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Chapter 243

Jiang Jianguo couldn't process that fact that there was now a millionaire in the family .

He originally thought that his son only made a few million to solve the housing problem . After all, it was already impressive to go from nothing to a millionaire . He would never imagine that even calling him a billionaire was an understatement .

After washing the dishes, Li Xuemei picked a guest room for Ayesha, and then took Jiang Jianguo and Jiang Chen into the living room, and seriously watched him .

"Little Chen, tell me honestly, did you do anything illegal?"

Li Xuemei was afraid that her son was doing something shady, which enabled him to become a millionaire in just a few months' time . She couldn't think of anything but a bank robbery .

"How is that possible? Do I look like that type of person?" Jiang Chen gave a wry smile .

He did rob banks before . . . but it was the apocalypse, so it was more appropriate to use the term "pick up" .

"Then how did you become a millionaire overnight?" Jiang Jianguo could not help but ask .

"Develop software . . . but mostly by offshore operations for an overseas software company . " Thinking that there might be other people listening to their conversation, Jiang Chen changed his words halfway through the sentence .

"Software? Is that the stuff inside the computer? Is it reliable?" Jiang Jianguo widened his eyes, flummoxed .

He could not understand how those things would make money .

"It's mainly on the smartphone . . . Hmm, how should I explain this? Dad, don't worry about how I make money . You should think more about how to spend the money . " Jiang Chen tried to explain, but when he remembered that his dad couldn't even figure the smartphone out, he gave up on this idea .

"As long as you didn't do any illegal . . . Mom is just worried that you met the wrong kind of people . You have to remember: don't do anything against your conscience . Even if you make less, your conscience will be at ease," Li Xuemei told him as she rubbed Jiang Chen's hair .

"Okay mom, I know . I'm more than 20 years old and no longer a child," Jiang Chen uttered helplessly .

"In our eyes, you'll always be a child . "

Jiang Chen was frozen for a moment, feeling teary .

. . .

After the family meeting had ended, Jiang Chen went into the study .

Because Ayesha was a guest, she slept in Jiang Chen's old bedroom .

The two elderlies first insisted that they would take the study and leave their bedroom for Jiang Chen, but the latter would not allow his parents to sleep on the sofa . "Threatening" his parent that he would stay in a hotel, he was finally able to persuade his stubborn father and mother, who always doted on him .

After combining the two sofas together and covering it with thick bedding, it didn't feel worse than a bed .

In fact, if from the very beginning Ayesha had revealed her relationship with Jiang Chen, he would not be in this predicament . Jiang Chen felt pity at the idea that he was unable to hold the attractive body in his sleep .

At about 10 o'clock in the middle of the night, the two elderlies gradually fell asleep .

Jiang Chen estimated it was about time . Thereupon, he sat up, walked to the window, and closed the blinds .

After getting a fourth-dimensional messenger, he would call Sun Jiao from time to time . Now that he was back to his hometown, according to his agreement with Sun Jiao, he was ready to show them his hometown .

But just as he was about to take his EP out, the door sounded with a soft knock .

"Come in, I haven't slept yet . " Smiling, he didn't need to think to know it was Ayesha .

Just like what he expected, when the door was pushed open, a gorgeous face peeked inside .

Ayesha, dressed in pajamas, cautiously entered the room without any noise and closed the door behind her .

"Did you miss me?" Jiang Chen walked beside her and encircled her slender waist with his hands .

Her gorgeous face flushed, and her pristine blue eyes flashed with gentleness, but she quickly shook her head and changed into a serious expression .

"I found this inside the room . " Ayesha opened her hand and passed the content to Jiang Chen .

Stunned, Jiang Chen picked up the three thumbnail-sized black buttons from her hands .

"And these are?"

"Bugs . "

Expression turning grim, Jiang Chen's eyes narrowed .

There was no doubt that someone had put the bugs in his house, and this made him utterly furious .

"Has the location been tracked to determine the location fo the listener?" Jiang Chen asked in an undertone .

"It's confirmed . " Ayesha nodded and continued in a quiet voice, "Do you need me to go check?"

Jiang Chen played with the three buttons in his hand and thought for a moment .

"No need . If we discover those who we shouldn't discover, it would become awkward . "

Hearing this, Ayesha nodded before she turned around to return to her room .

Though she felt that it would be better to get rid of those stalkers, since Jiang Chen said it was not necessary, so be it .

"Wait," Jiang Chen called out to her just when her hand was at the threshold .

"Mhmm?" Ayesha turned her head .

"Check me out as well," Jiang Chen requested with a wicked smile .

Although she didn't know why Jiang Chen was smirking, Ayesha still nodded . She quietly left the room and she came back while carrying a black pen-like device .

This anti-surveillance detection device is one of the special equipment Jiangchen had prepared for her . Jiang Chen had purchased it for around 100 crystals at the Sixth Street's market, which was the basic equipment of PAC agents .

In the future where information channel was not limited to the electromagnetic waves, and anti-reconnaissance measures were emerging endlessly, this device may not be able to 100%, remove the surveillance devices . However, "150 years" into the modern world, there would be no surveillance device that could escape from the scan of this apparatus .  

Just like he had suspected, even the room, where people normally didn't stay, had also been bugged .

"Only one?"

"Mhmm, under the table," Ayesha muttered, then she put away the device and walked to the desk .

As she bent down and fumbled on the inside of the desk to take a look, Jiang Chen unconsciously swallowed .  

The white nightgown, which previously covered the upper part of her thigh, because of bending, the hem of the clothes was now moving up and down so that the slender and long legs were all but exposed .  

The pale skin was smooth and seductive in the brightness of the moon .

Along with that view, her underwear was also slightly exposed .

In front of Jiang Chen, Ayesha had always been unguarded . While she was focusing on searching under the desk, she had no idea how exposed she truly was .

Soon, she found a button-like device in the inner part the desk between a compartment .

"I found it . Woo . . . " Just as she was about to turn her head, her excitement as a result of discovering her target morphed into a fiery blush .

Caught unaware, Jiang Chen went behind her and embraced her gently .  

"Don't, don't do this . Your parents are just next door . . . " Ayesha groaned adorably . Nibbling on her lower lips her, eyes became misty in the moonlight .  

But Jiang Chen refused to let her go . Smirking, his hands wander around as he whispered into her ear, "That's why you better keep your mouth shut and don't make any sound . . . "

Like a timid rabbit, Ayesha nodded, wearing a fierce blush on her face . . .

A touch of cloud drifted by, veiling the moonlight ever so slightly .

Even the moon in the night sky could not bear to take a look .

A repressed piece of musical composition started playing inadvertently .

Not until the clock ticked quietly for two hours did the night return to its former tranquility .