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Chapter 246

The two didn’t speak with each other until the server brought the dishes .

Delicacies filled the table, the scenery outside was still scenic and picturesque, but Jiang Chen thought the food tasted bland .

The red lips were chewing reservedly, so it was a tad unfortunate that not a single word came out . Although Xia Shiyu'a blush had receded, her gaze remained glue on the food on the table . The somewhat stiff expression appearing as though she was avoiding his sight .

Just as Jiang Chen was about to say something to break the silence, Xia Shiyu suddenly spoke .

"Am I really boring? With her head bowed, she asked in a barely distinguishable voice .

"How could that be?"

Jiang Chen was used to Xia Shiyu's aloofness, so he did not mind her being cold . If she suddenly became talkative one day, Jiang Chen would feel surprised .  

"Really?" she said in what seemed to be in disbelief .

"Why do you ask?" Jiang Chen could not help but ask .

"If there's a gathering, everytime I speak, it would result in a silenced crowd," Xia Shiyu uttered in total bewilderment .

While he didn’t know why she would bring this up such situation, Jiang Chen trod carefully when he phrased his words, "Perhaps…it was because of your temperament?"

"Temperament?" Xia Shiyu lifted her head looking confused, staring at Jiang Chen’s eyes .

"Just like a pristine flower in the snowy mountain, gorgeous but can only be appreciated from afar . " Because it was extremely hard to approach, so some chose to stay away .

"Are you saying that in the . . . perspective of the opposite gender?" Xia Shiyu murmured .

"That’s right . "

"What about the same gender?"

"It's probably due to jealousy . "

Jiang Chen’s response made Xiao Shiyu’s calm heart sped up again .

"Then what about you?" overwhelmed by indescribable emotions, she haphazardly asked this blunt question .

"… That's hard to answer . Say, aren’t we supposed to be on a blind date? Why do you have to talk about such a serious topic?" Jiang Chen quipped .

"Then…do you want to marry me?"

Jiang Chen was utterly astonished .

[Does this count as a confession?]

Towards this unexpected confession, he was not mentally prepared at all .

He originally thought with Xia Shiyu reserved attitude, this issue would drag on for a long time before it actually came out in the open .

Moreover, he didn’t think her confession would be so straightforward .

"Don't one discuss marriage after dating?" Jiang Chen gave a wry smile .

Xia Shiyu’s face turned red and with her head buried, she admitted, "No one has taught me this . "

The coyness in her expression was a rare sight to see .

"Didn’t you date before?’ Jiang Chen sighed, feeling helpless .

"That doesn’t count," Xia Shiyu promptly rejected the idea .

"Then what does it count for?"

"Perhaps… just a failed attempt . " Because she was curious about how dating felt like, knowing that she could not stay single for the rest of her life, and due to myriad other reasons, she accepted someone she didn’t like but who pursued her for the longest time .

And even she was aware that that strained relationship was not a sign of love .

The only thing she didn’t expect was that he eventually betrayed her merely because she didn’t want to be intimate with him . Did he only pursue her is just so he could do that kind of thing with her?

Just like Jiang Chen had thought, her emotional maturity was not directly proportional to her success in her career . Rather than calling it pure, it was more naïve .  

"When two people became a couple, do they have to kiss?" Xia Shiyu asked, her eyes becoming somewhat dazed .  

"Uh, it’s not a strict requirement . That's to say, if you really do like the other person, then you won’t mind kissing . "

"What about the opposite?"

"The opposite?" Jiang Chen put down his chopsticks, staring at her perplexedly .

"If I’m willing to… kiss, would you date me?"

It appeared as though she had exhausted all the courage in her body .  

Inside the washroom .

Using both of his hands, he scooped a cold water and splashed it on his face .

Feeling his agitated stated calmed down, Jiang Chen then flung the water on his face and looked at himself in the mirror .

"The f*ck . . . I almost become a scum," Jiang Chen mocked himself before he let out a relieved sigh, he then shook his head and headed for the door .

He didn’t reject Xia Shiyu’s confession . Although conscience told him that perhaps rejecting her was the wiser choice . He didn’t dislike Xia Shiyu or rather, towards the girl who had been working diligently for his business, he appreciated her and also a very good impression of her .  

From the initial hatred to relief, and then because of her inadvertent disclosure of her love for him, this made him have a special spot for her in his own heart . Jiang Chen could not help but suddenly have a feeling of falling into her "trap . "

However, although he did not reject, he did not entirely agree .

Simply put, the two were now in a relationship between friendship and lover .  

The parents were finally satisfied . The two agreed to tell their parents that they were dating . With this, there would no longer be trouble with matchmaking sessions, To this result, Xia Shiyu was pleased too . After all, she was not mentally prepared for this at all .

Take one step at a time .  

Just as Jiang Chen was prepared to leave the washroom, a familiar looking man stepped in front of him .

"Hello, Mr . Jiang, we meet again," Zhang Youjie greeted him amiably and extended his hand, exposing his white set of teeth .

Slightly frowning, Jiang Chen’s eyebrows soon were unfolded as he also extended his hand with a smile .

"Why is Mr . Zhang here?"

"I’m a salesman, so I always appear in front of people in need . " Zhang Youjie shrugged and smiled . "Have you given it a thought? What's your decision?"

"Decision about what?"

"To become a citizen of US . "

Jiang Chen looked dubiously at him . "Do you know that there are two agents behind my butt at all time? Let me guess, you're going to be caught and deported?"

"They have no right to do that to a foreign diplomat . Doesn't your country have right to even speak freely?" Zhang Youjie shook his head and mocked .

"That’s hard to say . " Jiang Chen didn’t refute it .

"Ahem, seeing you is not really easy, so I’ll keep it simple . If Mr . Jiang is interested in our immigration policy, the embassy will provide you with comprehensive "legal assistance . " A country’s government has no right to prevent a talented individual from choosing their nationality and being restricted to go abroad would be contrary to your country’s law . We will put pressure on the International Court of Justice to send you abroad through special channels and force it through public opinion—"

"Free choice of nationality?" Jiang Chen scoffed . "Why must it be the US?"

Zhang Youjie paused and then laughed carelessly . "Is this Mr . Jiang’s message, or the message from the organization behind you?"

"The latter, of course . "

"That’s unfortunate then . We could have avoided a conflict . " Zhang Youjie shook his head, and then smiled, "Anyway, have a great vacation . "

Thereupon he turned around and disappeared at the corner of the hallway .

Looking at the direction of his departure, Jiang Chen’s eyes narrowed .

Although Jiang Chen didn’t think Americans could cause some trouble in China, especially under General Staff Department’s watch, he still felt a sense of foreboding .

He had a premonition that it would not be this simple .  

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