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Chapter 253

The slick steel surface looked like a futuristic warrior just walked out from a sci-fi film . The rapidly revolving machine gun cast out a fearsome vibe under the pristine moonlight .

"Take cover—!"

Griss roared as he rolled to the wall on the side .

The instant his back made contact with the concrete wall, the storm of bullets blasted by .

Grim, who was closest to Jiang Chen, had no opportunity to dodge . He maintained his frightened expression while being shredded to pieces by the bullets . The three CIB agents nearby also experienced a horrific death by the fierce bulletstorm .

The sparks from the bullets lit up the surface of the power armor as the CIB agents, who were hidden around the plant, retreated while firing . However, the scattered bullets hitting on the T-3 C-type steel were as weak as scratches and only left a series of clanking sound—they couldn’t even leave a single dent on the surface of the armor .

That was the difference in technology .

Unless it was a heavy anti-armor sniper rifle or a machine gun, it could not pose any threat to the airdrop-type T-3 power armor that represented the highest level of technology before the war . If it was the land-type power armor, only the cannon on the M1 tank could pose a threat .

Right when he threw down the EMP and smoke grenade, Jiang Chen traveled back to the apocalypse . Before going back, he first went to the armory in the apocalypse right beside the power armor, suited up, and he traveled back before returning to the modern world .

The CIB could not see any of his actions under the cover of the smoke . In their eyes, the power armor seemed to have appeared out of nowhere . If not for that, they wouldn’t look like they just saw a ghost .

Jiang Chen in a power armor was like a devil stepping out of the abyss, completely destroying any of shred of their willpower with his firepower .

"I’m hit! Medic!"

"Tom is down! Dammit!"

"What is this thing?! God, make him stop!" The voice sounded like he was about to cry .


Concrete shattered as Griss leaned tightly against the wall, the thunderous machine gun noise causing him to almost lose his sense of hearing .

"Smoke grenade!"

With a roar, he pulled out a smoke grenade from his waist, jumped out from under cover while moving to his team’s zone of control, and squatted back down .

"Change to thermal vision!"

"Roger . "

The nine CIB agents all replaced the scope on their assault rifle and peeked out from their cover while aiming right into the heart of the smoke .

But then, they were completely stunned .

There was only a white fume inside the haziness and they couldn’t see anything .

Jiang Chen, in the middle of the smoke, grinned as a series of red dots appeared on his iris .


The revolving machine gun was deactivated and he pulled out the tactical rifle from his waist .

The agents who planned on firing back had no time to react before the bullets cracked open two people’s skull .

With the loss of two lives, the CIB agents had to retreat back into cover while firing in a scattered formation .

"Dammit, dropping the ball at the most critical situation, I’ll stuff your head into the toilet when I head back . "

Griss cursed at Zhang Youjie who was responsible for the logistics as Griss ripped off the thermal imaging scope with his teeth gritted .

Fear permeated throughout his entire body as the muscle on Griss’s face twisted violently .

He had not experienced this feeling for a long time, the sense of adrenaline overwhelming him .

He ripped off the radio from the tactical vest and screamed inside, "The enemy’s firepower is too strong, Team A and B are under attack, mission failed! I repeat, mission failed!"

But there was no response from the other side .

Griss was stunned .

Not just the thermal imaging, but even the radio were also not working . It was if an unknown power had destroyed all the electronic equipment .

The comrades fired back while ducking out of cover, but he gradually couldn’t hear the bullets anymore .

The concrete debris cut through his face while he took out the digitalized scope .

There was no red dot on the screen, it also stopped working .

An unknown fear suddenly overwhelmed him, his eyes popped out, blood-shotten .  

A one-sided slaughter .

The impenetrable armor, the mysterious weapon that instantly destroyed all electronic equipment . . . who are they? They are definitely not the PLA! Hua would not have this type of military technology!

From Afghanistan to Iraq, Wolf Griss was used to savoring the fear on the enemy’s face . Marking down coordinates while enjoying the sight of garbage fleeing under the rampage of the AC-130, Griss had scoffed at the scums who didn’t know what thermal vision was as they ran desperately to the bushes, trying to escape from the Grim Reaper’s feast…

But he never thought that he'd one day become the prey .

… No, it was no longer a battle, it was a massacre!

At that moment, warm blood splattered all over his face and interrupted his pondering .

He looked up . The comrade who shot back a second ago lost his head already .

In two short minutes, the twenty CIB agents from Iraq were down to five .

