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Chapter 248

Speeding off along the highway, Jiang Chen’s hands were on the steering wheel, but what happened during noon lingered in his head .

"That’s really regrettable . We could have avoided a conflict…"

[Does this sentence mean they're plotting something?]

Jiang Chen knitted his eyebrows . He really didn’t really understand why would the UA embassy would be so interested in him .

Could it be the UA intelligence officers heard that Future Technology was responsible for the actual research and development of the "Dragon II" program?

This thought suddenly sent a chill down his spine .

In the wasteland's timeline, a similar program would be developed in 2020 . Despite the huge deviation of the history of wasteland from this world, and given how the speed and focus of technology and research differed greatly, the general development trajectory was not much different .  Just like how the third scientific and technological revolution was led by computers .

The next 50 years would be the 50 years led by artificial intelligence . The inception of basic AI database, which would ignite the fourth scientific and technological revolution, and then the introduction of intermediate AI Restriction Act, which would mark the end of the premature change in science and technology . Then it would be the fifth scientific and technological revolution led by the breakthrough in space technology, but that would be in the distant future . . . had it not been for the existence of Jiang Chen, who was a traveler between two worlds .

If everything went smoothly, Zhongxin High Tech would be capable of completely developing this technology themselves . According to the history, the cutting-edge high-altitude UAV similar to Dragon II didn’t have a long development cycle .  

Now that he thought about it, the delay in development was unlikely due to the barrier in technology . If someone could leak the information, there was no reason they wouldn’t obstruct the progress in some way…

At the thought of this, Jiang Chen furrowed his brows .

He had never given this issue a thought .

In that timeline, PAC, Soviet Union (CCP), and NATO could be said the tripartite that divided the world . However, in this timeline, PAC and CCCP simply did not exist at all .

The series of drastic changes in Eastern Europe had ruined the last trace of Soviet . The collapse of the Berlin Wall completely pushed the alliance into the abyss and declared the collapse of the Yalta system . In 1991, the painstaking pillar of CCCP finally disintegrated and was divided into 15 independent sovereign states .  

The fate of PAC was even more interesting since it never existed in the first place . Moreover, judging from the territorial disputes and the geopolitical pattern among Asian countries at the moment, it should not be possible for the organization to be established in the next 50 years or so .  An alliance would have to be formed from a political mutual trust; regrettably, this trust did not exist from the very beginning .

On the contrary, NATO was the only one that stood out amongst the three . In spite of the constant portrayal of the media that NATO counties led by the UA were unable to extricate themselves from the quagmire of the Middle East disputes, all countries in Europe had been caught in dire straits by the Greek debt crisis and the influx of refugees . Needless to say, NATO was terrifying in both economic output and the military strength .  

When did it start?

Rather, when did history start to diverge?

Just as Jiang Chen thought of what seemed to be an irrelevant question, his cell phone suddenly began to ring .

Putting on his Bluetooth headset, he pressed the call button .  


"Do you still remember me, handsome oriental man?" Despite her jesting tone, Jiang Chen could detect that this sentence was almost squeezed out from her teeth .

Han with a Russian accent . Although the other had not reported her name, her identity could easily be identified .

"Of course, I remember the beautiful Ms . Natasha . How can I help you?" he replied casually and chuckled .  

[KGB? Other than tricking them in Veit, Jiang Chen couldn’t think of any other connection with them . ]

"Why don’t you take a plane to Moscow? I still owe you a shot of Vodka . We can have a long chat in the bar," Natasha said in a provocative way .

"It's a tempting suggestion . Unfortunately, I can't make the trip since I can’t even buy a plane ticket at the moment," said Jiang Chen, face not showing the slightest contrite .  

"If you really want to come, we can provide you with a free and secure method of entering the border . "

"Is KGB taking an interest in me? What an honor . " Jiang Chen quipped and didn’t accept her proposal .

"It’s Kremlin that’s interested in you . " After a brief pause, Natasha changed into a seductive voice and continued, "Are you really not going to consider? Han men are popular among the Russian women . "

Artificial intelligence would be the development trend for the next few decades, even potentially leading the fourth scientific and technological revolution, which was almost a foreseeable future . The value of artificial intelligence in military applications was even more invaluable . Since the advent of Future 1 . 0, it had garnered enough attention from Russia; not until they discovered its military value was extremely limited did they move their sight elsewhere .

But who would have thought that Future Technology could really leave its mark in the military field?

Even Jiang Chen himself did not expect that he would have wanted to make a contribution to his motherland before leaving the country . As a result, the information was surrendered and was leaked in the Han market before the development of the program was even completed . It was as if he just became a delicious morsel of meat .  

