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Chapter 25

Chapter 25: Robert’s Invitation
Translator: Min
The next day, Jiang Chen woke up when the first ray of sunshine shone into the room .
He looked at the EP . When the EP was not fully deployed, the appearance was similar to a classy
but odd looking watch .
User Name: Jiang Chen
Muscle Strength: 25
Bone Strength: 27
Reflex: 29
Brain Cell Strength: 14
The three body conditions increased by one or two points, and that concluded the full potential
of the gene vaccine . Any additional improvements would have to come from working out or
more advanced medication . Sun Jiao’s ridiculous numbers were the result of near death
experiences that triggered more potential from the gene vaccine . Sun Jiao and Jiang Chen both
used the standard type of gene vaccine, but he could only reach her numbers in Fury mode . It
was not too hard to imagine the danger she must have had to face .

He closed his EP and looked at the sleeping Liu Yao .
Jiang Chen didn’t wake her up and walked onto the balcony .
He leaned against the fence and breathed in the refreshing sea wind that was blowing into his
face . He poured himself a cup of wine and waited for the sunrise .
Relaxing, calming, luxurious…
“What’s next? What have I not experienced?” He mumbled in deep thought .
After he had returned to this world, his mental state became more stable . The bloody scene
faded from his heart, and he felt his sanity was back to normal again .
He sighed, he didn’t like the taste of wine, but he still took a sip .
“It’s not good for you to drink wine in the morning . ”
“Oh? You are awake . ” Jiang Chen paused slightly and turned around .
“Mhmm . ” Liu Yao tidied her hair against the sea wind . She didn’t wear anything but was
covered by a simple bathrobe . She looked quite graceful in the middle of the sea wind .
“Ok, why don’t you watch the sunrise with me . ” He left the wine on the table beside him .
Liu Yao gracefully walked towards Jiang Chen and slightly leaned against him . The rising sun
reflected a golden shadow on her beautiful face . Jiang Chen, who peaked at her, was stunned .

“Are you looking at me, or are you watching the sunrise?”
“Beauty, and the sunrise . ” Jiang Chen smiled . His vision extended beyond the horizon .

“Beauty, and the sunrise . ” Jiang Chen smiled . His vision extended beyond the horizon .
“I don’t understand . ”
“Hmm?” Liu Yao fixed her slightly messy hair .
“You are gorgeous and smart, but why are you not popular?” Jiang Chen cracked a smile . He saw
the film <That Year>, and although it was to chase after the girl who didn’t end up liking him
back, he still finished the movie .
The supporting actresses only had a few scenes to emphasize the supporting actor’s
unfortunate existence . However, those scenes left deep impressions in Jiang Chen’s heart . Her
acting was astonishing for a supporting actress .
“Beauties can also be unfortunate . Particularly for an unsupported person like me . ” Liu Yao’s lip
pursed slightly . It was a mockery of reality and a self-mockery . However, she still gazed at
Jiang Chen with some expectation .
Jiang Chen didn’t continue the conversation . He saw the expectation in her eyes, but he didn’t
want to respond .
Everyone has their tragedies, but that’s their story . Jiang Chen only wanted to touch the
graceful and delicate chapters, not the sorrow-filled stories .
Live life to the fullest .
Even through the odd encounter with her, Jiang Chen was nobody in the crowded world .
Since it was a vacation, let’s just temporarily forget about life .

Since it was a vacation, let’s just temporarily forget about life .
Ding .
The electronic bell disrupted Jiang Chen’s peace . He lazily turned over the iPad terminal .
“Who is this?” Jiang Chen opened the front camera . It was Bruce’s fully mustached face .
“My dear friend, did you forget about me in just one night?” Bruce’s humorously accused . His
fluent Chinese always shocked Jiang Chen .
“Haha, of course not . Let me open the door for you . ” Jiang Chen closed the terminal and put on
his slippers .
“Your friend?” Liu Yao looked at the white male on the iPad with curiosity .
“Business partner I guess?” Jiang Chen shrugged . Liu Yao kept her mouth closed . In her eyes,
Jiang Chen was an elite that attended an international gathering . It would be rude of her to ask
more questioned . However, what she didn’t know was that the guy was only a mercenary, and
no business would happen until later .
Jiang Chen was good at making people think too much .
“Smart People” always saved him the trouble of explaining things .
“Do you need me to leave?”
“No… but, why don’t you go check out from your hotel and put your luggage here . ” Jiang Chen
said with a naughty smile . “You won’t have any chances to go back . ”
Jiang Chen decided it was better for Liu Yao to not be present .

said with a naughty smile . “You won’t have any chances to go back . ”
Jiang Chen decided it was better for Liu Yao to not be present .

These rooms always prepared extra clothes for the wealthy . However, no one bothered to wear
the clothes they provided .
To Jiang Chen’s surprise, there was actual business for him .
“My old friend, aren’t you a bodyguard for the Saudi Prince? What brings you here?” Jiang Chen
took a waft of Bruce’s cigar .
“Hehe . ” Bruce hesitated for a moment but soon cut straight to the chase . “My ex-employer
overheard our conversation yesterday . He’s interested in you and wants me to make a formal
introduction . “
“Oh?” Jiang Chen was caught off guard . [Does he want to hire me?] He didn’t want to carry an
assault rifle to a military hotspot to fight wars . He had better business to do . “I don’t want to
ruin my vacation here . ”
“I think you are misunderstanding the situation,” Bruce read the uncertainty in Jiang Chen’s
eyes . He took a breath and then blew a ring . Then in a genuine voice, he began, “Roberts Smith
is a respectable middleman . He is in the crude oil and gold business . He once hired me in Iraq .
Quite a nice fellow . He came here to attend the gathering of an old customer, and he is now
living in the presidential suite on the seventh floor . ”
“Gold?” Jiang Chen eyes lit up . [Looks like I must see him . ]

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