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Chapter 268

Beach, waves, bright sunshine, palm trees .

And of course, the most important one, bikinis .

Lying on the recliner with a pair of shades over his eyes, Jiang Chen gazed at the lively figures along the sea coast from afar with a smile on his face .

When the saline wind breezed by, he felt all his weariness get blown away .

Just as he relaxingly gazed into the horizon, his face felt a cold sensation .

He turned his head as he saw a pair of crystal-like eyes staring at him cheerfully . Liu Yao stood beside him as she leaned forward and naughtily shook the cold orange juice in her hands .

"Are you checking out hot girls again?" Liu Yao passed the chilled orange juice to Jiang Chen as she coyly pouted her lips .

"I am checking one out right now . " Jiang Chen laughed as he looked at Liu Yao .

In a light yellow bikini, her pale skin was decorated with droplets of water as it shined in the sunlight .

Blushing, the corners of her lips curled up as she said joyfully .

"That’s better . "

Even if she knew they were flattering words, which woman actually disliked compliments?

She put her own orange juice on the table and combed the hair in front of her forehead that was previously disturbed by the sea wind . Then in graceful steps, she lied on the recliner beside Jiang Chen . Consciously and subconsciously, she showed off her body, at which Jiang Chen couldn't help but laugh .

However, speaking of this, Jiang Chen liked her for this very point .

Jealous but never drilled on one thing . It wouldn’t make people feel annoyed, but rather fulfill the vanity of men . There are a lot of intelligent women in the modern world, but Jiang Chen had never met anyone else like her, someone intelligent but knew her own boundaries .

Jiang Chen picked up the orange juice and took a sip with the straw .

The cold sensation in his throat instantly made the scorching heat fade away .

As to why it was summer?

The reason was simple . It was because they were in New Zealand in the southern hemisphere . New Zealand’s winter was between July and August, and right now it was the middle of January, the hottest time in New Zealand .

The reason why he was here? Because one, he needed to register the offshore company, and two, the tasks at Pannu Islands .

Because Xia Shiyu had already arrived in Xiangjiang, the General Staff Department was obviously no longer responsible for her safety . Therefore, Jiang Chen had sent Ayesha to act as her bodyguard . Although no one should be plotting against him now, it was better to be safe .

Because Ayesha couldn’t be with him, it was too lonely to travel abroad by himself . Therefore, Jiang Chen suddenly remembered that he still owed Liu Yao a vacation to Pannu Islands .

As to why he brought Liu Yao, it was to fulfill the promise of taking her on a vacation .

"How's the movie going?" Simultaneously enjoying the cold and delicious juice and her graceful figure, he asked nonchalantly .

"It’s going well, the filming will be done by March this year . Then it will be in production before it is sent in for review . If without exception, you can see me in theatres by August this year . " Liu Yao turned her head as she laughed playfully .

Like the movie she stared in before, in this , she again played the role of the prom queen and the supporting actress . However, because Jiang Chen was the principal investor of the newest movie, the director forced the screenwriter to change the script to give her more screen time as the supporting actress but at the condition that it will not interfere with the movie's plot .

She didn’t say anything about this, but she was grateful for what Jiang Chen had done for her . He could clearly feel it from the intimate and passionate re-encounter last night at the hotel .

With a celebrity as a mistress, it was a dream come true .

"Is that so? Didn’t you play spoiler with me last night?" With Liu Yao impish look, Jiang Chen smirked .

Last time during their intimate moment, Liu Yao perfected her role of "prom queen . " While with just words she "denounced" Jiang Chen’s "invasion", and whispered her lines from the movie into Jiang Chen’s ear .

All in all, the conquering feeling of a pure and innocent prom queen under him boosted his ego .

Liu Yao blushed at Jiang Chen’s tease while she rolled her eyes at him .

"It is a movie you invested in after all, are you not concerned about the box office?"

Jiang Chen began to laugh as he put the orange juice aside and lied down sluggishly .

"It is only one hundred million, I pay more than that a month in tax . "

An investment of one hundred million . Even with one billion at the box office, after paying for the 5% specialty movie fund, 3 . 3% in tax, and 5% cut to other channels, and splitting the rest between the investors and the movie theatres, Jiang Chen would only be left with three hundred to four hundred million .

On top of that, it was rare for a domestic film to reach one billion at the box office .

Compared to the profitability of Future Technology, that profit was nothing at all . Jiang Chen considered this investment as one purely for his enjoyment .

Even if she knew Jiang Chen’s net worth, Liu Yao still couldn’t help but be shocked as she stuck out her tongue .

"What do you think the box office is going to be?" Jiang Chen laughed .

"I think… at least two hundred million or above? Since Chen Yanxi is the lead actress in the film, she has quite a number of followers . " Liu Yao put her finger on her chin as she gave a conservative response .

To one hundred million of investment, two hundred million of box office return was an acceptable result . Although Liu Yao had put her heart into shooting the film, and she certainly went through a lot of hardships to achieve her dream, the market doesn’t believe in sweat and tears .

"Are you not confident?"

"What, two hundred million is a great result . " Liu Yao pouted .

"I am not talking about the box office," Jiang Chen shook his head, smiled, and continued, "I am saying that are you not confident that you will overshadow the lead actress?"

With Jiang Chen’s words, Liu Yao’s face turned red . She picked up the orange juice on the table and took a sip with her red lips as she mumbled while biting her straw .

"It is hard . With movies, fans have a lot to do with it . "

Although for someone like Jiang Chen who didn’t have an idea who played in the movies until the end credits, he had to admit with comedy films, the fans certainly have a significant impact on the box office .

"That’s only part of the reason . Promotions also can achieve the same result . " Jiang Chen shook his finger .

With Future Technology’s user base, a simple promotion would instantly make her famous . As long as channels exist, fame was not a big problem at all .

Liu Yao’s eyes instantly lit up .

She turned around on her belly, with her hand pressed against her chin, and coyly looked at Jiang Chen with watery eyes .

Her deep cleavage and beautiful curves, even if a battle had occurred last night, made Jiang Chen’s stomach feel heated .

"Of course, it is a film I invested in after all," Jiang Chen looked away as he spoke .

He was in swimming trunk, it would be awkward if he went hard .

Jiang Chen’s reaction didn’t manage to escape Liu Yao’s sight . The little devil's lips proudly curled up as she maintained her position in the recliner and seductively untied her bikini from the back . Then with a sweet voice, "Honey~ I want to bathe under the sun, help me put on sunscreen . "

This little devil!

As he cursed in his mind, Jiang Chen walked over with his body reacting honestly .