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Chapter 257

Her eyelashes trembled .

While feeling drowsy, Ayesha felt something wet touch her lips .

The pressure on the left of her chest caused an anguished moan to escape from her lips .

This feeling was very weird, making her uncomfortable .

Subconsciously wanting to escape, Aisha's figure twitched .

In response, "the weird feeling" seemed to be more excited . The compression on her left chest became harder and faster; the aggressive feeling on her lips was increasing…

Gradually, Ayesha’s consciousness returned . She opened her eyes slowly, but was met with a pair of crystal pupils .

She was stunned .

Xia Shiyu was also stunned—the panic on her face quickly turned into embarrassment .

The reason for the awkwardness was naturally because of her intimate position .

Because she had never done CPR before, half of her body was resting on Ayesha’s body . With one hand on her left chest and the other hand pressed against the ground, she had kissed Ayesha’s lips in an awkward position .

The two fell silent .

"Ayesha!" At the same time, the door was slammed open, with Jiang Chen rushing in .

Xia Shiyu had called him a moment ago explaining that Ayesha was in critical condition, so he had rushed over in a panic .

But before he could take a few steps through the door, he froze in place .

Uhh, how should he say this? Although Jiang Chen was pleased to see the two having a good relationship, he was not mentally prepared to see this…

"Uh, when did you start…" Jiang Chen scratched his face and awkwardly looked away .

"No, it’s not what you think!" Xia Shiyu’s face turned red and instantly jumped away from Ayesha’s body as she desperately tried to explain to Jiang Chen .

Compared to Ayesha, her face was a lot thinner .

"This is… CPR?" Ayesha, still on the ground, tilted her head .

While she was also embarrassed, she quickly collected herself together and realized that Xia Shiyu was performing CPR on her .

It's just that the position was too awkward; generally, when performing CPR, it was not necessary to lean on the person’s body .

"Mhmm!" Xia Shiyu gently bit on her lips, blushing .

Although she was terrified, when she saw Ayesha fall unconscious, she had gritted her teeth and dragged Ayesha away from the window .

After doing all this, she had immediately called Jiang Chen and explained Ayesha’s condition . Right before she was about to call the police, Jiang Chen had stopped her and asked her to wait there before he hung up .

[Don’t call the police?]

Although Xia Shiyu didn’t understand why Jiang Chen would make this judgment, with a headless corpse beside her, she—who was already terrified—began to realize that the incident may not be normal . After an internal struggle, she had finally chose to trust Jiang Chen’s judgment and not call the police .

She had tried hard to not look at the gruesome corpse and focused all her attention on the girl in front of her .

The girl was beautiful .

Her eyelashes were long, her facial structure was also delicate, and her fair skin was especially comparable to a porcelain doll, arousing jealousy from anyone looking at her .

When Xia Shiyu thought about this, she felt jealous .

She had never known that Jiang Chen had such a beautiful bodyguard beside him . And with those looks, she may not even be 18 yet…

But then, a hint of guilt appeared in her mind . Ayesha had just saved her, and she was now speculating about Ayesha's relationship with Jiang Chen . . . it was insulting . With Jiang Chen attitude and personality, he shouldn’t have done anything that would cross the line…

Needless to say, she didn’t really understand Jiang Chen after all .

Just as her mind drifted elsewhere, she had suddenly noticed that the girl’s chest was not moving .

This had caused Xia Shiyu to start panicking, and she immediately put her finger on Ayesha's upper lip . There was no breathing!

Without hesitation, although she had never done a CPR before, Xia Shiyu still stepped up, resulting in the intimate scene that had just occurred . \

"Thank you . " Ayesha smiled at Xia Shiyu .

"No need to thank me… Or rather, I should thank you . " Xia Shiyu took a deep breath and sincerely bowed down .

Ayesha didn’t say anything and accepted Xia Shiyu’s gesture .

"You made me scared… What happened?" Jiang Chen was relieved as he walked beside Ayesha to help her up .

"Sniper, I overlooked it," Ayesha said apologetically .

Because she was too anxious to save the hostage, she only scanned for life signal at the target building and forgot to scan her surroundings, which resulted in the enemy gaining the upper hand .

When Jiang Chen heard this, he immediately started to check her body and rushed to question:

"Are you injured?!"

