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Chapter 27

Chapter 27: Enjoying Life

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Translator: Min

Jiang Chen was delighted . He acted calm and collected during the meeting, but he had a spring
in his step as soon as he walked out of the door .
Ecstatic, was the only way he could describe his mood .
He managed to sell off several tons of gold, which was something he had never imagined .
His previous plan was to separate the gold into small amounts and sell it off to gold shops .
Although it was inefficient and prone to be spotted by the local gangs, it was the safest way . A
large amount would attract the attention of the authority, and they may force Jiang Chen to
turn all of the gold in . They are always looking for ways to make money from regular people .
What? This is your gold? How do you prove this gold belongs to you?
Of course, Jiang Chen couldn't prove it since the gold really didn’t belong to him .
Jiang Chen was sure that the government would release a statement to say that even though the
gold doesn’t belong to the government, it doesn’t belong to Jiang Chen either .
He thought he would be able to sell off a hundred million dollars worth of gold before getting
found, but now it seems like it would no longer be an issue . If this foreign friend helped him to
find the means to sell, everything would be easy . He just needed to create a Swedish Bank
account, and the gold worth hundreds of millions would no longer be a problem .
Transporting gold was not difficult at all . A ton of gold was only 0 . 5 cubic meters which only
would cost half a crystal in energy to store .
When he left the main hotel building, Jiang Chen chose to return to the mansion . Liu Yao was
probably still waiting for him .
He got to the front of the mansion and saw Liu Yao under the shade of the trees .
Liu Yao wasn't wearing a bikini like the first time he saw her . Instead, she changed into a beige
dress with a laced floppy hat . Her presence could be felt miles away .
She knew exactly how she attracted people, with the combination of her purity and seduction .
“Why did you take so long? I am starving,” Liu Yao gave him a coquetry as she swayed her
slender waist . Her coquetry didn’t feel staged at all .
“Haha, I’ll take you out for food . ” Jiang Chen opened the mansion door, and chivalrously took
over Liu Yao’s bag . “What do you want to eat? Don’t be shy!”
“Yay! I want to eat at the Glacier Ocean Restaurant . ” Liu Yao adorably clung onto Jiang Chen’s
arm like a loving girlfriend .
“Ok! I’ll take you there . ”
A bright smile appeared on her face as she was pleased with the way Jiang Chen responded . She
hugged Jiang Chen’s arm as they walked towards the restaurant .
Perhaps she was acting, or maybe she was just following her heart .

The division between the two was too faint to distinguish .

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Glacier Ocean Restaurant is a renowned restaurant in Sheraton and extending its influence to
the rest of the Sanya .
The water-themed restaurant was surrounded by the mixture of the pristine sky and the
mysterious sea . Arrays of palm and coconut trees showcased nature’s vibrant energy . The vast
collection of wine displayed at the entrance of the hotel left all the diners dazed . Then the
customers were quickly captivated by the sophistication and class of the restaurant .
The private room in the middle of the restaurant was even more intricate . The aquarium-like
design transformed the dinner into a unique experience as if they were in the midst of the
ocean . There was no need for extra decorations, as the reflection of the water's waves created
the perfect atmosphere .
Jiang Chen and Liu Yao sat in the private room .
“I heard the view at night is even better, but the view at noon is also remarkable . ” Jiang Chen
savored the fresh taste of salmon meat and took a sip from the delicious Wen Chang chicken
soup . Delicacies filled the table, and he was even dazzled by all the choices .
“This Boston lobster is delicious!” Liu Yao playfully stuck out her tongue . She skillfully used her
graceful finger to dissect the lobster in front of her .
“Beauty is something one can truly enjoy . ” Jiang Chen picked up a piece of clam . The way Liu
Yao ate was extremely pleasing to the eyes .
“Hehe, pretty right?” She pouted as she continued to struggle with the lobster .
“I was talking about the lobster . ” Liu Yao’s cute look didn’t stop Jiang Chen from teasing her .
“Screw you!”
Liu Yao didn’t have a big appetite, so she chose all the light but fine dishes . The majority of the
food went into Jiang Chen’s stomach . He had an appetite comparable to two adult males .
“Looks like you are ecstatic today . ” She rubbed the corner of her mouse with a napkin as she
looked at Jiang Chen's lively eyes .
“Indeed, I signed a big deal . ” He didn’t hide anything .
“Eh? I thought it was because of me . ” She joked .
With a mischievous smile, Jiang Chen approached Liu Yao . “How big do you think the deal is?”
“One million? USD?” With her red lips open, she took a sip of wine . She didn’t care how much
Jiang Chen made as it had nothing to do with her . However, she understood a male’s ego as
Jiang Chen wasn’t keeping this from her . She pretended to be curious .
“One million? That’s pocket change . ” With his back leaned against the chair, Jiang Chen smiled .
“Pocket change?” Liu Yao shockingly stared at Jiang Chen .
“At least one hundred million,” Jiang Chen replied . He pretended it was not a big deal .
“Ahem . ” Liu Yao covered her chest as she ruefully looked at Jiang Chen . She accidentally spat
out her wine out .
“I can’t believe you are so skillful, this is such a pity . ” Liu Yao pouted as she took another sip of
wine . Jiang Chen knew what she meant by pity, but he would not change his mind .

