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Chapter 263

For the past few months, the development of the apocalypse was stable and consistent .

The streets of the Sixth Street no longer showed signs of the civil war . The radiation level in the Inner Circle also returned to normal . To prevent similar events from occurring, Chu Nan ordered the Sixth Street’s soldiers to confiscate all tactical nukes at the Sixth Street .

Most of the tactical nukes were dug out from the ruins . Even with the possession of advanced technology, in an ever-changing battlefield, the normally never dysfunctional technology may not be entirely reliable .

While the World Alliance Organization did some recycling of these dangerous goods, a lot of nukes were still dispersed in the hands of ordinary survivors . Followed by the disbanding of the World Alliance Organization, this recycling plan was completely shut down .

The dysfunctional nukes only required some small modifications to take out the nuclear material before it can be made into a simple nuclear bomb .

Even in the ruins of the civilization caused by nukes, nuclear weapon remains an effective killing method .

Needless to say, Chu Nan has his ways in politics . After the nuclear non-proliferation was enacted, the force with detector did a carpet search of the entire Sixth Street . It only took three days to confiscate all tactical nukes .

For the people that handed in the weapon themselves, the Sixth Street military government compensated at them with a price equivalent to market value . For the people who went against the act, they were deported permanently .

Not that there was no resistance, but since only a few held nuclear weapons, the military government that stabilized the situation put out a strong attitude from the beginning to maintain the suppressive regime . Those resisting voices didn’t manage to form into anything meaningful before they all vanished .

In the option of dying together versus compromise, almost none chose the former one .

On the other side, under the order of Jiang Chen, Fishbone base formed an aerospace department with Jiang Lin taking charge of development and enhancement of space technology . This gesture was to complete the promise Jiang Chen gave to Jiang Lin about investing in his space dream .

Of course, a dream must consider reality . For now, the aerospace department’s primary task was not to design the who-knew-when-it-will-be-completed engine, but rather a missile capable of equipping nuclear material as a deterrence to the electromagnetic cannon of Liuding .

According to what Sun Jiao said, Fishbone base has currently set up five missile launchers in Qingpu and also deployed five W-1 ballistic missiles with nuclear material . The nuclear material was confiscated, and Jiang Lin completed the design of the W-1 ballistic missile .

The missile’s power parts used the booster of small civil rockets while the surface of the missile was covered with an anti-laser painting .

From a technical perspective, compared to the Disaster-32 missile that represented the technology peak of the pre-war military industry, the W-1 designed and manufactured by the Fishbone base had quite a significant discrepancy in not only anti-interception and accuracy, but it was enough to deter Liuding town .

. . .

After listening to Sun Jiao’s report, Jiang Chen went to the community center in the base and found Wang Qin, he took out 100 sets of kinetic skeletons and four hundred rounds of reaper rifles using 7 . 62 bullets, as well hundreds of heat sensor grenades . He moved everything to the warehouse behind the mansion's garden .

These firearms will be transported back to the modern world where it will be used in the near future .

Other than these firearms, Jiang Chen also assigned Wang Qin the task to place an order to the Sixth Street military factory to manufacture 20 anti-tank RPGs as well as 500 more heat sensor grenades .

With these military supplies, he was a mobile armory .

After combining this with the 100 people mercenary base in Nigeria, without exaggeration, Jiang Chen was capable of starting a small scale modern warfare .

After the war preparation was completed, Jiang Chen went to Lin Lin’s lab .

He had a lot of questions about the weird video .

. . .

"Oh, the pervert is back?" The door opened, and Lin Lin simply spoke out of habit .

Silver hair, red and black pupil, and the odd fashion sense of white shirt with the white lab coat . The adorable face was always ruined by the unrestrained comments .

Being used to her bad mouth, Jiang Chen ignored her greeting as she put the mango pudding on the table .

Seeing her favorite pudding, Lin Lin subconsciously began to slurp her saliva as her eyes shone with excitement .

Jiang Chen couldn’t help but smile at Lin Lin who was easily satisfied by a few puddings .

"Eat it later, I have something to ask you . "

After rubbing the pudding box on her chest, she wiped the drool from her mouth, and reluctantly put the pudding aside .

"Speak your mind . "

"When we video chatted yesterday, did you see something weird?"

"Something weird?" Lin Lin titled her head as she looked at Jiang Chen, puzzled, "I remember you hung up midway, then I went to sleep . "

"Is that so . "

Jiang Chen pressed the side of the EP as the memory chip popped out .

"I didn’t hang up… How should I explain this? It was as if the television program had some weird news being played in the middle of it . "

Lin Lin was lost, she took the chip from Jiang Chen’s hand .

"That’s impossible? The fourth dimension messenger is based on the resonance of the Klein particles as the central design philosophy . Based on the theory, this type of special wave crossing the fourth dimension can only be passed along from the chip made out of the same crystal…"

Lin Lin mumbled some strange theory as she inserted the chip into the full sensory computer .

Light blue particles floated up as they instantly created a two-dimensional picture .

"The video is two dimensional, the picture quality is three dimensional, and the size is only 52 kilobytes… Did it get compressed?" After pressing a few times on the hologram screen, Lin Lin replayed the video Jiang Chen saw last night .

The hologram screen began to shake, and after a period of blurry whiteness, the strange figure appeared again .

For some reason, after seeing this "person" with only an outline, Jiang Chen felt an unnatural discomfort .

Suddenly, he realized where this feeling was coming from .

"Uncanny valley effect . " Seeing the hand waving rhythmically, Jiang Chen mustered to himself .

Originated from the fear of death, humans would instinctively fear repulsive things similar to the human, but not the human .

"Uncanny valley effect? 100% humans are a bothersome creature . " Lin Lin’s digitalized eyes slightly contracted as she began to analyze the details of the video .

But as she analyzed, her expression became more and more stern .

Seeing Lin Lin repetitively playing the video, Jiang Chen was just about to ask why she was doing so, when Lin Lin closed the video .

She let out a long sigh, wiped off the sweat from her forehead and looked at Jiang Chen with a very rare and serious expression .

"I have finished analyzing the video… Before telling you the result, can I ask a question?"

"Go ahead . "

"When did your world’s history start to become weird?"