grandchildren .

After dinner, Li Xuemei had practically revealed all the embarrassing childhood stories of Jiang Chen to Ayesha before walking to the kitchen . Ayesha who had read through the etiquette in Han, timidly followed behind her and washed the dishes with her .

This action naturally scored high points in the two elderly's eyes . Jiang Jianguo, who was slightly unwilling before, couldn't help but feel more pleased .

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While the two women stayed in the kitchen, the two men sat on the living room sofa, watching TV while bragging .

After saying a few words, Jiang Jianguo suddenly put on a stern face and stared at Jiang Chen .

"Little Chen, be honest, when do you plan to get married?"

"Married? It's still early—" Jiang Chen stated casually .

"Not early at all! Your uncle Wang, who always put you on his back, had a grandson who already knows how to recite poems!" Jiang Jianguo said desperately, his eyes widening upon hearing that his son had no intention to get married yet, 

"Dad, don't rush things . Don't you want to enjoy life for a few more years?" Jiang Chen asked, slightly embarrassed .

Towards becoming a father, he was not mentally prepared at all . How to bear the responsibilities of becoming a father? How to educate the child? He had never given these questions a thought before .

And he was not really anxious about the issue of having children .

With the advent of technology in the apocalypse, modifying the somatic DNA to increase life expectancy was no longer impossible . Though it could not achieve eternal life, it was bound to extend life expectancy to one or two hundred years, and it would be enough time to wait for the possibility of eternal life . Once the civilization in the apocalypse has been rebuilt, it would no longer be a dream .

Since there was no need to consider aging, the necessity to pass on the genes didn't seem too imminent now .

Jiang Chen even considered that after moving his parents overseas, he would bring some "supplements" from the apocalypse for his parents . Although those who were in advance in years were not suitable to use a genetic vaccine, some anti-aging medicines could work wonders on them .

"What enjoying life! I only want a grandson . " Jiang Jianguo was furious .

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This was a bit difficult now .

As for his father's willful demand, Jiang Chen found himself troubled . At the moment, he really couldn't think of a way to convince the elderly who was "eager for a son . "

"Ummm, marriage shouldn't be forced . After all, this isn't the old age . There's a famous saying . . . Right! It is better to be single than to get married to the wrong person . "

"What marrying? You're naturally going to get married!"

"Isn't that all the same?" Jiang Chen asked, dumbfounded .

Seeing that his son refused to compromise, Jiang Jianguo pondered for a moment as he didn't want to push him too hard . If his son thought he was being too pushy, what if he doesn't come home anymore?

After a moment, Jiang Jianguo said gently, "Okay, you can decide this on your own, but you have to keep marriage in your mind . The purpose of life is to have a career and family . Since you're accomplished now, use the opportunity to find a good wife to avoid problems in the future . . . "

"Yes, yes, yes, you're right . " Jiang Chen nodded fiercely .

In short, whatever the elderly said, it would be better to just listen . As for how he would execute it, he had his own plan .

"That girl . . . "

"Ayesha . "

"Mhmm, that Ayesha is not bad, but her family is too far . So if there are conflicts over the grandchildren, it will be ugly . So think about it carefully . Old Liu's daughter is not bad —"

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"Dad, do you want me to go on matchmaking dates now?" Jiang Chen smiled bitterly .

"What? You look down on these dates?" Jiang Jianguo's eyes widened . "Your dad married your mom through the dates set up by matchmakers . "

"No, I don't look down on them . " Jiang Chen immediately waved his hands to pacify his father .

[Sigh, what year is it already?]

"Take some time in the next few days to see them . I already arranged it for you . "

"Okay . " Jiang Chen nodded .

He would just treat it as making his parents happy . He would go, but he would find a random alibi as an excuse .

If his date knew, he wondered if she would be angry or not . Without meeting first, the man already thought of ways to get rid of her .

In the end, Jiang Chen didn't argue so that this subject would be over soon .

But then, he thought of something .

"Right, dad . Didn't I send some money home? Why do I feel you haven't used it yet?" Jiang Chen looked around the familiar furniture in the living room and asked .

"We did use it . In fact, we bought a new Simmons mattress a few days ago," Jiang Jianguo responded dismissively . He didn't seem to want to stay on this topic further .

"Ahem, don't save money for your son . Bragging aside, I have too much money that I can't possibly spend it anymore," Jiang Chen could not help but say .

"Can't spend it anymore? Even if you have money, you have to be frugal . You have to be prepared in case of an emergency," Jiang Jianguo lectured and gave Jiang Chen a hard stare .

"Yes—" Jiang Chen drawled in a feeble voice .

"Let me ask you, tell me the truth, how's your company doing?" Jiang Chen picked up a cup of tea, drank the tea leaves that he had distributed from his units a few days ago . He was planning to teach his son about some business practices so that he wouldn't offend people or suffered a loss .

Jiang Chen's eyes turned, wondering if he said a billion dollar market value, his dad would not believe it . And even if he did, he would probably be scared silly .

Therefore, after a careful consideration, Jiang Chen gave a really conservative number instead .

"There are probably several tens of millions . "


The cup fell to the ground and broke .

It was the third time Jiang Jianguo widened his eyes . He ignored the broken pieces on the ground and stood up .

"How much?"

"Around tens of millions . . . The company is still growing, it's hard to stay the number," Jiang Chen said in a small voice, gulping .

[Good thing he didn't say billions or else my dad will get a heart attack . . . ]

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