Of course, many companies possessed highly advanced technology companies such as Google and IBM in the world, and Future Technology was just one of them . The technology giants were not desperate to a point where they had to make a move, but Future Technology already possessed enough value to make these giants want to form a relationship with them .  

"For example, you?" Jiang Chen casually quipped .  

"If you can convince your team serving behind you to settle in Russia, I don’t mind becoming your woman . " Natasha wasn’t kidding .

Jiang Chen suddenly burst out laughing .

"I don’t think it's funny," Natasha raged .  

"If I really wanted to do something to you, I would have tried all kinds of positions with you in Veit . "

Jiang Chen’s mockery made Natasha extremely furious . She gnashed her teeth, wanting to drag Jiang Chen from the other side of the phone and roughed him up . Of course, it was only wishful thinking .

Taking a deep breath, she worked hard to suppress the anger in her heart before continuing, "I believe we've already shown enough sincerity . If you're willing to cooperate with us, we can offer you the most generous conditions—"

"Before our location is exposed, when we're finally safe, and we don’t need to be in any cage in exchange for security . The only person who would be exposed to the troubles would be me," Jiang Chen shrugged and uttered in a nonchalant voice .

"It seems that Mr . Jiang agent is not afraid?" Natasha scoffed .

 "There's no reason to be afraid . "

Towards Jiang Chen words, Natasha chuckled and didn’t refute his words . "Looks like you are not yet fully aware of your situation . Because of your program, Dragon II will be deployed to the South Hua Sea ahead of schedule, and the strategic balance would be broken . The CIB is doing everything to prevent this from becoming a reality . "

Hearing this, Jiang Chen he let out a discreet sigh .

[Sure enough, it's the work of a spy? I was wondering why there are so many mishaps in the program, which made the development of Dragon II stuck in its final stage . ]


"Wasting resources on a harmless development team indeed seems unlikely, however, if an organization hinders the national interest of the UA, the White House will have a reason to the teach you a lesson .  If I don't guess wrong, the UA embassy should have already made contact with you," Natasha snickered .  

"I rejected him," Jiang Chen said carelessly .

"Then you might be in trouble . In the foreseeable future, at least before the program is transferred over, your photo will be on the CIB mission brief . "

Jiang Chen was stunned for a moment, and then he chuckled nonchalantly and said, "Why don’t you directly tell that to the General Staff Department of China? I’m only a businessman, I don’t have the right to take actions . "

"KGB and The General Staff Department have no policy to exchange intelligence . As to why I’m telling you, can’t you see it is an act of friendship?" Natasha mocked .

"Then, as an agent, what would they do next?" Jiang Chen casually asked .

"First priority is to force you to hand over the source code and then kidnap you to an aircraft carrier . The second priority is to shoot you as a warning to the organization behind you not to interfere in the game among the big powers, and at the same time, to cut off the only means for cooperation between you and Han . "

Since all partnerships were done through a representative, it was enough to just kill the representative .

Even if Future Technology indeed possessed value, it was not the extent where they could negotiate with the Rainbow Mansion .

"Then what do you think I should do?" Jiang Chen chortled .

"Stop at once and withdraw from the project . "

"And then join force with you?"

 If you do not want to fall into the hands of the UA and if you don't want to get stuck to where you are, we're your only choice . " Natasha's face flashed a smile . In her perspective, Jiang Chen had no reason to reject her .

Under the surveillance of the General Staff Department, just by himself, he had no opportunity to leave the border at all . However, it would be different with the help of KGB . As long as he was willing to cooperate, the existence of the so-called restriction was not a problem at all .  

"Do you think I'm scared of CIB?" Jiang Chen asked softly .

"Few people whom they are targeting are not scared . "

"Then I’ll have to disappoint you, I happen to be one of them . " What could the CIB agent even do? Not to mention that this was the Han territory, with Ayesha’s counter-reconnaissance ability, Jiang Chen had nothing to worry about .

From a combat ability perspective, he could deal with them by himself .

"The Wolf . " Towards Jiang Chen’s confidence, Natasha merely provided a short name .


"Griss O’Sullivan, senior CIB agent, who was previously active in Iraq war . There were more than 47 Iran officials who died either directly or indirectly in his hands . He was later transferred to the CIB Anti-terrorism team in Iraq . Have you heard of Laden? Although the SEAL shot him, he was the person that dug him out . Based on the intelligence, he already arrived at Wanghai and forged his identity .

"Is that so? That’s a big fish . "

 "It's a shark . " Natasha laughed intriguingly . "Don’t die .  I'll be waiting for you to come to Moscow . "