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Chapter 261

After the afternoon high tea, Jiang Chen took Ayesha to the renowned Disneyland in Xiangjiang . Although her childhood had no Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck, it didn’t interfere with being touched by the happy atmosphere .

The mouth carved into a crescent moon was filled with joy and happiness .

She didn’t have a lively childhood . The moment she was born, her country was in the midst of unrest . From the joy on her face, Jiang Chen felt as if his weariness was healed .

Although the loving smile was also beautiful, Jiang Chen hoped she could smile more for herself . It was the reason why whenever he has the opportunity, he will take her everywhere .

To make up for her .

Taking photos, going on rides .

By eight at night, the two stood in front of the castle of the sleeping beauty with their hands held and enjoying the colorful fireworks blossoming in the sky .

The light reflected on her happy face was so charming . Jiang Chen was lost in the scene .

The happiness gradually turned into shyness under his direct sight .

She gently kissed his lips .

Fireworks lit up the sky and scattered .

Lips apart .

Ayesha slightly lowered her head, her face only flashed an attractive vibrancy .

"Thank you . "

The lips murmured a timid gratitude .

Jiang Chen didn’t say anything, but she could clearly sense the reason why Jiang Chen choose to come here . It was mostly for her .

He didn’t reply and only smiled . Then he rubbed her soft hair .

"Do you feel happy?"

With a hand gently on top of Jiang Chen’s, Ayesha closed her eyes and softly said .

"Mhmm . "

It was already nine before they left Disneyland, but they didn’t immediately return to the hotel . Instead, they went to Taigu Square .

After their last date in Veit, Ayesha became fascinated by all kinds of clothes . Within a short period, the two would not be able to return to Wanghai city, so the clothes in the mansion would have to stay there .

Thus, only when they carried a handful of bags back to the Peninsula did their day's itinerary finally end .

Jiang Chen locked the door behind him . Just when he had a smirk of a big bad wolf on and waiting for the little sheep to change clothes, the doorbell rang .

Surprising Jiang Chen, he wondered who would be visiting this late?

Although he was disappointed, Jiang Chen still tidied up his rumpled clothes, watched Ayesha go into the bedroom before he opened the door .

A heroic but beautiful face appeared in front of Jiang Chen .

"Hello, handsome . " Natasha with one hand on the door looked at Jiang Chen half-smilingly .

Jiang Chen let out a sigh as he was planning to close the door .

Natasha’s eyebrows raised as she stepped one foot inside and dragged Jiang Chen by the collar and pressed him against the wall .

"What are you planning to do?" Jiang Chen shrugged as he glanced at her arm, "If I remember correctly when we were in Veit, you tried my ability before . "

Natasha's expression froze for a moment as she suddenly recollected herself, remembering she was no match for him . The harmless looking man had an unbelievable amount of strength, one move and she would be on the ground .

But even then, she had no signs of backing down either .

She teasingly moved closer to Jiang Chen’s ear as she blew flirtatiously in his ear .

"Did Mr . Jiang forget what you did to me that day in the darkroom?"

"I only injected you with something…" Jiang Chen shrugged, but his expression looked awkward, "Speaking of this, you seemed to be opposed to the idea of sleeping with me that day?"

"That was before, do you not have any naughty thoughts about me?" Natasha said seductively, her 36E breasts had drawn in Jiang Chen’s attention .

But just as she finished, a cold solid item was pressed against the back of her head .

She didn’t know when Ayesha appeared behind her .

The particularly cold expression had a vibe to kill .

The playful smile froze on her face, the corner of Natasha's lips twitched as she let go of Jiang Chen’s collar and raised both of her hands to surrender .

"Your little beauty is still not friendly," Natasha ridiculed as she maintained her position with her hands held high . "Could you get her to put the gun down?"

Ayesha looked at Jiang Chen .

After seeing Jiang Chen nod did she obediently put the gun away, but the cautious look on her face did not fade away .

"I have other intentions for finding you . " Natasha put on a stern face .

"Of course, I wouldn't think you would be here to hook up with me," Jiang Chen didn’t take her stern expression seriously as he said nonchalantly .

"Since you have left Han, why don’t you come to Russia?"

"Regarding this, I believe we have already discussed it . "

As if Natasha had guessed what he would say, she was not surprised and only let out a sigh .

"Although I have expected this… Looks like I will go back empty handed . "

"That’s right . " Jiang Chen nodded .

"Okay, I thought making a trip personally would move you enough . " Natasha shrugged as she walked to the door . "If you ever change your mind one day, Russia’s door will always be open for you . "

"Thank you very much . " Jiang Chen sent Natasha out the door .

After closing the door, seeing that Ayesha was looking at him, Jiang Chen rubbed her hair smiling .

"What are you thinking about?"

Ayesha looked away in shyness as she murmured .

"Are we… going to continue?"

As she finished saying this, her face became red .

Although they were interrupted, seeing Ayesha’s timid look, Jiang Chen felt his thirst return .

"Of course . " He softly spoke into her ear, "Do you want to shower first, or should I go?"

"I’ll go . "

Then, with a blushed face, Ayesha dashed into the washroom .

Not long, the glass blurred and water began to drip .

Sitting on the sofa in the living room while waiting for the beauty to come out, Jiang Chen began to play with his EP .

Due to boredom, Jiang Chen suddenly remembered Ayesha’ coldblooded ability . Using it for an extended period of time could cause her to go into a coma which is a serious consequence .

When he first obtain his fury ability, he could only use medicine to control the activation and deactivation . With the help of medication, he could have been in an awkward position where he could activate but was unable to deactivate the ability .

Although Lin Lin definitely would have fallen asleep by now, Jiang Chen didn’t feel guilty about waking her up .

Indeed, Lin Lin with sleepy eyes appeared on the other side of the screen .

"Pervert, why are you not asleep this late, what do you need me for?"

"Mhmm, I have something to ask you…" Jiang Chen explained Ayesha situation to Lin Lin .

"Medicine for hidden genetic code? Although the coldblooded ability is uncommon, it probably could be purchased at the Sixth Street . Okay, I will tell Sun Jiao . Is this it?" Lin Lin yawned .

"Mhmm, sleep early . " Seeing the drowsy Lin Lin in pajama, Jiang Chen couldn’t help but smile .

"I slept already-"

But then, the screen froze all the sudden .

Gradually, the middle of the screen turned into whiteness .

Jiang Chen was confused, he thought the EP or that chip was malfunctioning, so he knocked on the EP .

No reaction at all .

Just as Jiang Chen was about to restart the EP, the screen suddenly turned black .

Immediately, in the middle of the pitch black screen, a word appeared abruptly .

What surfaced after was a person with only an outline showing .

He had a hollow smile on and waved at him rhythmically .

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