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Chapter 255

It was easy to kill, but hard to take care of the aftermath .

A total of 22 lives, all consisted of CIB elites . If the CIB knew Jiang Chen was the perpetrator behind this massacre, they would jump up like a cat with its tail being stepped on and launch a series of counterattacks .

He could not take the responsibility for this incident .

Jiang Chen had used the truth-telling serum and obtained all the mission details from Griss’s mouth . Team A and B had died in his hand, without any accidents, and Team C should be finished by Ayesha already .

Zhang Youjie had, additionally, requested a sniper to assist with the mission in case there were any potential problems, but with Ayesha’s ability and equipment, it shouldn’t be a big deal to take out the sniper .

All counteractive measures were prepared for against the General Staff Department . Never in his wildest dream would Zhang Youjie believe that it only took two people to wipe out the entire CIB force .

With a casualty of almost thirty people, this was the most significant loss suffered by the CIB .

During the interrogation, Jiang Chen used the voice changing app on his phone to alter his voice so there was no need to worry about drawing any connections with him .

He picked up the voice recorder from Griss’s clothes and stared at the black face without a word . Taking out a pistol, he aimed at Griss's head and pulled the trigger .


The pupils dilated and began to lose its color .

Griss stopped breathing and his bloodstained life came to an end .

Unlike the last time in Keiv—because they saw his power armor—he couldn’t leave anyone alive .

Jiang Chen sighed, put away his pistol, and started to deal with the aftermath .

Including Griss, Jiang Chen dragged the six people inside the van into the abandoned plant and lined them up together with the other bodies . It was a bit problematic dealing with Grim since he was shredded to pieces already .

Jiang Chen had the rare sensation of his stomach feeling upset .

The meat chunks were still warm…

After he removed any of the sensitive document and communication devices, all the bodies were transported back to the apocalypse to be burned outside of the Fishbone base . Upon returning back to the modern world, Jiang Chen used the blood dissolver to clean up any remaining blood .

Just like this, their existence in the modern world was wiped out .

There were still signs of a battle, but the bodies were nowhere to be found .

What Jiang Chen needed to do was to make the CIB believe that the agents on this mission were not dead, but—instead—all captured and imprisoned in a secret prison .

Only the government was capable of imprisoning nearly thirty agents inside Han; a person would not have the ability to do so .

After all, imprisoning was incomparable to killing . Killing would only require a single bullet, but to capture people, it would require at least a prison as well as guards numbering no fewer than the prisoners . If there were any fewer, they may not be able to contain the elite agents .

Without the agents’ bodies, the CIB would be unable to confirm their deaths and would suspect that it was the General Staff Department who captured them .

In regard to prisoners, the UA’s typical response would be to save them . But Han, who had never captured anyone, would not admit that they had imprisoned the agents . If Han didn’t take the initiative to denounce UA for their espionage activities, UA's president could not step up to acknowledge the CIB’s operation in Han . If they did, they would lose all their face as a country .

With Han not making the first move to denounce the UA, the UA would have no grounds to plead on behalf of the agents .  

Since it could not be solved diplomatically, they were only left with conducting secret missions .

Therefore, the center of CIB’s activities in Han must be focused on the captured agents within the next year and, hence, ignore the smaller character, Jiang Chen . Even if they could not find any results, they could only conclude that the missing agents were secretly executed by the General Staff Department, and they would likely not associate the death of their agents with Jiang Chen .

As for to how to deal with the General Staff Department, that would the next step .

Now all Jiang Chen needed to do was to make the recorded message appear at the appropriate location .

As he was thinking, Jiang Chen took out the satellite phone from his storage dimension .

"Hello, Robert? I need your help…"

The ropes around her wrists and her legs were cut open . Xia Shiyu watched the girl fluidly inserting the dagger back around her wrist . She gulped and then spoke with a trembling voice, "Who, who are you?"

Since her vision had yet to completely recover, she couldn't clearly make out the girl’s face . She could only determine from the graceful outline that the girl must be stunning .

"Ayesha, Jiang Chen’s bodyguard . "

Since Ayesha thought they would be "working together" in the future, there was nothing to hide… So Ayesha only hesitated for half a second before giving her name out .

Xia Shiyu would undoubtedly have a bewildered expression if she knew Ayesha’s thought .

"Bodyguard?" Xia Shiyu never knew Jiang Chen had a bodyguard before, so she could not help but to feel puzzled .

"Mhmm . We met in Iraq," Ayesha answered concisely .


Xia Shiyu had some memory of Jiang Chen’s visit there . She was still perplexed to this day why he went there .

[Who are these kidnappers? They seemed to have kidnapped me with Jiang Chen as their intention…]

What was surprising was that even if she experienced such a horrific event purely because of Jiang Chen, in her heart, she didn’t blame him at all .

[In other people’s eyes, I’m already someone important to him…] Xia Shiyu’s heart began to beat faster .

The only thing that made her slightly disappointed was that Jiang Chen wasn't the one who showed up .

But it made sense as she could not imagine Jiang Chen coming to her rescue with a gun .

The people who kidnapped her were not ordinary thugs, but fully equipped soldiers . In her memory, Jiang Chen might be a good fighter, but he was nowhere strong enough to contend against elite agents .

[Why would foreign agents be interested in Jiang Chen anyways? Because of Future Technology? But Future Technology is only a private enterprise, why would the foreign agents be interested?]

Xia Shiyu had no knowledge of Jiang Chen's involvement in Dragon II, so she thought it was reasonable . Although Zhongxin High Tech had negotiated with Future Technology, she didn’t know the specifics of the agreement since it was Jiang Chen who was responsible for the negotiation .

However, she had a feeling it might have something to do with that project .

"I will take you out of this place first, let’s talk in the car . " Ayesha’s voice interrupted her thought .

Jiang Chen would be here to clean up the scene in a bit, so it was better to take Xia Shiyu out of the place first .

"Mhmm . " Xia Shiyu gulped and nodded .

With how anxious she looked, Ayesha’s expressionless face turned into a smile . She comforted her gently:

"Don’t panic, they are all dead . "

[Eh, she is panicking more?]

Ayesha tilted her head, perplexed, while she looked at the shaking Xia Shiyu .

[Whatever, let’s get out of this place first . ]

Shaking her head, Ayesha extended her hand to Xia Shiyu on the ground with care .

"If you can’t see, you can hold my hand . "

Although Xia Shiyu was still terrified, she took a deep breath as she did her best to control the fear in her mind . She extended her hand while shaking and held onto the small hand .

But all of the sudden, Ayesha was alarmed and, almost instinctively, she shoved Xia Shiyu away .


At that moment, a bullet penetrated through the window and struck her on the chest .

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