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Chapter 249

The call ended .  

Laughing and shaking his head, Jiang Chen took off the Bluetooth headset and put it back into his pocket .

"Griss, isn't it? It looks like this problem is becoming serious," Jiang Chen muttered to himself .

From the standpoint of Russia, "Dragon II" being completed in time and being deployed in the South China Sea ahead of schedule was the best scenario . Considering Han's growth in power, it would indeed hinder the UA’s plan to return to Asia-Pacific . In this case, the pressure faced by Russia in East Europe and the Mediterranean would be significantly reduced .

Natasha disclosing the CIB's action was partly a show of goodwill, and partly wishing for Jiang Chen to be prepared .

He just did not know if Dagger of General Staff Department received the news or not .

[Maybe I should send Ayesha to protect Xia Shiyu?]

Driving back to the staff quarters, Jiang Chen parked the car and was about to head upstairs when Dagger came over .

"How’s the result of the matchmaking?" Dagger snickered .

"I guess it's a success . " Glancing at the empty seat on the Santana, Jiang Chen asked casually, "Where's Miao Jun who was driving you?"

"Protecting your little girlfriend . " Dagger sighed . "Say, could you be a little bit less busy this month?"

Before the General Staff Department sent help, he could only get his deputy to help out . Even though Miao Jun was somewhat impetuous, his ability was quite good . He should be able to deal with the short transition period before their backup arrived .

Whether if there was anyone was plotting against Jiang Chen, Dagger didn’t receive any news from his superior that indicated that an external force was making a move on Jiang Chen . All of the security measures here were just for preventative measures .

Looking at Dagger’s wry expression, Jiang Chen smiled and patted the veteran soldier on the shoulder .

"I can only say I’ll do my best . Anyway, thank you . "

[I'm paying hundreds of millions of tax each month, so it isn't too outrageous for you guys to work a little harder . ]

"Of course, this is my job . " Dagger took out his phone and was preparing to make a phone call to Miao Jun to ask how was the situation .  

Just as he was about to call, his phone suddenly rang .

Upon seeing the name, Dagger paused for a moment . His expression turned grim and hurriedly put the cellphone to his ear .

In the next second, his face changed dramatically

Sitting in the tea shop downstairs of the apartment, Miao Jun ordered a cup of mocha . Crossing his legs, his eyes narrowed while examining every person that walked in and out of the neighborhood .

Dagger had already gone back with Jiang Chen; on the other hand, he stayed here .

"Fu*k, the life of the rich is indeed different . He's picking up girls while I have to keep an eye out for him," Miao Jun complained in his mind .

While complaining, he was meticulously doing the task that he needed to . It took abilities to be part of the General Staff Apartment .

It was almost dusk when he lifted his hand to check the time . There was still an hour left before the person who would take over his spot would arrive .

Just then, his pupils contracted and locked onto a man wearing a down jacket .

Although on the surface, the man's behavior was very normal and reasonable to the point where he did not stand out from the crowd . However, Miao Jun noticed something unnatural from his actions .

Whether it was the way he took out his cigarette or the angle he looked at this phone, he was able to cleverly avoided the camera in the neighborhood from capturing his face .  It may be a coincidence if it happened once or twice, but if it happened all the time, there was only one possibility—the opponent was an anti-surveillance expert!

Thinking of this, Miao Jun could not help but get a little excited and lick the corners of his lips .

Although it was not his first mission, it was his first encounter with a foreign agent . If he captured a spy from an overseas force, it would undoubtedly be a great achievement!

Of course, it was only a speculation . In the absence of conclusive evidence, any arbitrary arrests would not only cause unnecessary trouble, it would just unnecessarily alert the enemy .

Putting his hand into his pocket, Miao Jun quietly moved towards the man in a down jacket .

His hand, which was inserted in his pocket, was gripping a Beretta 92, his finger was gently pushing the safety .  

The man seemed to be oblivious to Miao Jun's gaze as he headed to the communal restroom .  

"What an amateur . " Mouth raised a touch of ridicule, Miao Jun trailed after him quietly .

However, when he stepped into men’s restroom, the expression on his face suddenly froze .

There's no one here?

All the stalls were open and the side of the urinal was empty .

Could it be that the person went to the female restroom on the right?

His face turning speculative, Miao Jun prepared to leave .

But then, he heard a casual voice behind his back .

"Hello . Looking for me?"

He did not know when it started, but the man he was following, was now standing behind him!

Hackles up, a sudden chill went down his spine .

Knowing he was in a dire situation, Miao Jun immediately turned and pulled out his gun .

The man lunged at him, narrowing their gap . The man lifted his hand, easily twisting his wrist, and positioned his finger behind the trigger .

