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Chapter 260

Xiangjiang, the Peninsula .

In the elegantly designed grand hall, a young man sat at the corner with a foreign girl . They appreciated the gracefulness of the sunshine while quietly enjoying the afternoon .

The musicians played a melodious, but slow classical music . The server in British-style uniform courteously walked beside the two and put the three-story silver tray filled with desert on the table, and then poured black tea for them .

To be honest, the British desert didn’t taste great . The taste of the chocolate ball and the cream puff didn’t differ much with the ones sold at the bakery . The only thing unique about the afternoon tea here was the exquisite atmosphere and rich history .

The hotel started construction in 1922 before completed in 1926 and opened in 1928 . It is one of the most renowned and luxurious hotels in Xiangjiang and the world .

Of course, Jiang Chen couldn’t taste the atmosphere and the history . The only reason he was here was due to curiosity . Ayesha also was uninterested in those things as she was intrigued by the soft pudding on her plate .

Her slightly curled brown hair gently rested on her right shoulder . Her cute mouth and smooth skin bloomed into a beautiful image under the mild sunshine .

Jiang Chen could clearly sense that a lot of men were looking enviously at him . But he didn’t mind at all as he just sluggishly looked onto the street outside of the window while enjoying the tranquil and warm rays .

As to why he would appear 800 kilometers away, it started two days ago .

Jiang Chen who wiped out an entire force of CIB and engaged in a small conflict with the General Staff Department didn’t return to Hucheng . Instead, he drove all the way to Fujian .

On the car, Jiang Chen told Xia Shiyu about the incident from start to finish, including the meeting with Wang Linhua that night and then the specifics of the agreement with Zhongxin High Tech .

In the morning, he called his parents and told them that he had to return to Wanghai because of a temporary business emergency and not to worry before he turned off his phone .

With Robert’s connection and Mr . Chen’s help, Jiang Chen boarded a luxury cruise as a tourist between Xiangjiang and Egret Island before walking off on Xiangjiang .

Xia Shiyu stayed on Egret Island for one day before she boarded a flight from there to Wanghai .

When she got on the plane, the General Staff Department naturally contacted Xia Shiyu inquiring about Jiang Chen’s current location .

As part of Jiang Chen’s plan, Xia Shiyu transferred over the USB loaded with smart drone system 1 . 0, at the same time restating Jiang Chen’s original words . Jiang Chen’s wording was reserved, but if it were expressed in monotone, it would definitely sound harsh .

"I’m extremely displeased with what occurred in Hucheng . I’m not your subordinate, I did my obligation by paying my tax, and even if I obliged to my duty, you asked to me think of the bigger picture . This is funny, so I left . "

"Even if I have left, this doesn’t mean that I abandoned the Han market, and it doesn’t mean that my overseas team abandoned the Han market . Except that because of the deterioration in the investment environment, we are forced to reevaluate the focus of our business . Future Technology will become a subsidiary and controlled by the newly formed Future International . "

"Of course, regarding the agreement on the smart drone system 1 . 0, our party has already completed its development . I sincerely hope that your party can honor the agreement and provide the advantageous policy to Future Technology . "

"Yes, Future Technology has nearly three hundred million domestic users . But don’t forget, we also have over four hundred million international users, as well as one billion in the undeveloped market . "

"We don’t just have one choice-"

General Liu was silent for a long time when he heard Jiang Chen’s response, he didn’t say anything at the other end and just sent people to protect Xia Shiyu before he reported Jiang Chen’s response to the top .

As to how to treat Future Technology, the top discussed and weighed the pros and cons before making the decision to maintain friendly relationships and canceling Jiang Chen’s restriction to leave the country… although he left the border already .

A technical team capable of producing military technology meant that it indeed possessed the value to establish a friendly relationship . Jiang Chen really didn’t develop the software during this time, and from the time it would take to complete the development, the actual developer was indeed not Jiang Chen . The stipulation of Jiang Chen being the developer was indeed false .

From that perspective, it was pointless if they controlled Jiang Chen .

There was another story that happened as a result of that . As the perpetrator that forced Future Technology away, the Wang family were heavily criticized by their political oppositions . The formation of Future International meant that the separation of the domestic and international market would cause the Wanghai local government to give away five hundred million in foreign tax income .

While other forces were eager to take a bite of the juicy meat, the Wang family was the first to make a move . Therefore, they were heavily scrutinized by the central authority .

Of course, these were all after facts .

Since Jiang Chen left, at least he won’t be back for awhile .

The Xiangjiang businessman that took him on board was someone he met before . When Jiang Chen colluded with Robert to sell gold, it was him that transported the gold to international waters before Robert’s ship took it to South Africa .

When he saw Jiang Chen, he meticulously arranged everything for him . Not only did he send people to pick Jiang Chen up at the port, he even booked a room at the famous Peninsula .

To his friendly gesture, Jiang Chen gladly accepted and checked into the luxury sea view suite on the top floor with Ayesha .

Precisely speaking, it was considered smuggling . But when Jiang Chen got off the cruise, Robert prepared the necessary documents for him, so he was able to check in . As to Ayesha, because she possessed a green card, she could stay in Xiangjiang for a short period of time without any documents .

The program was transferred over, the General Staff Department no longer bothered him, and the CIB also had other issues to deal with .

Now that Jiang Chen was alone, he was free .

"Speaking of which, why did you suddenly kiss me," He asked nonchalantly while savoring the tea .

Ayesha buried her head upon hearing Jiang Chen’s question and stopped fondling with the pudding in her hand . Then she whispered quite embarrassedly .

"Because… I want to share with her, and not keep it hidden from her . "

When Jiang Chen heard the naïve words, he really wanted to scoff that "If it is Xia Shiyu, she definitely can’t stand the existence of another woman," but it didn’t come out of his mouth in the end .

He was too greedy, even if Ayesha won’t be jealous .

Ayesha seemed to have seen through Jiang Chen’s thought and just smiled .

Being gazed upon by the gentle blue pupils, not a word could come out of Jiang Chen .

She gently put down the silvery fork in her hand and said .

"If she really left you because of this, that means she only has affection for you, and not love . If she really loved you, she would never leave because of this . At least, she will attempt to fight for you to come back . "

[Fight for me? Not something that the thin-skinned Xia Shiyu would do . ]

"Uh, it feels complicated now . " Jiang Chen sighed while scratching the back of his head .

[Whatever, just follow the flow . ]

It was already January . The food supplies to the wasteland would need to be solved . Hence, the next step was to take care of Pannu Islands .