"No, the polyethylene plate blocked the bullet . " With the concerned expression on Jiang Chen’s face, Ayesha only felt warmness in her heart .

Jiang Chen was relieved after everything was okay . When Jiang Lin designed the K1 kinetic skeleton, he told Jiang Chen that the supra-molecular polyethylene ballast plate could only block some rifle bullets, but he didn’t know if it could block sniper bullets .

However, when he gave a thought, it made sense .

The assault rifle Jiang Lin had referred to was the PK2000 and the Reaper that was common in the apocalypse . Although the light armor could not defend against the sniper rifle in the apocalypse, the M82, known as the cannon in the modern world, could only shatter the plate .

So the injury sustained by Ayesha was only due to the kinetic energy from the bullet .

But the problem was if it was just the kinetic energy, why was she knocked out? Although the power of the anti-armor weapon was fierce, it was not strong enough to the point where it could knock Ayesha—who was injected with a genetic vaccine—unconscious .

"Ahem . " Xia Shiyu looked at the way Jiang Chen explored Ayesha’s body and turned aside . With a hint of jealousy in her voice, she said, "Although Ayesha is your bodyguard, she is a girl after all… Just be careful . "

"Ah . Sorry . " Jiang Chen instinctively retracted his hand .

Ayesha looked at Jiang Chen and Xia Shiyu . She seemed to have understood something as a smile surfaced .

[That kind of relationship?]

"Head to the car first with Ayesha, I will be right there . " With the questions Xia Shiyu seemed to have, Jiang Chen paused and then added, "Once we’re on the car, I will explain to you everything . "

With the serious expression on Jiang Chen’s face, Xia Shiyu just nodded and Ayesha took her to the Maybach .

After cleaning the battlefield, Jiang Chen returned to the car .

The Sonata Jiang Chen bought was parked in a community nearby, abandoned .

It was one in the morning and there was only one car on the empty road; it looked desolate .

Jiang Chen sat in the front seat as Xia Shiyu, in the back, seemed to be uncomfortable . Jiang Chen asked with care in his voice, "Do you feel uncomfortable?"

"N… No . "

Xia Shiyu yawned, leaned against the car door, and muttered, "My first kiss… was given to a girl . "

Ayesha who was about to start the car paused before she began to giggle .

"What are you laughing at?" With redness covering her face, Xia Shiyu pretended to be serious, but her voice wasn't confident at all .

 Jiang Chen also resisted the temptation to laugh as he said out loud, "CPR doesn’t count as the first kiss . "

"That makes sense…" Xia Shiyu looked away with a relieved expression .

"Is there anyone you want to give your first kiss to?" A rare, cunning look appeared on Ayesha’s expressionless face .

"Of course, someone I like . "

"Do you like Jiang Chen?" Ayesha was persistent .

"Why, why do you suddenly ask this?" Xia Shiyu’s face immediately blushed as she spoke incoherently .

Jiang Chen also awkwardly scratched his face as he said, feeling embarrassed, "Ahem, don’t—" But his sentence was cut short .

Ayesha suddenly kissed him .

Xia Shiyu just felt something shattered as she completely froze .

"Your first kiss is now his . "

Ayesha turned around and smiled gently at the completely dumbfounded Xia Shiyu .

The pristine blue eyes were filled with mischief .

Miao Jun parked the Sonata on the side of the road and walked to the agreed location with a perplexed feeling .

It was one and a half hour past midnight, the road was empty . Leaning against the road lamp, he gazed into the distance and silently waited .

Based on the agreement he made with Zhang Youjie, as long as he took care of Dagger and brought his phone to the agreed location, the task would be completed .

"If you want to be rich… then why did you become a soldier…"

The words left by Dagger lingered around his ears like a nightmare .

"You think I really wanted to be a soldier?" Miao Jun swore out loud and stuffed his cold hands into his pocket .

Betraying his country .

He never thought this day would come .

That thought alone gave him goosebumps .

A car light eventually approached from the distance . When Miao Jun saw this, he clenched the pistol in his pocket . Right when he saw the face in the car, his tensed expression started to loosen .

The car came and parked in front of him . A middle-aged man got out of the car and smiled at Miao Jun .

"Mr . Miao, I trust that you must have completed the deal we made . "

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