Miao Jun was deeply astonished by how fluid the opponent took his gun . This man was obviously an expert .

Since he was able to confirm his opponent’s capability, there was no need to be reserved . Without ceasing the movement of his one hand, his other hand reached to snap the neck of the person, resorting to a killing move .  

But the other person just contemptuously scoffed and was seemingly able to read his thought, he once again easily parried his move .

"Rookie . "

Upon hearing the other's ridicule, a powerful knee strike struck his chest like a hammer .

All the air in his chest was forcefully squeezed out of his chest .

Because of breathing difficulties, Miao Jun’s eyes widened and looked like it was about to pop out .

The lack of oxygen made all the tense muscles in his body loosen, while the gun in his hand was easily taken out .

Thereupon, his forehead made an intimate contact with the barrel of the gun .

Succumbing to unconsciousness, Miao Jun fell head first to the ground .

Not pausing for a second, the man pinched the button of the communications device on his collar .

"Problem solved . "

"Roger . "

Turnin off her earpiece, woere her cap, Caitlin put on her baseball cap and carried Xia Shiyu who was lying on the floor and started to retreat .

A van stopped by the apartment before it left the neighborhood .

The entire operation took less than five minutes from start to finish .

Xia Shiyu was abducted .

Hearing this news, Jiang Chen felt his head buzz and fury instantly engulfed his whole body .

Although he had considered the possibility of the enemy plotting against Xia Shiyu, he never thought that they would make a move right after after their date .

Given how fast they were, he didn’t even have the opportunity to send Ayesha to protect her .

"Calm down first, our people are already investigating what happened . Hucheng Police Department will assist us in our operation and put all roads under surveillance . The kidnapper must still be in the city . " Dagger tired to placate Jiang Chen’s emotion, despite feeling panic himself .  

He lost contact with Miao Jun and was presumably also caught in dire straits . Yet it was not clear which force made the abduction .  

Kidnapping Xia Shiyu must have been orchestrated to threaten Jiang Chen . What Dagger could only do at the moment was to ensure that Jiang Chen remained calm to prevent him from doing anything impulsive .

"Your people? How long would that take?" Jiang Chen took a deep breath, his voice trembling due to wrath .  

"Within three days, I will definitely give you an update," Dagger said in a calm voice .

"Three days?" Jiang Chen laughed derisively and filled with rage .  

Dagger wanted to say something, but this phone rang again .

Dagger put the phone close to his ear, as he heard the voice from the other side of the phone, his expression looked helpless as he handed the phone to Jiang Chen .

"Hello, Mr . Jiang Chen . "

"You are?"

"Liu Guangqi, Dagger's superior . You may call me General Liu . "

"My girlfriend was kidnapped," Jiang Chen said coldly .

"We already received the news . Please be patient and wait for an update regarding this matter . We will definitely give you an account of the situation .  Before that, we hope Mr . Jiang could consider the bigger picture and lessen unnecessary travel . "

"What do you mean?"

"It doesn't mean anything .  We're just worried that the enemy will use Ms . Xia as a bargaining chip, which may force you to make a regrettable decision .  

"You mean, you want to put me under house arrest?" Jiang Chen asked, his voice sounded intrigued .

"This is for your own safety . Also, if the other could not reach you, then they won't be able to threaten you . "

"What if they contact you?" Jiang Chen narrowed his eyes .

"Taking Ms . Xia as a bargaining chip is be enough to coerce us into making concessions in light of national interest . I'm asking Mr . Chen to believe in the capabilities of the General Staff Department . We will give you a satisfactory answer within three days," said General Liu lightly .

Hearing this, Jiang Chen calmed down, his heart also started to turn cold .

With these words, the message behind Liu Guangqi's words was very clear .

The General Staff Department would absolutely not compromise with the agent even with the life of a citizen at stake . If the group that kidnapped Xia Shiyu could not reach Jiang Chen and could only get in touch with the General Staff Department, then the hostages on their hands would lose their value .

At the same time, to maintain the status quo, the General Staff Department would immediately launch an investigation of this incident, and plan for the arrest of the enemy that designed and orchestrated the abduction .

Thus, even if the kidnappers were to kill the hostage, they had nothing to gain from it .

In the face of the national interests, all the sacrifices of an individual were worthwhile .

"That's to say you're giving up on Xia Shiyu?" Jiang Chen asked softly .

"We've never given up on anyone . "

"Which law allows one to restrict the freedom of the victim?"

"It’s not a law, it's an order," Liu Guangqi stated using an indisputable tone .

Stunned for a moment, Jiang Chen chuckled .

"Sorry, I’m not one of your subordinates, so your order is invalid . "

Jiang Chen ended the call .

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