"Retreat! Retreat!" Griss, realizing the situation he is in, roared out as he attached the grenade launcher onto his assault rifle and fired it into the smoke .

There was a loud explosion, but he didn’t care if it hit the target or not . He rushed to the back door of the plant with his head covered .

The grenade exploded on the arm of the power armor as the fragmented shrapnel screeched against it . However, Jiang Chen only tumbled a little without being too affected .

Allowing the bloodlust to overtake him, Jiang Chen fired with the tactical rifle while moving forward to CIB’s zone of control . His pupils contracted as he locked instantly on to a red dot . Just as the person peeked out, Jiang Chen pulled the trigger and killed him without any hesitation .

Because they didn't think that they would encounter any armored forces, along with the secretive nature of this mission, the CIB agents didn’t bring any anti-tank rocket launchers with them this time .

With just grenades that were meant to be used against infantries, it was incapable of dealing any damage to the power armor! 

"You want to run?" Jiang Chen grinned and scoffed at the four CIB agents retreating . He deactivated Fury and moved to the door slowly .

From the moment the shots were fired inside the plant, the two people patrolling by the door realized the oddity of the situation as they took out their assault rifles hidden underneath their jacket and remained on high alert .

With the loss of communication, they were completely oblivious to what was happening inside the plant .

Upon seeing Griss run awkwardly in their direction, Brian, who was at the door, immediately went up to find out what was going on .

"Sh*t, captain, what happened inside?"

"Dumb*ss, get in the car!"

Griss immediately pulled on the fool that ran toward him and shoved him into the van .

It was the first time Brian saw Griss being so desperate like this . Realizing the severity of the situation, Brian didn’t dare to speak any more and took the driver's seat .

A few other agents also quickly got into the van .

"The status of the communication system on the car?" Griss asked while breathing heavily .

"All function— Sh*t! No signal!" The agent on the backseat smashed the car door .

"F*ck!" Griss cursed as he glanced at the situation outside of the car . Seeing that the metal giant didn’t follow them out, he felt somewhat relieved .

[Maybe that metal giant has weaknesses too . . . like low mobility?]

With the car already started, he couldn’t care about anything else other than leaving the area and sending the shocking information back to the CIB headquarter .

Compared to the source code of the drone and the metal giant, the mysterious weapon that could instantly paralyze a team electronic device was more shocking! If they were all from the organization behind Jiang Chen, then the CIB must reevaluate their strategy against the mysterious organization .

Just as his strained nerves started to loosen up, the scream of the driver rang beside his ear .

"What the f*ck! What is that!"

Four flying discs flashed in front of the car window . Under each disc, a black machine gun hung there .

With a cold sweat rolling down his forehead, the driver pressed on the gas, knowing full well that it was too late .

Fire emerged as the Hummingbird drones began to unleash its power .

Without any time to react, the CIB agents in the car were reaped of their lives by the merciless bullets .

Low mobility? That was Griss’s wishful thinking .

The reason why he didn’t want to wear the power armor out of the warehouse was purely due to the concern for privacy . It was an unwise move to expose such a large target in public . Although it was just a barren farmland without anyone there, it was better to be safe .

Jiang Chen returned to the apocalypse and left the power armor in the armory before he traveled back to the modern world .

He scanned outside of the plant with the broad range life detection device and saw one red dot lit up . Jiang Chen grinned, took out the PK2000 from the storage dimension and strolled to the shattered van .

Blood dripped out of the door and pooled to the ground . Red and white contents mixed together and were stuck everywhere .

At the sight of the horrific scene inside the van, Jiang Chen was shocked; however, he didn’t feel any sympathy .

He recalled the Hummingbird drones and then dragged Griss, who was shot multiple times and on the verge of dying, out of the van and onto the ground . He then took out the hemostasis spray and applied it to Griss's wounds .

Griss was covered in blood, the calmness and ferociousness had already faded .

Rather than Wolf, it was more appropriate to describe him as a dead dog .

Jiang Chen looked at him from the top, kicked his arm, and said with interest, "Can’t say anything anymore?" 

Griss stared into Jiang Chen’s eyes, with blood in his mouth, and said while stuttering, "I… won’t tell you where the hostage is . Just wait to recover the body of your little girlfriend . " 

"Might not be the case," said Jiang Chen as he took out a voice recorder and threw it on Griss’s body .

Just as Griss was confused by his action, Jiang Chen grinned .

"I ask, you answer . "

In his hand was a truth-telling serum .

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