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“No way, I remember I used my real skill last night . ” Jiang Chen emphasized the words “skill” as
he smirkingly looked at Liu Yao’s facial expression .
Liu Yao paused slightly before she understood the meaning behind Jiang Chen’s words . Her face
turned burning red like the sky at dawn .
“Pervert . ”
Her gentle fist striking Jiang Chen's did not bother him at all .
After the meal, Jiang Chen took Liu Yao’s hand and strolled along the swimming pool . It was a
beautifully decorated pool of water . The palm trees along the side added a sense of nature to the
swimming pool . Under the white umbrella were deck chair of the same color for the tourists
that needed rest .
“I thought you don’t like crowded places?” Liu Yao accompanied Jiang Chen as her crystal eyes
observed his face .
“You are right, but it would be disappointing if we just stayed at the mansion . This swimming
pool is a famous attraction at Sanya . ”
“Oh? I thought you were someone who was always busy,” Liu Yao asked curiously .
“Busy people may not like crowded places, but I am quite pleased with this scene . For example,
the blonde European beauty right there . ” Jiang Chen changed the topic with a smirk .
“Does my bikini not look attractive?” Liu Yao defiantly raised her D cup chest .
“It’s not the same . Everyone is different . ” Jiang Chen tried to explain his reasoning . If it were
his girlfriend, he would not praise other women, but since that was not the case, it didn’t
matter .
Jiang Chen’s playboy look made Liu Yao want to yell and laugh at the same time . She pouted
like an attached girlfriend, as she used her finger to squeeze his waist . She controlled the force
just enough so that Jiang Chen would not get hurt .
“I am a D cup Don’t you think I am bigger compared to that woman?” After teasing Jiang Chen
for a moment, Liu Yao fixed her hair as she lifted her chest up again with a seductive look .
“Who knows if these are real or not?” Jiang Chen ridiculed as he sneakily touched her chest .
“Then how do you know mine are fake, and hers are real?” Liu Yao persisted the question .
“Hmm? So they are real . ” Jiang Chen pretended to be happy .
In this day and age, everything could be fake . So, Jiang Chen didn’t think it was real .
“Fool . You didn’t notice it after touching it for so long?” Liu Yao blushed as she vexed him with
her eyes rolled .
The coquettish look made Jiang Chen hard .
Liu Yao became flushed as she noticed Jiang Chen’s invasive stare . Although Jiang Chen’s
techniques were still lacking, with some guidance and his long lasting stamina and recovery
time, it was easy to enjoy the heaven like feeling .
Liu Yao, of course, didn’t reject Jiang Chen’s intimate invitatio .

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She defiantly stared at Jiang Chen as she used a finger to hook onto his collar . Then they walked
towards a secluded washroom on the first floor .

