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Chapter 272

After ending the meeting with Zhang Yapin, Jiang Chen didn’t stay any longer . He left the coffee shop and returned to the Sheraton Hotel in Auckland .

When he returned to the hotel, it was almost noon .

Liu Yao had woken up already as she swung her smooth legs and lied relaxingly on the bed scrolling through her Weibo .

When she saw Jiang Chen return, Liu Yao smiled and said coyly .

"You are finally back! I am so hungry . "

"Just call the front desk to order room service . " As Jiang Chen sat relaxingly beside the bed, he smiled at the sluggish Liu Yao .

Her slightly blushed face still had a hint of the intimate battle that happened last night .

She combed her slightly messy hair as she sat up and seductively stretched out her body .

"Did something good happen?"

"That’s right, how did you know?" Jiang Chen was rather surprised .

"Haha, it is written all over your face . " She playfully winked as she jumped off the bed .

Her feet stepped onto the cold wooden floor as she grabbed the white shirt on the hanger and covered her attractive figure .

She knew how she attracted people, and she was great at displaying her charm, a mix of purity and flirtation .

"Oh? Then guess . What good thing happened?" Jiang Chen said .

"Do I get a reward if I am right?" Liu Yao pouted .

"Of course . "

"Ummm…" With a finger on her bottom lip, Liu Yao’s eyes turned before she nodded affirmatively, "You must have signed a big deal?"

"Haha, that’s right! How did you guess that?"

He walked beside Liu Yao as he put his hands around her slim waist .

"Last time in Sanya, when you were with me, you also made a deal . " Liu Yao giggled .

"So you really are my lucky star," Jiang Chen, pretending to be serious, said .

"How are you planning to reward me?" Liu Yao said sweetly .

"Is a kiss enough?" Jiang Chen with a smirk grabbed her waist .

"Screw you!"

Because it was lunchtime already, the two got dressed up before heading to the restaurant inside the hotel .

The portions were not big, but it was surprisingly delicious .

There were oysters produced locally and Boston lobsters air-shipped and covered in ice . Other than specialty seafood on the menu, there was also spiced lamb and Australian steak .

The thing that left the deepest impression on Jiang Chen was the traditional Maoi stone barbeque .

Jiang Chen had never seen such a unique way of eating . The chef would first heat up the thin stone before wrapping it in food . Then, it would be put in a heated hole in the ground before it is smoked ready . With the way it was cooked, it was similar to the hobo chicken in China . But one is covered in aluminum foil and stone while the other is covered with lotus leaves and mud .

Jiang Chen almost bit his own tongue as this was the first time he ate such delicacies .

Liu Yao was more delicate when she ate . She only tried all the dishes before stopping . Now that she was a somewhat famous celebrity, without the genetic vaccine to maintain her figure, she would need to control her diet .

But Jiang Chen need not be bothered . Other than the delicacies, he ate two steaks before he was full .

The waitress looked at the empty plates on the table in shock . She then caringly left a box of stomach medicine .

With how Liu Yao giggled, Jiang Chen rubbed his head out of awkwardness .

Needless to say, five-star hotels indeed offered exceptional service as they took care of everything for you . But sometimes, it can be too much that it causes some minor awkwardness . Jiang Chen stuffed the stomach medicine in his pocket as he asked for the bill .

"Are you not afraid of becoming fat . " Liu Yao mocked as she looked at the pile of stacked plates .

"Not afraid at all . It is not bad for a man to have a belly," Jiang Chen joked .

Although that’s what he said, he was still far away from being fat .

Liu Yao glanced at Jiang Chen’s flat stomach and exclaimed in bewilderment .

"How do you do it?"

"Do you want to know?" Jiang Chen smiled mysteriously .

Liu Yao nodded, as her eyes filled with excitement .

To be able to maintain his figure without the need to diet . To the women that always debated if they should eat cake or not, the temptation was lethal . With how excited Liu Yao looked, Jiang Chen daydreamed in his mind . If Lin Lin managed to create a weight control pill, the wallet of the 3 . 5 billion women around the world would open for him .

He almost wanted to return to the apocalypse immediately .

"I will tell you later . " Jiang Chen laughed .

The waitress with blonde hair and blue eyes passed the bill and machine to him, smiled, and courteously looked away .

The tipping culture in New Zealand was not as popular as in the UA, but it certainly exists . However, what differs is that the waitress would not directly ask you for tips and would look away when customer typed in the tip amount as to make it less awkward for the customers unwilling to pay the tip and press that zero button .

Because he was in a great mood, Jiang Chen didn’t let the beautiful waitress’ expectation down as he typed in 100% in the tip option and then swiped his card .

When the receipt was printed, the waitress opened her mouth in shock as he looked at Jiang Chen in disbelief .

It was her first time seeing such a generous customer . If it were not for the stunning beauty who sat across him, she would have suspected that the young eastern man was interested in her .

Including tips, the meal cost 500 USD . It was almost half the price for a day in their presidential suite .

Liu Yao pouted her mouth as she watched the waitress leave . She stared at the table as she moped in jealousy .

"Are you interested in her?"

"Of course not . " Jiang Chen laughed .

He was not a human hookup machine, he didn’t think of doing things every day .

"Haha, good . " Liu Yao smiled as she said happily, "Where should we go next?"

Women who are always jealousy would push men away, but women who are not jealous at all wouldn’t make men aware of their presence . Jealous but never persistent on one issue . Against this type of intelligence, Xia Shiyu and Ayesha added together were no competition for Liu Yao .

And because of this, Jiang Chen wanted Liu Yao to be his mistress .

She knew this point and she didn’t demand more . Because even as a mistress, Jiang Chen gave her, her respect .

A title is only a title after all .

"I heard scuba diving is quite fun here, do you want to go check it out?" Jiang Chen smiled .

"Yes! Also, I want to head out into the sea!" Liu Yao said energetically .

"No problem . "

Jiang Chen stretched, held onto her hand, and strolled out of the hotel .