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Chapter 269

Xiangjiang . Shangyuan apartment building No . 5, on the 12th floor . This was Xia Shiyu’s new home .

Because Future Technology's headquarters was relocated to Xiangjiang, after she had taken care of the relocation, she naturally followed as the CEO . For someone that always rented, it was convenient for her to move .

It was eight at night .

Just like her usual routine, Xia Shiyu sat on the sofa watching TV, but her expression looked uncomfortable . Usually, she didn’t like to wear a whole lot when she was home alone .

But now, she was swearing as she had to wear her dress shirt and bothersome jeans .

As to the reason, it was because she was not home alone .

For Xia Shiyu’s safety, Jiang Chen had sent Ayesha to be her bodyguard .

Xia Shiyu had mixed emotions about Ayesha .

That night, when Ayesha suddenly kissed Jiang Chen, Xia Shiyu felt her mind turn blank .

Angry? Hard to say so because he was not her boyfriend . There was no reason for her to be angry . Frightened? Perhaps some . Jealous? Perhaps all the above .

She knew he was outstanding, outstanding men never lacked pursuers . As someone who was slow with relationships, she had consistently tried to avoid the problem and continuously ignored the emotion she felt in her heart and left it for another day to deal with .

But to the "enemy" Ayesha, she couldn’t hate her .

Since she did save her and also suffered an injury as the result of it .

Because of all the factors above, to the person that was living with her, she felt very conflicted .

But on the contrary, Ayesha was somewhat more relaxed .

Because the air conditioner was on, she wore a thin white shirt and her nicely shaped legs jogged on the treadmill .

[My presence… She doesn’t mind it at all?]

The picture on the TV began to blur as Xia Shiyu’s mind began to drift elsewhere .

[To her, I should be considered competition . If she didn’t come to save me or had purposely been late for a few minutes…]

While she maintained her expressionless face, Xia Shiyu unnaturally shivered .

"Do you feel cold?" Ayesha looked over .

"No, no," The sudden conversation had made Xia Shiyu jump as she hastily replied .

Ayesha nodded before she looked away .

There was no more exchange of words between the two .

Perhaps this is what it felt like when two people without a lot to say lived together . Ayesha would only speak more when she was alone with Jiang Chen, and Xia Shiyu would only communicate when it was necessary due to work .

[I wonder how Jiang Chen is doing on that side…] As her eyes blankly stared at the TV, Xia Shiyu muttered in her mind .

With a beautiful girl accompanying him, Jiang Chen had a relaxing two days .

Although Liu Yao was not the best choice as a wife, she was impeccable as a mistress .

Of course, although they were having fun, he didn’t forget the task he needed to complete . While he toured New Zealand with Liu Yao, he was also waiting for someone .

Without incidence, that person should have already arrived in New Zealand and would contact him very soon .

After they returned to hotel from the beach, Jiang Chen, who was teased for the entire day by Liu Yao couldn’t wait to lock the door behind him . Liu Yao immediately leaned her body against his and kissed him…

The action lasted from nine at night till midnight before Jiang Chen finally spared the "pleading Liu Yao" who fell asleep with her body in his arms .

The next morning, Jiang Chen woke up from a dream,

. . .

In the Old John coffee shop at the corner of a street in Auckland .

The old wooden interior filled the place with a historic vibe . However, the decor evidently did not bring about good business . Compared to the Starbucks on the next street, this place was desolated .

But because of the quietness, Jiang Chen chose here as the meeting place .

The waitress at the front desk looked like an international student from the nearby university . Her looks were average, but her voice was sweet . When she saw her fellow countrymen Jiang Chen, she didn’t seem too surprised . There was a lot of Han citizens in Auckland, especially immigrants or tourists .

Jiang Chen ordered two mochas from her before he went to the deep corner of the coffee shop and began to play with his phone to kill time .

Not long after, a man wearing a simple T-shirt sat in front of him .

"Sorry for making you wait so long," the man who sat across him said with an apologetic tone .

"It’s okay, it is not easy for you . " Jiang Chen put away his phone as he looked up at the man in front of him . He examined him from head to toe, "Han?"

"Mhmm . Zhang Yapin . I am meeting you as a representative of the Pannu Freedom Party . " Zhang Yapin nodded and extended his right hand .

Pannu Islands’ native only accounted for a small percentage of its population . The rest was made up by the initial European immigrants and the subsequent Asian immigrants . There was certainly some Han among the mix . With the consideration for Jiang Chen’s identity, after an internal discussion, they sent Zhang Yapin . A person with Han heritage to discuss business with Jiang Chen .

"Jiang Chen . Although you already know my name . " Jiang Chen shook his hand and smiled .

The Liberal party was the most significant opposing party of the Pannu Islands . Although they were considered the most significant opposing party, their actual situation was not too great, the primary reason was due to their lack of funding .

Pannu Islands was an impoverished nation . There was no oil in the surrounding central area . The economy was isolated with an outdated infrastructure, and the high cost of development meant that the small country, without a vote in the United Nations, was forgotten in the international society .

No one had any interest in it . Even if the Liberal party’s political ideology was more pro-western than the Syrian opposition party, the UA clearly does not pay enough attention to the "poor little guy . "

Only when the country meets UA's national interest would they intervene in other people’s politics . This point alone was demonstrated through the double standard with its policy in Syria and Veit .

Zhang Yapin nodded as he looked earnestly at Jiang Chen .

"Mr . Jiang is supportive of our cause right?"

"That’s right . In my perspective, any form of dictatorship is disdained . Whether it is a presidential dictatorship or corporate dictatorship, or a combination of the two," Jiang Chen simply improvised .

He was a person with the least credentials to say such things . He was the biggest dictator at the Sixth Street .

Zhang Yapin was ecstatic when he heard Jiang Chen’s attitude .

With the help of a businessman, it was much easier for the cause they support to come to fruition .

"Is Mr . Jiang willing to support our cause then?"

"Support?" Jiang Chen dubiously took a sip of the coffee .

"Of course, this is not without benefits . After our cause is successful, we’ll provide you with enough benefits," Zhang Yapin rushed to add .