“Here?” Although it was a question, Jiang Chen’s hands already grasped onto Liu Yao’s thin
waist .
“Pervert, I’ll scream for help . ” She seemingly blamed Jiang Chen with her words but then
swiftly locked the door behind her .
There was not a lot of traffic in the area . Most of the people were either in their rooms or on the
beach . Since it was the washroom, there were no cameras as well .
The unique environment made Jiang Chen feel a particular kind of sensation . Liu Yao’s
blushing face indicated that she probably felt the same thing .
“You’ll have to keep quiet,” Jiang Chen smirked as he whispered into Liu Yao’s ear . He grabbed
her smooth legs and entered into her .
Two hours later, the two of them came out of the washroom . Liu Yao's legs felt weak as she half
hanged onto Jiang Chen’s shoulder .
“You pervert, couldn’t you have been more gentle . ”
“Haha, the way you held onto the wall and covered your mouth was quite cute . ” Jiang Chen
laughed as he dodged and grabbed onto the hands coming at him .
From a bystander, the two looked like a couple displaying affection without a care in the world .
She didn’t know why, but she felt tears in her eyes .
“If I…”
“What? Why don’t you tell me about it?” Jiang Chen smiled at Liu Yao who wanted to stay
something but stopped .
“It’s okay . ” Liu Yao turned his face around as she flashed him a smile . The cheerful smile even
dazzled Jiang Chen for a moment .
It was not because of her beauty .
That smile reminded him of his high school time .
At the naïve age, free of trouble . A time where studying hard would deserve recognition . A time
where being good at basketball would receive praise .
Jiang Chen remembered that smile belonged to Chen Lele in the movie; the careless and free
girl . The smile left the supporting actress with an endless amount of regret and despair .
Am I sinking into the plot? What am I thinking?
“I am a woman who loves money, and I know men like you dislike woman like me . One with no
self-respect . ” Liu Yao faintly opened her mouth . She still held onto Jiang Chen’s hand but
walked one step ahead of him so he couldn't see her expression .
“This is only a life choice, I never disliked you . ” Jiang Chen gently answered . He didn’t lie .
“But unable to accept right?” Liu Yao suddenly turned around .
Jiang Chen noticed her eyes were slightly red .
Is she acting?
However, Jiang Chen was unwilling to change his opinion . He sighed wanting to explain
himself .

“You don’t have to say anything . ” Liu Yao turned around with a bright smile and pecked him on
the lips . After seeing Jiang Chen’s confused look, she jumped in front of him and began walking
by herself . “I know, and I understand . A girl like me is not good enough for you . I just haven’t
completely given up yet . ”
With her back towards him, Jiang Chen couldn’t see her expression . Liu Yao had to force a smile
before she spoke again .
“What if, I mean, what if we met two years earlier? When I didn’t debut yet . Would you have
fallen in love with me?”
“If I fell in love with you at that time, would you have chosen me?” Jiang Chen thought about the
person who watched <That year> with him .
Too similar .
Jiang Chen's calm and direct rhetoric question made Liu Yao feel his uncertainty . She turned
around as she forced another smile .
She understood what Jiang Chen meant .
“Probably not . ”
An honest response .
Liu Yao somehow remembered her university time . She remembered the boy that used 99
candles to write out “Liu Yao I love you” under her dorm room window . She was moved for a
brief second but still rejected him because he couldn’t provide the life she wanted . Liu Yao gave
her first time to a director whose name she didn't even want to remember . She did it in
exchange for the supporting actress role . She had no regrets because she received eighty
thousand dollars in pay along with a ticket into the entertainment industry .
However, at this moment, she regretted .
For some reason, in her eyes, Jiang Chen began to coincide with the boy she rejected .
If the poor Jiang Chen asked her out two years ago, she would probably not even look at him .
It was not a question of right or wrong, but only a matter of choice .
“Since this is a hard earned vacation, why think about these bothersome questions?” Jiang Chen
said faintly as it disrupted Liu Yao’s thoughts .
“Mhmm you are right, let’s enjoy the bench . ”
A relieved smile bloomed on Liu Yao’s face .
The smile was beautiful .
Except for a bright jewel hanging at the corner of her eye . Silently, it rolled down and mixed in
with the sand .
Among the waves and tides of the southern county, it was negligible and minuscule .