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Chapter 271

It was impossible to say he didn’t feel guilty .

The reckless UA citizen named Johnny in Pannu Islands was a puppet placed by Jiang Chen at the cost of two hundred million USD .

But Jiang Chen didn’t regret anything .

The secrets in his hands meant that he could not cooperate with any country or organization . If he wants to expand and grow freely, controlling a small state as his base was the only option .

As to the people that may lose their lives because of this, Jiang Chen could regrettably say that he will treat their decedents nicely . He is confident under his reign, Pannu Islands would be much wealthier than now .

To acquire Pannu islands as a base, Jiang Chen had bet everything .

Since Pannu is a country part of the United Nations, it was not as simple as sending one hundred well-equipped infantries to wipe out the military force on the island . If Jiang Chen used this simple yet brute force to take over Pannu Islands, it won’t be long before the United Nation Peacekeeping force lands on Pannu Islands and then search the entire world for him for his crime against humanity .

The 21st century was not like the Victorian era . Sovereignty was not a joke . The regime established through illegally occupying a country could not be considered a country . They were pirates or terrorists . Only when the shift of power was completed under the boundary of international law could the regime be considered legal .

When outsiders with guns enter one’s yard, it’s invasion, but when people inside raise their weapons in protest, it is only considered a civil war! Based on the consideration that the Liberal's ideology is similar to the UA's, the UA wouldn’t intervene in their civil war .

Since the Liberal party raised the flag of democracy to end the evil reign of the corrupted presidential dictatorship, it was almost a replica of what happened in Syria . If the UA doesn’t recognize the legality of the Pannu Liberal party, they would be contradicting themselves .

Zhang Yapin didn’t give a direct response, but he said he would immediately return to Pannu Islands and exchange opinions with other Freedom party members before he provides Jiang Chen with a clear answer .

For this, Jiang Chen expressed his understanding . But he only gave them a week's time to consider . An indecisive government was not worthy of an investment .

Before he left, Zhang Yapin asked Jiang Chen a question .

"If we end up in charge, we will still prosecute Johnny for the crimes he committed in Pannu and get rid of the evil bloodsucker, Johnny International . With such a result, do you still have anything to gain from it?"

To be able to ask this question, Zhang Yapin was certainly thinking .

But for Jiang Chen who came prepared from the beginning, he was still too naïve .

"Pannu’s current regime is too corrupt and therefore the cost of investment is too low . But if a rather calm government is in place, I think Pannu Islands has a higher investment value . " Although he had prepared this reason beforehand, Jiang Chen didn’t lie .

If Pannu Islands became his backyard, he would naturally spend money to take care of it .

Jiang Chen’s response made Zhang Yapin ecstatic .

He suppressed the joy on his face and bowed to Jiang Chen before hastily leaving .

He was previously worried about the severe effect on the economy once Johnny International left . But with Jiang Chen’s promise, he felt more assured .

Jiang Chen, feeling pleased, smiled, and left the coffee shop .

Now that the stage was set, it was time for the actors to debut .

On Coro Island, a few hundred kilometers away from New Zealand, the sun was also bright .

Coro City was here . The capital of Pannu Republic .

Although it was the capital, other than the beautifully constructed mansion, there was not a single luxury building in the vicinity .

The European style architecture, the green vegetation, the swimming pool the size of fifteen hundred square meters . Everything stood out of the place in the not-so-prosperous city center… Just like a millionaire in the slum .

Johnny lied on the recliner on the balcony of the mansion as he enjoyed the subtropical climate and the beauty who was giving him a massage . A few fishing boats drifted in the sea not far away . Although one sentence from him could get rid of those poor suckers from his private territory, he decided not to .

He enjoyed this kind of feeling . The feeling of being on top, the feeling of looking at the poor people below him .

A few months ago, he was only a poor guy in the Los Santos ghetto . He and a few Irish guys wandered in dark bars and sold weed they bought from the Mexicans . Because of turf disputes, they would shoot the thugs from the Crips gang, and then die one day in a dark alley… If without this surprising opportunity, his life was supposed to end like that .

But life is always filled with surprises .

He still remembers the day his life changed .

That day, he was arrested for armed robbery . Just as he was prepared to rot in jail, a man named Robert bailed him out and "genuinely" invited him to be in a Hollywood movie .

In the underworld of Los Santos, Robert was quite renowned, or else he wouldn’t have made the FBA list . Although he had exited the industry and became a director, Johnny still heard about his "reputation" .

Johnny remembered he was confused at the time as he didn’t even know he had the talent to act . But since there was a fool willing to pay for his terrible life, he accepted Robert’s arrangement .

Now that he thought about, he was glad he made the decision .

The life of a millionaire, the life here was like heaven . However, he was still confused about the purpose behind everything Robert has done as he didn’t see a single camera for the movie .

Instinct told him that the old fox Robert didn’t just plan a movie .

The iPad on the table suddenly flashed and interrupted his thoughts .

"Boss, someone is looking for you . " A full-bearded face wearing a pair of shades appeared on the screen .

Aubrey, previously part of the Australian special forces, now the head of security for Johnny .

Since he has a lot more assets now, Johnny had to consider his own safety . The natives always looked at him with eyes of hatred . If it were not for the fully equipped bodyguards, it would be hard for him to sleep at night .

"Who is it?"

"Wang Tianfeng, Han . "

Wang Tianfeng . Eyes narrowed, Johnny thought for a moment before he remembered the name .

Seemed to the representative sent by Linhua Group that Robert had contacted .

To be honest, Johnny no longer listened to Robert’s commands anymore . He was the president of Johnny International, the sole shareholder with two hundred million USD in hand . There was no need to listen to Robert .

He was the king of Pannu Islands, a noble at least . President Edward had recently passed a policy to permit him to maintain a private force of fewer than fifteen people to protect his safety . Any trespassers could be shot without repercussion .

It was a ridiculous order, but in front of money, any ridiculousness would become within the boundary of law .

Ten billion USD construction project, Johnny International didn’t have the money at all . But Robert told him not to worry about it, he said that two gold mines in South Africa could be used as collateral, there was no need to worry about the money .

Since he didn’t need to worry about the money, Johnny didn’t ask any more questions .

He didn’t spend money following Robert’s orders anymore, although Robert rarely ordered him as he gave him free reign to do anything . Since someone was willing to improve the basic infrastructure of Pannu, why would he reject?

If this place becomes prosperous, his assets would become more valuable . By that time, he could be independent financially and utterly break free from Robert’s manipulation .

"Let him in . " As Johnny said this, he signaled the bikini beauty to go back into the room .

"Yes . " Audrey nodded and opened the metal gates to the mansion .

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