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Chapter 247

At the crowded Wanghai airport .

In such an international metropolis, it was common to see foreign faces . Especially with Christmas approaching, the number of foreigners visiting Han increased due to the holiday .

The announcement of flight departing echoed inside the terminal accompanied by the constant chattering and the cry of children . The terminal was a bit noisy .

A foreigner sat on a chair with his eyes closed, resting . The gray overcoat made him look very ordinary, and under the brimmed hat was a brown face with stubble . Don’t be mistaken, he was a Caucasian, and the skin color was due to staying in the desert for a long time .  

It was hard to imagine that someone would be able to sleep in such environment .

"Uncle, toy car," a soft voice rang beside his ear . A little boy stood in front of him and pointed timidly to his shoes .

The person opened one of his eyes and smiled genially, thereupon the wrinkles on his face twisted like knife scars .

He looked like a kind middle-aged man .

Except for the dark green pupil, which destroyed his amiable impression . Inside the cluster of dark green hues was a lethal gleam like that of a dangerous wolf .

The little boy retreated with a frightened expression on his face . He didn’t dare to get the toy car as he scampered away .

Seeing the boy ran away, the man shook his head, stood up, and headed out of the terminal .

"As expected of Mr . Griss . The infamous name of Wolf that could scare little kids in the east thousands of kilometers away," an oriental man laughingly said as he naturally came to his side, and took the suitcase in his hand .

"I don’t want to cause trouble the moment I get off the plane, so, you better call me G," Griss cautioned bluntly .

"Okay, Mr . G . " The man who welcomed him grinned . "How do you feel on this new environment? How does it compare to Iraq?"

"The smell in the desert is terrible . " Griss grinned and continued, "But compared to the noise here, I very much prefer the tranquility of the desert . "

"What made the bloodthirsty wolf turn into Dickinson?" said the man in an exaggerated manner and rolled his eyes .

"It’s probably the blood . " Griss shrugged . "Someone told me before that a poet and a killer are two very similar professions . "

"One praises death, while the other executes death?" the other person scoffed .

"By the way, Mr . Li, you seemed to be late?" Griss said dismissively, glancing at the digital clock in the hall .

"I’ve run into a bit of trouble…" Li Zhongping pulled out the car key from his pocket and laughed .

"What trouble?"

"Mhmm, we originally thought we could form a partnership with them, but now it looks like Zhang Youjie made an error in judgment . Give the change in the situation, we have to start the plan B . If everything goes as planned, we might fight with the Han agents . " Li Zhongping sighed helplessly . Although the helpless expression looked exaggerated at best .

Griss shrugged and drawled, "For me, there’s no such thing as a surprise . "

He didn’t care about the Han agents at all . Just like a battle-hardened wolf that fought through hundreds of battles won’t care about the hissing of a shepherd . Although he couldn’t do the proper walk in the military parade, he knew hundreds of tracking and killing method . He lost track of the number of terrorists who had died on his hands and those who had jeopardized the interests of the country .

There was no possibility of losing .

"A Han called Dagger is responsible for the target’s safety . "

Griss’ eyes narrowed, a grim smile appearing on his lips .


"You’ve been gone for a while . "

"I met someone I know, and we chatted for a moment . " Jiang Chen sat back across Xia Shiyu and smiled .

Looking at the smile on Jiang Chen’s face, Xia Shiyu’s face turned red obscurely . She lowered her head while her finger played with the hem of her sweater .

"So are we a couple now?"

With the way Xia Shiyu looked, Jiang Chen’s face also turned red . He looked away and scratched his face .

"Uh, I would say so . "

[But not completely . ]

"Do we need to do something?"

"No…just go with the flow . " Jiang Chen swallowed his saliva, staring at the flushed cheeks .

Although he wanted to say, "Let’s start with a kiss," he managed to curb his evil urges .

It was because their current relationship was only due to the insistence of their parents .

He could feel Xia Shiyu’s affection for him . Likewise, he harbored affection for her as well .

However, given Xia Shiyu’s personality, there was no way she could accept the existence of Ayesha and Liu Yao .

Just go with the flow .

"Once we get to know each other more, then we’ll head to the next step . " It was the agreement Jiang Chen made with her .

After lunch, Jiang Chen drove Xia Shiyu home .

Jiang Chen courteously greeted the warm uncle and aunt, gave them the present he prepared, and left after some small talk .

Mom Xia embraced her daughter by the shoulder and smiled while watching Jiang Chen’s car left .

"What do you think? Mom didn’t lie to you, right? The little Jiang certainly is of great character, so you have to be nice to him . In this day and age, it’s hard to find someone with such great qualities . "

"Okay, mom…" Xia Shiyu muttered, her head buried and her face flushed .

"Work hard and get married as soon as possible . Your mom and dad are waiting for grandchildren . "

"Grandchildren? Uh, I — " The cold face instantly turned beet red . Xia Shiyu’s mouth opened and her mind was in chaos .


[If I have to give birth to children, I have to do that…]

Like a startled deer, Xia Shiyu dashed into her room without turning back and slammed the door shut, leaving the astonished parents in the living room .

"Old man, what nonsense are you saying?" Mom Xia scoffed at the old man .

With face red, Dad Xia rebutted, "What are you getting at? Don’t you want grandchildren soon?"


Xia Shiyu rushed into the room, closed the door, and leaned against the door .

Her body leaning against the door gradually slid down, making her sit on the floor .

Panting, she pressed her hand against her chest .

Blush extended from her pale neck all the way to her ears, her heart was beating fast .

[That kind of thing…]

A fuzzy image unconsciously surfaced in her head .

In a suit, Jiang Chen walked beside her with a bright, attractive smile . Blushing, she approached him and hooked her arm around his .

Wearing an immaculate white wedding dress and a pair of high-heeled wedding shoes, and along with the wishes of her friends and family, the two walked along the red carpet, exchanging a kiss of vow in front of everyone .

The scene turned and then showed their wedding room .

Jiang Chen carried her around the waist, kissed her on the neck, and then he gently placed her on the matrimonial bed and reached…

Suddenly, a faint noise came from outside the door . She didn’t know if it was an illusion, but she heard them speak English .

Xia Shiyu stopped and then stood up from the floor .

For some reason, the arguing voice of her parents instantly vanished .

She suddenly felt a kind of inexplicable panic .

A frightening silence ensued outside .

Gulping, she reached for the doorknob and twisted it open .

A smiling face welcomed her outside the room .

However, it didn’t belong to Jiang Chen but to a woman . A woman with blue eyes, blond hair, and wearing a headset .

Xia Shiyu was stunned . It was an unfamiliar face .

"You’re— "

"You don’t have to worry about it, just Miss Kidnapper," Caitlin jeered before she smoothly stabbed the defibrillator to her stomach .

Numbness immediately made Xia Shiyu fall unconscious, as she fell onto Caitlin .

"The package has been retrieved," Caitlin reported leisurely on her earpiece .

The two elderlies in the living room were both unconscious .

"Perfect . Return to "warehouse" for further instruction . " Inside a coffee shop, Zhang Youjie wore a triumphant smile .

"Understood . "

Zhang Youjie closed the laptop computer and headed out of the coffee shop .

A trace of mockery disappeared from his lips .

"What an absolute amateur . "

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